Should You Get A TV For Your Bathroom? (Three Bathroom Friendly Features)

Streaming platforms and digital televisions are racing against time in terms of advancements.

Newer models are gracing the market and so are the contents.

You may be considering having a TV in the bathroom where you enjoy a good soak in there as you catch your favorite news or a program.

So, Should You Get A TV For Your Bathroom?

Depending on the design of your bathroom, it is possible to have a TV in the bathroom. Most folks love spending hours in the bathroom. If you have a program running at the same time, it is a good idea to have a TV in your bathroom. In this guide, we will delve into what to look for when choosing a TV for your bathroom, handling, and installation tips among others.

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Which TV Is Safe For Your Bathroom And What Regulations Should They Adhere To?

The most important factor that makes a TV fit and safe for the bathroom is its ability to withstand intense moisture.

If you are thinking of installing a regular TV in the bathroom then you should consider changing your mind.

Such TVs are not designed to operate in damp environments such as the bathroom. They can be badly damaged.

You must acquire an ideal TV for your bathroom. Few people are aware that waterproof TVs exist.

The truth is that special TVs designed for humid rooms like bathrooms have been made to satisfy the customer’s need for comfort.

Such TVs are waterproof and have undergone thorough testing to ascertain their workability.

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Three Features of TVs Suited for the Bathrooms

1. IP Rating

The first thing you should look at is the TV’s IP rating. IP is an abbreviation for ‘Ingress Protection‘.

It indicates the degree of the device to withstand invasion by foreign substances such as water, dust, and dirt just to name a few.

For moisture and water, for instance, you need to go for a TV set with an IP rating of above 5.

Such models can be best suited for the bathroom area where the air is very humid.

2. The TV’s CE

A TV’s CE is easily recognizable on most devices and appliances that we buy today.

CE is a safety standard demonstrating that the product has been put through thorough tests to check its safety, environmental impact, and health.

You need to check your TV of choice to ensure that it is certified to work safely and efficiently.

3. Restriction Of Hazardous Substance

This is usually abbreviated as RoHS and it indicates that the device has been tested for up to 10 banned substances.

For bathroom TVs, such banned substances can include metals like Lead and Cadmium. All these substances, if any, should be below the stipulated threshold for the machine to be commercially legalized.

Customers are advised to make sure that the products they are buying meet these standards.

All electronic devices must meet RoHS minimum requirements. You must check your bathroom TV for this before making a purchase.

Which Are The Best Types And Sizes Of Bathroom TVs To Install?

When it comes to bathroom TV sets types, three models are commercially available.

1. TV Sets With Built-in Freeview

Such models are the choicest because they have a vast array of major channels to watch as you enjoy a shower.

2. Smart TV

This is equally one of the best models especially if you are looking for an upgrade for your bathroom operation. It allows you to connect to Wi-Fi and stream as many channels and apps like the famous Netflix movies and series as you want.

3. Televisions That Double As Mirrors

They are uniquely designed with shiny and mirrored surfaces.

So, when you are not watching and the screen is turned off, you can still use it as a mirror.

When it comes to the sizes of TV sets for bathrooms, the market is flooded with legit sizes and models.

You need to keep in mind the placement space available in your bathroom. Sizes can range from 20 inches to a maximum of 54 inches.

What Are The Problems Of Having A TV In The Bathroom?

The biggest challenge with having a TV in the bathroom is the fact that most TVs may not necessarily meet the specification for humid environments.

TVs can easily be destroyed by moisture.

Frequent replacements can be hectic and drain you a lot of resources. Besides, they present some safety concerns on health.

Because of these reasons, do not attempt to fix a regular TV in your bathroom.

If you have waterproof TV, however, it is fine using it but make sure that it meets the required health and safety regulations and that it is protected from potential damage.

Where Is The Ideal Placement Point For A TV In The Bathroom?

Location matters a lot when it comes to the installation of a TV in your bathroom.

You want to get it placed where you can easily watch it without training.

Firstly, you must master your bathroom zones. Sometimes, you might even want to do little adjustments and renovations.

When making this choice, put into consideration the electrical cables, sockets, and their location as well.

It would be a good idea to minimize the number of cables running in there.

Unless you find a good way to mask and put them together, cables can be a nuisance in your bathroom.

Also, take a look at the existing fixtures in your bathroom. These include showers, rails, and taps. There should be no obstacle in the way of your sight.

How Can You Install A TV In A Bathroom?

With everything else in place, it is time to fix your TV in the bathroom and get it working.

Most bathroom TVs can be installed the same way you do a regular TV in your living room or kitchen.

A suitable professional can help you accomplish the project as precisely and as soon as possible.

If you are doing it by yourself, it is no offense. But first, begin with the cables.

Fix all the electric cables and connections to the point of placement of your TV.

Proceed to mount your TV onto the wall as you would a regular TV.

Not that bathroom television models that feature a mirrored screen may require special installation.

Nonetheless, all of them must be mounted somewhere. Make sure the TV is firmly fixed to avoid potential falls.

The final step is to connect all the cables to the TV.

Fix all the inputs to the back of the TV.

You want to make sure that there are no obstacles on the front part.

Hanging wires can also create a messy and horrible impression of your bathroom.

So, make sure that all input wires and cables are carefully put together.

Wrapping Up

Your bathroom TV is now up and running. Any issue should be noted and corrected as soon as it shows up.

Keep it clean all the time.

You can wipe the screen with a clean piece of cloth after the shower.

It is also advisable to keep the windows and doors of the bathroom open for a while after the shower.

This dries out moisture that could damage your TV.