How Can You Get Rid Of An Old Mobile Home? (Seven Methods)

Many people elect to reside in mobile homes as alternative cheap housing.

But that only applies when the mobile home is new.

Once it gets old, no one wants to live in them anymore.

As a result, getting rid of it becomes the only option.

So, How Can You Get Rid Of An Old Mobile Home?

Well, you can get rid of an old mobile home by either selling it away in one piece or selling the items in it individually. It can be a real challenge to dispose of an old mobile home.

This guide will give an ultimate strategy on how to execute it in simple steps.

We have also added more tips relating to disposing of an old mobile home.

Seven Things To Do BEFORE Disposing Of An Old Mobile Home

1. Execute A Thorough Inspection

You need to acquaint yourself with all procedures and tasks that will be required during the removal.

These include

  • renting bins
  • careful roping of potentially dangerous septic tanks
  • and providing access.

Also, the old home must be checked to ensure that there are no hazardous chemicals in it before any demolition can be done.

Such materials may include asbestos, paints, or even formaldehyde and other harmful substances that can be found in an old mobile home.

If such materials are found, they should be utterly removed following the right safety procedures.

2. Obtain A Demolition/ Removal Permit From Relevant Authorities

A demolition permit is required before you decide what to do with your old home.

Usually, a demolition permit is given by local building departments.

Remember to carry with you documents that show that you are the rightful owner of the property. Also include some photos of the home.

The site where your old mobile home is located should also be noted by land authorities.

In return, they will give you an affidavit allowing you to certify that you are the rightful owner of the home.

Some states, however, may not require you to obtain a demolition permit especially if the home is located in the original mobile home site.

3. Remove The Home’s Contents

Needless to mention is the fact that all your items in the home should be removed before demolition.

Empty the house of any useful things. Anything that cannot be removed will be taken as debris or part of the mobile home provided it is not hazardous.

4. Turn Off All Utility Connections

Before you embark on getting rid of your old mobile home, make sure that all utility connections such as water and electricity connections are turned off and sealed.

TV cables, plumbing pipes electrical, and telephone connections should be handled with extreme care.

5. Strip The Home’s Interior

Interior surfaces like walls, ceilings, insulation, carpets, and floorings should be striped before the home is removed.

6. Break Up The Home’s Structure

Typically, it is a good idea to start with the roofing or the walls.

Support piers and floorings should also be broken up. Proceed to cut supporting beams on the home’s frame.

Note that this step may be bypassed if the supporting parts are formidable enough.

It is especially true if the home will be sold to scrap companies who would wish to haul the entire structure away from the site.

7. Know Where To Dump All Debris

Have a site where debris will be deposited once the home has been demolished.

It is a great offense to carelessly dump debris.

You do not want to experience a rough time with the authorities.

So prepare a better means of debris disposal before you even start the actual removal of the home. After the demolition, the site should be cleaned and cleared of any debris.

Seven Steps To Disposing Of An Old Mobile Home

1. Put The Entire Home On Sale

The easiest step involves selling out the entire structure.

Perhaps you will get a potential buyer who is willing to do some renovations and use or even resell the home altogether.

This step saves you a lot of time since you will not have to break down the building so you can sell things in parts.

If you are lucky enough to get one, capitalize on that opportunity.

Once the metal parts of the building are gone, the frame should be easy for you to dispose of. You can sell it as well or give it away like a scrap.

2. Contact Scrapyards Near You

Sometimes, you may not be fortunate to get a buyer who is willing to buy the whole home.

So all you can do is sell the metal parts of the structure to scrap buyers.

In this case, the aluminum, copper, and steel parts of the home will be pulled down and taken by scrap buyers. It is worth doing.

3. Contacts Car Crushing Businesses

Another ideal solution is to look for car-crushers.

Such companies can choose between buying the house for metal scraps and crushing the structure so that it can be used in industries for production.

All the same, you will earn from it.

This method is equally efficient since no labor goes into removing the house parts. It is also time-saving.

4. Personally Dismantle the home

This is one of the most challenging parts of getting rid of an old mobile home.

You have to pull down the metals yourself.

And, don’t forget about paying for the bin contractors.

They will collect the debris for you but you have to pay to dispose of them in a landfill.

5. Contact The Fire Department

Another cool way of getting rid of an old mobile home is to call a fire department and inquire whether they would love to come and use your home for fire rescue mission practices.

If they agree with the deal, they will deliberately torch down the building while conducting the exercise.

You get to be paid for it after all. All you ever want is to get rid of the old home.

Unfortunately, the idea is not feasible if you had been living in a mobile home with many homes encompassing it.

Besides, you will be tasked with the responsibility of removing any remaining metals and debris from the spot once they are done with their job.

6. Contact Heavy Equipment Contractors

The operator in this case with bring a heavy-duty crushing machine and crush your old mobile home into some rubble for easy disposal.

Once the house has been crushed, the front-end loader will either load the debris in a contractor bin or a dumb truck.

Be prepared to pay for the crushing and tipping.

7. Offer It On A Classified Ad Site

You can also choose to offer your old mobile home for a variety of uses.

For instance, you can offer it as a free hunting camp. In this case, however, the home should be habitable enough.

Alternatively, you can offer it as a storage shade.

Or just sell it.

Final words

Getting rid of an old mobile home has never been easy.

Choose a removal method that best suits you.

Convenience is key. Hopefully, you are now prepared more than ever to get rid of your mobile home.