Should You Keep Books and Magazines in The Bathroom?

Keeping reading material in the bathroom is a strange sight to many people.

But, let’s face it, the bathroom is one most ideal rooms to wander into a healthy meditation and thinking.

(And that begs the question:) Should You Keep Books and Magazines in The Bathroom?

If you are a bookworm, you will find the bathroom to be one of the best places to read. Consequently, you will love to keep those good books and magazines in there so that you can read them as your bath. Rest assured you are not alone in this. Plenty of people is finding it a noble idea.

We will explore a wide variety of bookkeeping ideas for bathrooms among other related hacks. Keep reading.

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Eight Reasons Why You Should Read Books and Magazines in The Bathroom

1. You Are Not Alone

Do not shy away from becoming a bathroom reader.

Do not let the thought of being an odd one out capture your mind.

Reading, after all, is all about getting a comfortable place to get buried in the books.

2. The Bathroom Is a Distraction-Free Zone

Unlike the living room or bedroom where you can be interrupted by folks or kids watching TV and playing around, the bathroom is a haven of peace.

There is total silence giving you a healthy environment to concentrate on what you are reading.

3. It Is an Intellectual Way of Doing Things

Most folks who read in the bathroom are those who love new books and magazines.

They love grasping new knowledge and ideas.

Research has shown that a large percentage of people keeping and reading books and magazines in the bathroom are those with master’s degrees or doctorates.

You are probably soaring with eagles!

4. You Can Learn a Lot of Stuff and Earn New Knowledge

Just like other reading endeavors, keeping books and reading them in the bathroom presents you with an ample opportunity to sink in the sea of knowledge.

Magazines, for instance, are usually laden with current trends in almost every field.

It is a pretty good idea to get updated with trending news, especially in your areas of specialization.

5. It Promotes Literacy

Not only does keeping books and magazines and reading them in the bathroom enable you to earn new knowledge, but it also boosts your intellectual capacity.

Knowledge is power. You become a master of ideas.

6. It Is a Good Way to Multitask

Your bathroom is a good place to learn to multitask.

Come to think of it, you are taking a bath and reading good material simultaneously.

7. Books Add Décor to Your Bathroom

Books crown your bathroom with a theme of books, magazines, and other reading materials.

The more titles you choose for your bathroom, the more it becomes just more than a bathroom-it becomes a corner of an intellectual rejuvenation.

8. Famous People Did It

Reading in the bathroom has been passed down the generations from legends themselves.

The famous Ernest Hemingway is said to have had a bathroom where he kept dozens of books. He would read them when taking a bath.

Five Bathroom Ideas That Can Boost Your Love for Books

1. Have A Wall of Books

Depending on the bathroom size, you can choose to a small bookcase.

Not only will this make your bathroom flow with books but also motivate you to read more.

2. Design A Classy Display of Books and Magazines

Choose the corner of your bathroom, preferably at the end of the tub, where you can stash books on organized shelves.

This design, however, needs a more condensed collection of bathroom books. You should choose your titles well.

They can always be replaced with new ones from the library.

3. An All Essentials Design

If you like to have your phone, books, and magazines on the same spot, get an essentials design.

You want to make it easy to access your phone and other stuff from one placement point as you visit your porcelain throne.

4. Design A Cozy and Cute Shelf

The famous Ernest Hemingway is said to have had a cozy shelf in his bathroom where he would access and read his favorite books.

You can choose such a design too.

Only that a few books would fit the shelves at a time.

5. Corner Collection

There is an idle corner in your room where you can build a shelf full of good books and magazines.

Every corner can be transformed from wasted space into a wonderful book tower!

How to Take Care of Books and Magazines in The Bathroom

Your books, magazines, and other reading materials should be protected from any damage so that they can last for a long time.

But while the bathroom can be an ideal place to read, special care should be accorded to books. The bathroom is, no doubt, a dumpy place, and books can become victims of rust and molds.

Here Are Four Tips to Protect Books in The Bathroom

1. Organize Your Books and Magazines Well

Organization matters a lot when it comes to protecting your books. It keeps them from tearing off. Everything must be well put on the shelves. Disorganized books can easily fall.

2. Do Not Wet the Pages of the Books

Make sure that no page comes in contact with water as it can be disastrous. Wet pages can easily fall out. Worse still, you risk losing the entire book. If your hands become wet before you start reading a book or a magazine, use your towel to dry them first.

3. Keep Your Book or Magazine Far from The Bathtub After Reading it

A lot of water will splash out from the bathtub and can land on your reading materials. So, ensure that it is kept away as soon as you are done with it. You can return it to the shelves.

4. Open The Bathroom Windows and Door After Bathing

The bathroom gets wet by default. Moisture has potential for books. Try opening the door and windows to help keep the bathroom dry after taking a bath.

Final Thoughts

Your bathroom can be an ideal place to keep and read books and magazines.

But it requires strategy. First, the safety of your reading resources is paramount.

Designated shelves should be put in place before you start making your bathroom a little haven for reading.

Look for ideas that best suit your bathroom.

Make the necessary adjustments and start enjoying a wide variety of educative books and magazines.