Should You Put a Mirror in A Nursery? (Two Benefits)

When designing a nursery, many parents often wonder whether they should install a mirror.

Even if you decide to have a mirror, you can remain indecisive about whether to choose a full-length, a smaller mirror, or a mirror on the ceiling.

Read on to learn more about nursery mirrors.

Hence, Should You Put a Mirror in A Nursery?

Having a mirror in the nursery offers various benefits. When babies look at their reflection in the mirror, they get several developmental benefits. For instance, it can boost their visual tracking and make feeding enjoyable.

But please remember that a heavy mirror isn’t encouraged as it can fall off and become potentially dangerous to the baby. For this reason, ensure that it is correctly mounted. At times, it may also distract the baby while sleeping.

Two Pros of Having a Mirror in the Nursery

Installing a mirror in the nursery offers several benefits.

One is that it can be utilized for developmental purposes.

The Montessori learning method encourages the use of mirrors.

They are placed on the floors in playrooms to help babies sharpen their focus, explorative and developmental skills.

You’ll likely see an acrylic or sheet mirror, usually shatterproof and placed horizontally on the floor, if you visit a Montessori school.

Babies use these mirrors during their playtime to improve their development.

So, you can consider having one in the nursery as well. Other benefits of having a mirror in the nursery include;

1. For Entertainment

The reflection in mirrors can be amusing to babies.

According to science, babies usually don’t recognize their reflection until they are 18 months old.

But they will still love to see the image in the mirror even if they may not understand who the person is.

Even if your baby is very young, they will still be amused by the reflection in the mirror that is copying their movements.

They will laugh, smile, and even try kissing the reflection created as they grow.

So, placing a mirror in the nursery can be a simple entertainment method even before they understand how it works.

Some experts say that putting a fussy baby in front of a mirror can help soothe them.

2. For Decoration Purposes

A mirror in any room creates an illusion that the area is bigger and brighter.

It instantly adds depth to a place.

When you place a big mirror on the wall opposite a window, it helps reflect light in the room making it appear brighter.

Therefore, even if you don’t intend for your baby to look at their reflection in the mirror, you can still install one to transform a nursery from dull and dark into bright and appealing.

And who doesn’t like spending time in such a space?

Nowadays, you don’t have to choose the traditional plain mirrors. Modern designs come in various shapes and styles.

For instance, some mirrors are shaped like lightning bolts, bees, or clouds, and others come edged with glitter frames, raffia, and macramé.

You can choose one of these appealing designs and place it correctly in the room to bring the décor in the nursery together. As such, it will make the room look cohesive.

Why Shouldn’t You Utilize A Nursery Mirror?

Mirrors, like everything else, also have their drawbacks which you need to consider before installing them.

Most mirrors are heavy and made from glass.

These two factors mean they are potentially dangerous to babies.

Remember that children are naturally explorative.

However, if your mirror is heavy and made of glass, it could break or fall, injuring your child.

For this reason, it’s wise to opt for a nursery-safe mirror, usually made of plastic.

You can choose an acrylic mirror that is much stronger than glass, lightweight, and easier to install.

Additionally, a mirror in the nursery can disrupt your baby’s sleep. Some babies don’t mind having a mirror in their rooms.

But it could be troublesome for others.

They can be overly stimulated by the image in the mirror, making it hard to fall asleep, and this is the last thing you want.

If your nursery is spacious, think of separating the play and sleep areas.

Additionally, place the mirror at a floor level to allow your child to see when they are on the floor or crawling around.

What Can You Use Instead of Nursery Mirrors?

Although placing a mirror in the nursery offers various benefits, there are some alternatives that you can consider for your baby’s safety and a better experience.

These include;

1. Hang It Another Room

If you’re using the mirror for your child’s development and well-being, consider placing it in areas they spend most of their time.

A mirror in another room can be more helpful and beneficial.

2. Hang A Tapestry Instead

A mirror can bring light into the room and uplift the overall look and mood.

But a tapestry can also offer the same.

Choose a bright and colorful tapestry and hang it on the wall.

You can opt for one personalized with your baby’s name or an educational one like a map.

Ensure that it matches the color and décor of the nursery.

3. Opt For A Small Mirror

If you’re only using the mirror for playtime, you don’t need a large one that needs to be wall-hanged. Instead, opt for a small handheld mirror and mirror toys.

These will still captivate your little one. Plus, you can quickly move them outside and around the house, giving your child freedom.

What is a Baby Safe Mirror?

If you decide to put a mirror in the nursery, ensure that it is baby safe.

Choose one made of shatterproof material such as metal or acrylic.

The market has many types of baby mirrors that are high quality and functional.

The issue with standard mirrors is that they can break and shatter into pieces.

Plus, most are oversized and heavy.

Babies are often curious and want to touch everything, even dangerous things. So, it’s best not to have such a mirror in the nursery.

Final Thoughts

Having a mirror in the nursery offers various benefits.

But please choose a baby-safe mirror and ensure it is properly attached to your wall.

If not, consider placing it in another room and not the nursery.