Is It Better To Buy A New Mobile Home Or Remodel An Old One?

If you’re a current apartment occupant or just looking to downsize, the mobile home is a viable option.

Similar to cars, you can either purchase a new one, or purchase an older model and do some fixing up in order to save some money.

So, Is It Better To Buy A New Mobile Home Or Remodel An Old One?

The answer to this question is yes. If you can find an old home with a great structure, it is a pretty good idea to purchase it and do the remodeling yourself. If you are especially careful to live a debt-free life, making a solid decision on buying and remodeling an old home is the best you can do. Besides saving you a lot of cash, you stand great chances of getting an outstanding home.

In this article, we further explain why this is the choicest decision for you and tips on finding a sound structure.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying And Remodeling An Old Home?

We live in a century where life hacks and tricks are very critical for survival.

Knowing great tips on how to do things can take you miles ahead of the rest in the crowded world. Now, you are going to buy an old home, renovate it and live in it.

But you don’t know what to look for in the chosen structure.

Worry no more.

We have compiled THREE basic factors to consider before buying a home.

  • The condition of the home is priority number one. We will further break this down and get deep into what it entails.
  • Next, return on investment is the second most important consideration.
  • Lastly, the homeowner is another key factor. You should look into the home owner’s budget and figure out whether you can meet it,

1. The Condition Of The Home

The current condition of the home you intent to buy and remodel is the most important factor to put into consideration. This has everything to do with the physical structure of the home.

You should do your best to find a home that has not been damaged by water in any manner.

Water is one of the greatest causes of damage to a home.

Any leaks in it greatly compromise the house structure.

Consequently, the safety of its occupants is threatened.

You don’t want to go through such horrible times. So, be very vigilant in analyzing the structure of the house.

You Should Take A Keen Look At The Following:

There Should Be No Water Damage

There should be no signs, whatsoever, of water damage.

Unless the situation can be contained with ease, you should not be in a haste to move into such a home.

Check whether there are any stains on the ceilings, floors.

The windows and door areas should not be having any signs of water leaks.

To ascertain this, be daring enough.

Lift the coverings on the floors of the rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

If there are soft spots in them, then you should question the integrity of the home’s structure.

Check The Floors, Walls, And Ceilings For Any Sign Of Damage

Your mobile home’s floors must be free from floor damages, walls, and ceilings.

Other parts like the cabinets and doors should close and open with ease.

Any sign of stress on the joints must be checked properly.

Also, check under the home to ascertain that its belly wrap is in proper condition and that there are no signs of leaks and rips in it.

2. Return On Investment

As we mentioned earlier, change is inevitable and takes place anytime anywhere.

Buying and remodeling a home is not going to be the final step in your home life.

You will always be making progress and updating in the future.

As a result, you need to weigh and analyze the return on investment.

Should you decide to rent out or sell the home in the future, will it generate any profit?

Executing some projects on it will increase the value of your home. Others may not.

Remodeling Projects with a Higher Return on Investment

Mobile home remodeling projects with the potential to give you a very high return investment include

  • bathroom and kitchen remodeling
  • roofing
  • flooring
  • decking
  • siding
  • skirting
  • and doors.

The materials you decide to use are also very important to consider.

For instance, if you are planning to buy, renovate, and sell your home, installing granite countertops brings in a problem of recouping.

Properly Plan Your Remodeling Projects

You need to get things done.

That calls for effort, investments, and commitment.

The size of the remodeling project is a crucial consideration.

You need to sit down and take time to figure out exactly what you might need, the time you intend to take for the entire project among other things.

If possible, focus on this particular project until you complete it.

It will help keep things spinning.

Besides, it becomes a lot easier to assess the progress of the project. We have made a comprehensive guide in the next section of this article.

Maintaining an Old Mobile Home: Roofing, Windows and Wiring

Of the things that make a great difference in a home, maintenance is, undoubtedly, on top of the list.

It is important to look for a home that was properly maintained by the previous owner.

For instance, you are going to rule out aluminum wirings. Aluminum wires are known to sustain problematic coatings on connection points.

Doors and windows must be in proper condition.

On the roofs, make sure that they have been recoated appropriately.

Additionally, windows should be updated. Just be keen on any signs of previous water damage.

Is It A Good Idea To Gut The Homes To The Stud?

It is a huge undertaking to gut an old home. Most homeowners find this a hectic project.

Try and find an old mobile home that will not prompt you to start gutting all the way.

Remember that gutting a mobile home has its benefits.

But be ready to start afresh with a new wiring system, floor covering, plumbing, crown moldings, sheetrocking, and redesigning the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Gutting your home altogether allows you to make new installations on the walls as you please.

A total remodel, gives you the freedom to buy and install what you want.

You are free to make your choices of vanities, cabinets, countertops, tubs, commodes, just to name a few.

Final Words

Deciding on buying, remodeling, and living in an old mobile home is one of the greatest choices you can make.

You are always at liberty to remodel the home to suit your needs and feelings.

The condition of the home should be on top of your priorities as you endeavor to execute this fulfilling project.

Do this without any compromise. Don’t settle on a home with a poor structure. Finally, be true to your budget.