Can You Put Siding On A Mobile Home? (Six Options!)

After building your mobile home, you might be considering other options of making it appealing and upgraded.

You are probably thinking of putting up sidings.

If you are not sure whether it is the best thing to do, you have landed on the best site. We are here to help.

So, Can You Put Siding On A Mobile Home?

Yes. There is no doubt siding gives your mobile home a degree of completeness and elegance. In this article, we shed light on the best siding materials for your mobile home, installation hacks, and other ideas. let’s get to it.

Which Is The Top Siding For A Mobile Home?

Modern markets mirror a wide range of siding materials for mobile homes.

We are no longer used to the old fiberglass, asbestos, and steel.

Those days are gone and mobile homeowners are now resorting to high-quality materials.

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There is an increasing need for durable and appealing siding.

So, whether you are replacing or installing new sidings altogether, the sky is not the limit to options you can pick from.

Here is a list of the choicest siding materials you choose from.

1. Vinyl

Vinyl siding is one of the most formidable siding materials for mobile homes.

It has graced the market for over five decades without getting obsolete.

Vinyl materials are hailed for their durability, affordability, and impression.

Properly installed vinyl siding can last for over 20 years. With routine checks and proper painting, it can even go beyond that.

It can still look elegant without painting for many years. So you can see how vinyl siding can be very economical to use.

Vinyl sidings come in different quality levels and grades.

The easiest hack to tell the quality of a vinyl siding is to look into the thickness of the material. The thicker the material, the longer the durability.

Thicker vinyl also proves better in terms of quality.

The lowest grade of vinyl siding ranges between 36 to 41mm. but such thin grades are susceptible to damage.

You should pick vinyl siding that is beyond 44mm in thickness. They are still cheap to acquire though a notch higher than thinner models.

2. Fiber Cement

As the name suggests, fiber cement sidings are made from a mixture of cement and fibers such as wood bits.

Sand and color are also the major ingredients in the making of these materials.

Such sidings are equally hardy and durable. They can be produced in a myriad of colors.

It is, therefore, easy to choose the color theme that best blends with your mobile home.

One downside with these siding materials, however, is that they can be damaged by too much moisture.

If you live in zones with extreme moisture, you might consider changing your mind.

Thanks to some companies who have to go an extra problem to alleviate this problem by mixing a variety of materials.

Honestly, you can still find cement siding that is strong to withstand ravages of moisture and water.

3. Panel

Smart panel siding could be the most preferred siding for mobile homes.

Like its vinyl siding, it has been in the market for many years. That tells volumes of its credible properties. It is long-lasting, strong, and impressive.

Similar to cement-fiber siding, panel sidings are made from wood. Industrial waxes, zinc, and resin are added to make them unique and long-lasting.

If you are living in a region with harsh weather elements, panel sidings will secure your home all the way. So, you should not expect any warping.

They can withstand astonishing wind speeds of up to 200mph. owing to this amazing strength, panel sidings can last for more than 5o years.

Additionally, they are available in a vast collection of colors.

4. Wood

Wood siding has proven to be the easiest siding to install on mobile homes.

Wood has the thing of nature and there is no doubt it gives your mobile home an aesthetic and classic look and feels.

Be it for a replacement or new fixtures altogether, wood can be made to shine in many colors. Winds and flying objects can be blocked successfully by wood siding.

They are strong.

One major issue with wood siding, however, is that they are vulnerable to infestation by pests.

Termites are the greatest threat to wooden structures.

In no time, they can bring down the entire structure and proceed to damage the other parts of your mobile home. as a result, the wooden siding must be assessed regularly for any sign of termites and pest infestation.

Spirited measures must be taken to ensure that they do not set foot on your mobile home.

5. Metal

Many metals can be used for siding mobile homes. Aluminum is the most preferred metal.

It is resistant to rusting and corrosion. One this about metal sidings is that they can last for a long time and are easy to install.

6. Stone And Brick

If you want to give your mobile home a brick-like appeal, you might want to check out these siding materials. They add outstanding elements of beauty.

Besides, they are highly durable and can withstand extremes of weather.

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Siding For Your Mobile Home

Of course, some things will convince you to choose a particular material for your siding. Let us take a look at primary factors’

1. Durability

You want to acquire materials that can last for a long time in proper condition.

So, durability is not a quality you ever want to take for granted. The material a siding is made of tells volumes of its durability.

Durable siding saves you the costs of having to carry out replacements in the future.

2. Color

You must install sidings that fit into the existing color theme of your mobile home.

Modern siding materials are available in a vast array of colors. Your contractor or house designer can help advise you on the best choice.

3. Material The Siding Is Made Of

The material of the siding has a lot to do with its durability.

For instance, you expect wood sidings not to last longer than sidings made from stone or vinyl.

Choose the one that can stay in good conditions for years to come.


Mobile homes look nicer with sidings on them.

Siding your mobile home is an upgrade you will not regret doing. It helps to protect your home, gives it a welcoming appeal and theme.

It is also the best way to retain optimum temperatures in your rooms.

The choice of siding you choose is of great significance. It dictates the overall results of your siding.

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