Should You Put Rugs in The Bathroom? (Four Reasons Why You Should)

Your bathroom is a place to refresh and relax.

A timely can turn things around. When you start your day with a bath, productivity is enhanced.

You could be considering having rugs in the bathroom and probably wondering whether it is a good idea.

So, Should You Put Rugs in The Bathroom?

Yes. The benefits are immense. First, it guarantees a non-slip floor to step on. Second, it protects your bathroom floor from water damage.

In this article, we walk you through detailed reasons why you should put rugs in the bathroom, placement tips among other useful ideas.

Four Reasons Why You Should Put Rugs in The Bathroom

1. To Protect the Bathroom Floor

Water can be disastrous to construction materials.

It spurs the development of molds which could potentially destroy building structures, especially wood.

Even tiles can suffer from the devastation of moisture.

When you step out of your bath, there is no doubt some water will drop and land on the floor.

And if there is no rug to collect these drops, they land on the floor, seep through it where they finally compromise with the integrity of tiles or wood.

A rug would help save on construction and repair costs you would otherwise incur.

2. Rugs Protects Your Feet

It is possible to slip and fall if you do not have rugs on your bathroom floor.

Little drops of water can cause a tragedy in your bathroom.

Your leg or hand can break. Even your head can get hit against the wall leading to severe ailments.

Rugs will help absorb this water and rule out the possibility of a fall.

3. Bathroom Rugs Provide Comfort

A comfy and warm bathroom provides a high-class bathing experience. It offers an appropriate balance of life and everything. You just can’t get enough of it!

Stepping onto a warm comfy rug after taking a bath absorbs all the annoying wetness and coldness of the floor.

A bathroom rug would save you from the shock of stepping on an unpleasantly cold and uninviting floor.

4. Rugs Add Style and Design to Your Bathroom

A well-designed bathroom makes you feel at ease.

Speaking of it, it is a masterpiece that adds to your home luxuries. Bathroom rugs bring a sense of completeness and perfection into your bathroom.

Style and glitz add a unique overall appearance to your bathroom.

Some folks love adding multi-colored rugs on the entrance to the bathroom.

This equally adds a unique color theme that makes the bathroom a haven of a place to take a bath.

How Many Rugs Should Have in Your Bathroom?

Now that you are acquainted with all the cool tips of having rugs in the bathroom, you are probably pondering over the number you should have in there.

Well, many factors go into this.

1. Bathroom Size

The size of your bathroom is a primary consideration when it comes to deciding the number of rugs you should have in the bathroom.

If your bathroom is big and spacious enough you can have more than three rugs.

Of course, you will not lay rugs on the entire bathroom floor-it would establish conditions for massive and destructive mold growth. You, therefore have to be moderate on this.

2. Rug Size

The size of rugs that you buy for this purpose also determines the number.

Larger rugs mean you may need one or two of them to suffice your needs.

Smaller rugs, on the other hand, may prompt you to invest in at least three rugs depending on the size of the bathroom.

Typically, it is a prudent idea to buy three rugs for your bathroom (sink, bathroom, middle of floor).

Five Tips On How to Choose the Right Bathroom Rug Materials

Getting a good rug for your bathroom should be a priority.

You need to get back the value for your money by identifying a suitable, comfortable, and affordable rug. Cotton, nylon, polyester, chenille, and bamboo are the commonest materials used to make rugs.

1. Cotton Rugs

Rugs made of cotton are the commonest and the most preferred owing to the degree of comfort they offer, a good touch, and a wide range of colors.

Additionally, cotton rugs prove easier to clean as compared to their counterparts.

One downside, however, is that cotton materials may not last long enough. They become age and wear out fast, especially in extremely cold bathrooms.

2. Chenille Rugs

Available in a wide variety of colors, chenille rugs are very absorbent making them ideal for bathrooms.

Acrylic, rayon, and polypropylene are typical materials used to make chenille rugs.

These materials and formidable and can withstand the often wet conditions of the bathroom. Not to mention that they are soft and comfy to step on.

3. Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs are unique in the sense that they create a woody rug for your bathroom.

Besides, they create an attractive look in the bathroom. These are some of the cheapest rugs for bathrooms.

Even though they suit well to modern bathrooms, one downside is that they may not offer a comfy feel.

4. Nylon Bathroom Rugs

Offering a great non-slip option for bathrooms, nylon rugs are particularly durable.

5. Polyester Rugs

If your bathroom has high foot traffic, a polyester rug would be a suitable option.

They are equally durable and can withstand the often humid and wet conditions of the bathroom.

What Bathroom Rug Shapes Are Available?

Bathroom rugs can be found in different shapes.

You should keep the size and design of your bathroom in mind when buying one.

The position you intend to put it and how big your bathroom determine the shape of the rug that best suits your bathroom.

If your bathroom is large, for instance, choose a rectangular, square, or round rug.

An elongated bathroom design, on the other hand, would need double vanity or a runner rug in the front of the bath

Smaller rectangular rugs can be added to the midst of the bathroom depending on their size.

Some sellers can offer to resize rugs for you according to the options you need.

Or you can just look for the appropriate sizes that you need. The choice is all yours to make. Just ensure that you have great and unique sizes for your bathroom.

Final Words

Bathroom rugs help you to eliminate the uninviting wet floors of your bathroom.

Rugs should be tailored and placed to guarantee the safety comfort and overall appearance of your bathroom.

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