Is it Weird to Display Family Photos in The Bathroom? (IT DEPENDS)

We hang family portraits in places we frequent to keep memories.

It can be on the fridge, office desk, car, wall, and pretty anywhere else we look often.

So, Is it Weird to Display Family Photos in The Bathroom?

Generally, no. But it’s going to depend on whether it’s a shared bathroom. The opinion of the other members may have a final say.

There’s only one unspoken rule regarding family photos: don’t pin your parents’ photos in your bedroom especially if you are married. 

You may pin your family photos in the bathroom, just make sure you do it right.

If you didn’t know, you can convert one of your bathroom walls into a gallery wall and there’ll be nothing weird about it.

If this sounds too drastic, you can opt for hiding the photos in captivating wall décor and everything will turn out just right.

Take a glance at this eye-arresting example from Apartment Therapy on Pinterest.

Note that hanging your photo(s) on a wall may turn it into the focal point of the room depending on the contrast and even the number of the photos.

Where On The Wall?

Accordingly, you might ask, ‘which part of the bathroom wall?’ The answer is: any wall, anywhere on it.

However, the walls adjacent to your tub are preferable.

1. Above The Tub

If you like to soak in the tub rather than take a shower, the most automatic thing to do would be to hang the photos on the wall above the tub.

The best spot would be the wall on your feet.

The larger wall (the one with tap and knobs) offers more space to hang more photos whereas the anterior and posterior walls are smaller and will accommodate one or few large photos or a single life-size image.

For that reason – if you opt for the posterior/anterior wall – you will choose one or two soothing photos instead of pinning a whole album on either wall.

Be sure to leave sufficient space between the edge of your tub and the photos so that you don’t damage them with splashing water.

2. Above Your Towel Bar

The space above the towel bar often stays unused and can be assigned a purpose with minor adjustments.

If you don’t want your photos to be an absolute center of attention, you can pin them here to take advantage of the head-level height.

You will be able to pin one or a few photos, each of which should be about 2/3 the width of the bar.

Again, don’t bring your photos too close to the edge of the bar as this might expose them to moisture rising from the towel.

3. Above Your Toilet

If you settle for this location, you will need to go with photos the same size as the toilet tank.

Because of the limited space, you will only be able to pin a few photos (up to 3 photos).

The best approach is to arrange your photos vertically to form a column.

That way, you will make good use of the limited space and even get to arrange your photos in a given sequence.

Still, you will need to leave some space between your photo and the edge of the tank to permit storage of such items as tissue papers and toilet cleaning chemicals.

4. On The Shelf

Shelves are commonplace in modern bathrooms and they are useful for holding toiletries, towels, and an array of extra cleaning items.

How about adding one strictly for holding your family photos?

It’s possible and can be incredibly cheap. Rather than built one – can be either DIY or hiring a carpenter – you can purchase a ready-made shelf, place it in a corner, and arrange your family photos on it.

Check out these ready-made bathroom shelves on Amazon:

Floating shelf

If space is tight and you can’t use both inbuilt or movable shelves, you can create a sizeable space anywhere on the wall with a floating shelf and add as many photos as you want.

A floating shelf gives you more options when it comes to sizing and leveling (it’s easier to adjust to eye level than any other shelf).

5. Cabinet

Cabinets are used for storing toiletries, cleaning chemicals, and pretty everything else you need to run a modern bathroom.

If everything can fit in the compartments to leave free space on the countertop, you can utilize it to display your family photos with very few modifications.

6. Vanity unit

A ‘’Vanity unit” describes a combo of a mirror, countertop, and sink.

This combination is sometimes used in place of a cabinet but they can coexist.

Some vanity units come with more features than what they’re traditionally known for, like having a cabinet beneath them.

The fact that most modern vanity units are equipped with lights and a countertop makes them perfect display points for your family photos.

However, you will need to arrange your photos carefully to prevent contact with water in the sink.

7. Inconvenient Spaces

If all spaces are occupied and you don’t want to ruin the look of your wall with photos, you can utilize inconvenient spaces like:

  • The corner where the countertop meets the walls
  • The area above your mirror

Watch out not to clutter your bathroom trying to utilize every unutilized nook and crevice.

If there are tons of other items such as potted plants and décor on the countertop and cabinets, you should remove some of them to free space.

When to Probably Not Put Your Family Photos in The Bathroom

Pause and think a little longer if you are planning any of these:

1. Life-Sized Photo in Front of the Toilet Seat

Ponder over this: a member of your family is about to do their business in the toilet and when they’re just about to get started, they see a life-size photo of you or anyone else staring at them.

It can be intimidating to some people. If the body tenses up in such a situation, you may not be able to complete the errand.

The same can happen in the shower.

Unless you live alone, you may the approval of the rest of the family before you being their photos in the bathroom.

2. Plenty Of Steam

If you like to take a hot shower, it would be a bad idea to bring your photos to the bathroom even if they are framed in glass.

Maybe you should seal them in an airtight polythene bag.


To summarize everything, there’s nothing weird with installing your family photos in the bathroom.

For a large family, consider asking for the opinion of other members before anything.

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