How Much Does It Cost To Replace Plumbing In A Mobile Home?

Poor plumbing may cost you just too much when it starts leaking.

Typically, plumbing a mobile home is quite different from site-built homes plumbing.

For mobile homes, they have to meet the national HUD code.

This is one reason why most plumbers do not like working on manufactured homes.

If you have a few leakages on your home piping system or the system is just too old, you may be considering replacing it.

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But First, You Need To Know, How Much Does It Cost To Replace Plumbing In A Mobile Home?

Well, the price of re-plumbing your mobile home will vary based on some factors, including the size of the entire mobile home. For instance, to replace all the plumbing systems in a 1,500 square foot, two-bathroom mobile home using copper pipes will cost you around $8,000 to $10,000. If you opt to use the PEX, you might spend approximately $4,000 to $6,000 because the material is low quality, and the labor cost might be cheaper.

After deciding on when to repair plumbing in your mobile home, you may need to determine how you will do it to avoid incurring more costs in the future. While doing this assessment, you should figure out whether you want to re-pipe the whole house or just a few sections, probably the leaking sections.

This article contains covers various aspects of replacing plumbing, including the importance of hiring a qualified plumber, the difference between mobile home plumbing and plumbing in a site-built home, and the factors you may consider before deciding to replumb your home. Read on!

Difference Between Plumbing A Mobile And A Site-Built Home

The logistics for plumbing may seem the same, but a few aspects make a difference.

The pipes’ size, location, and how they are simplified in a mobile home are quite different from a site-built house.

For example, pipelines in manufactured homes are below the floor, while those of a site-built house can be fixed on the side walls.

Additionally, site-built houses are piped with 4″ pipes, which are bigger than the 3″ pipes on mobile homes.

When plumbing in a manufactured home, you need to adhere to the national HUD standards, while you may follow the owner’s directives for the site homes.

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The Importance Of Hiring A Qualified Plumber

Plumbing is not an easy task; therefore, not everyone can do plumbing work.

If you must DIY, then make sure you have the appropriate experience.

Otherwise, you may end up releasing dirty water to your home that might later cause serious waterborne diseases.

It is advisable to hire a qualified plumber to replace the plumbing system of your mobile home due to the following reasons.

1. Compliance

As earlier said, plumbing in a manufactured home is not the same as a site-built house.

A qualified plumber will ensure that the work is done according to the national HUD code.

You will also be assured of professional work and won’t expect any risks to occur in the nearest future.

2. Experience

An experienced plumber will give you the best service that you may not regret ever.

Due to the long-term experience of a qualified plumber, they will know the exact procedure to follow when delivering their work on your mobile home.

3. Safety

A qualified plumber will at least lower the chances of damaging your property while fixing the pipes and ensuring the safety of those living on the property.

This can be done by ensuring all dirty water or sewer is carefully drained before starting the replacement process.

4. Good Pricing

Even though some qualified plumbers may seem to charge you expensively, the price is normally worth it in the long run.

5. Insurance

Qualified plumbers are usually insured by some companies such that, whenever they get injured while at work, they will be covered.

It is advantageous to the homeowner, too, because they might not pay for any losses that might occur to the plumber while working.

Before you employ anyone to re-plumb your home, make sure you confirm their authenticity by asking them to prove their qualification, insurance, license to work and ensure that they have the right tools.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Replacing Plumbing In A Mobile Home

There are a few factors that may affect the general cost of re-piping a mobile home.

In reality, the price varies with regard to the total number of items you wish to replace and the size of your mobile home.

To determine the whole cost of replacing plumbing in a home, analyze the cost of the following:

1. Drain Line Repair

If the entire repair requires you to repair the drain line, you may end up spending $225 to $1,170 more, but it will depend on the type of material you will use and the size of the drainage line.

2. Repair Of The Floors

Essentially, plumbing is not only concerned with installing pipes in a home.

You may also need to perform some repairs on your floor to make your home look freshly repaired.

Typically, plumbing in a mobile home is done below the floor, and therefore you may need to replace a floor after you are done replacing the plumbing system.

As usual, the cost will depend on the size of the floor and the type of flooring material you will choose to use.

3. Ease Of Accessing The Pipes

To re-pipe, you need first to reach the existing pipes.

Your plumber will charge you depending on the work they have to do before reaching the pipes and replacing them.

For example, if the plumber cuts through debris and insulation, the cost will be quite higher.

4. Cost Of Replacing Lead Pipes

Most old mobile homes have lead pipes, and if you live in one, you should do complete re-piping.

This is because water passing through lead pipes may be unfit for human consumption as it has particles that can cause brain, kidney, and other chronic health issues.

The cost will greatly vary according to the size of the house, the number of new pipes, and the total fixtures needed.

Additionally, if you have galvanized steel pipes, you may be expected to completely replace them because they corrode easily and lower water pressure.

5. Type Of Material

The material you will use to re-plumb your home will help you determine the exact amount you need.

The most common pipe materials are

  • PEX, sold at $0.5-$$2.50 per linear feet
  • PVC, sold at $0.85-$1.25 per linear feet
  • CPVC, sold at $0.50-$1 per linear feet

Plumbing experts will advise that you use the PEX since it can withstand lower winter temperatures.

6. Do You Want To DIY Or Employ A Qualified Person

If you are a licensed plumber, you may do all the piping works in your home.

Otherwise, it is unwise to handle plumbing work on your mobile home without any experience.

Even though a qualified plumber may appear pricier, doing it yourself may be risky.

For example, if you make a simple mistake, it may cause more harm to your property that can cost you a lot of money to repair.

If you must handle plumbing on your own, you need to get a permit from your local city.

This permit will call for proper home improvement documentation and inspection.

A plumbing permit costs between $50 to $500 depending on your residence and the extent of the plumbing area.


If you are planning to replace the plumbing of your mobile home, hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Keep in mind that the cost will depend on several factors that you may analyze and weigh against your financial capability.