Should You Invite Your Neighbor to Your Backyard Wedding?

Weddings are usually noisy, and while you expect your guests to respect your property and neighbors, they sometimes become too excited.

So even the most responsible adults let themselves loose.

But your neighbors may not appreciate this rowdy behavior. What, then, do you do as a responsible neighbor?

So, Should You Invite Your Neighbor to Your Backyard Wedding?

No, you don’t have to. But, you will need to find ways to maintain a positive relationship with them before, during, and after the wedding. Remember that they will be affected by the noise and traffic from your guests. Therefore, it is good manners to warn them.

How Do You Ensure Your Neighbors Are Cool with Your Backyard Wedding?

As earlier said, you can follow several ways to keep the positive relationship you have with your neighbors after your backyard wedding.

Here are some steps to take:

1. Send Them an Invitation

Ideally, it would be best if you invited your neighbors to your wedding, especially those that live next to and across your house.

You can invite them to a portion of the day like dancing or cocktail hour. That way, they will know they are invited but do not have to feel obligated to attend the event.

2. Send Them a Gift

Weddings can be a nuisance to your neighbors.

Think about it, the dancing, the music, the noise, and every other activity that takes place during this day can be bothersome to someone who is not part of it.

If for one reason you can’t invite your neighbors, consider sending them a gift with a note informing them about your wedding and when it will be happening.

That way, you will give your neighbors the chance to decide to leave home for the night so that they aren’t bothered.

You can send treats from a local bakery, a bottle of wine, or a gift card to a nice restaurant. But also be mindful of your budget when picking the gifts.

3. Book a Hotel Room for Your Neighbors

If you live around older people or those with small kids, it’s paramount to consider their well-being.

The noise may be too much for them, so the best thing you can do is offer a hotel for the night.

You might promise them your guests won’t park in their driveway or your party will end on time. However, most times, this isn’t the case.

Therefore, it’s better that they are somewhere your party won’t bother them.

4. Give Them an Emergency Number

Sometimes you may not be able to control the excitement of your guests. Not to mention the noise might not feel a lot to the people inside the venue, but it may be bothersome to your neighbors.

In this case, you should give them a number to call if they have a problem that needs to be solved.

The best contact will be your wedding planner or catering director, as they can access and provide sound judgment on the issues raised.

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When Should You Inform Your Neighbors about Your Backyard Wedding?

Be courteous and tell your neighbors about your wedding plans, ASAP. 

If you do it wrongly, you may be doing worse than good. Since you’re practically asking them for a favor (to be okay with your big party), it’s only right that you make a “deep” gesture when informing them.

We strongly advise against telling them via social media, community message boards, or text.

This information needs to come from the couple and should be personalized. If you cannot deliver in person, consider giving them a phone call or sending a thoughtful email.

By using these methods, you are showing respect to your neighbors and creating a respectful impact.

How to Inform Your Neighbors in Person

It could feel a bit awkward if you don’t know  them well.

You may even become better neighbors and friends just by doing so.

Here are some tips for you if you are thinking of informing them in person:

  • Visit them a few months in advance. The earlier, the better, so they can have time to plan and spend their day/night elsewhere if they like.
  • Remember to explain that you are getting married and inform them of the date and time. Also, describe the inconveniences that your big day may bring, like noise, cars parked on the street, etc., and how long they will last.
  • Make sure that you apologize for the inconvenience and promise that you will tell your guests to behave well.
  • Invite them to the reception, if you don’t mind. This is a nice gesture to maintain a positive relationship with your neighbors.

How to Inform Them Through Writing

Let your neighbors know of your backyard wedding plans as soon as possible.

If you cannot visit them in person, think of writing them a letter.

Or you can tell them in person and also write them a letter, so they know the date and time.

Make sure to include the date, the time, the noise, and other inconveniences that might happen during the day of the event.

In the end, thank them for their kindness and understanding. If you are comfortable, you can also invite them in the letter and include an RVSP line.