How Much Does It Cost To Put New Skirting On A Mobile Home?

Upgrading your mobile home is a continuous process.

There is always something to fix and help create a better home.

Spaces under your rooms can be horrible.

Perhaps you are thinking of skirting your mobile home to end this weird look.

So, How Much Does New Mobile Home Skirting Cost?

Well, the cost of installing skirting on a mobile home varies depending on several factors. These include the size of rooms to be covered, the materials used for skirting, labor, and location. There are other factors to consider. In this article, however, we focus on two primary areas. That is the type and cost of materials and labor. We have also added other hacks that can help upgrade your living conditions to the next level.

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A Guide to Mobile Home Skirting

A welcoming look at your mobile home is satisfying you ever want to be embraced by when you get back from your daily duties.

Achieving a well-decorated skirting is, therefore, an assignment requiring a lot of preparedness and effort.

Skirting your mobile home gives it a look of completeness and elegance.

Whether you have done skirting before or not, a skirting guide is an indispensable tool to start with.

It prepares you for the job ahead in terms of financial and labor requirements among others.

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Five Benefits Of Mobile Home Skirting

1. A Protection against Infestation By Rodents

Rodents like rats and mice can be a great problem in the home.

hey can destroy a lot of stuff in your home and even the house structure itself. Skirting helps to keep them at bay.

2. It Protects Underpinnings And Pipe Fixtures

Pipes are often fixed to the underneath of mobile homes.

Other pipes and even cables are fixed into the building through these areas.

If exposed, they can be damaged by extreme elements of weather.

Skirting your mobile home, however, helps to cover them up and increase their durability.

3. It Stabilizes Your Room’s Temperatures

By closing the space under the house structure, skirting helps to maintain the appropriate temperatures in your home.

4. It Helps To Curb Mold Developments

Skirting prevents potential infiltration of moisture to the underside of your mobile home.

This prevents any growth of molds that could otherwise be disastrous to your building.

5. It Helps To Keep Children From Potential Danger

Children can joke around and even harm themselves by getting under the room.

Skirting helps to avoid this by creating a barrier.

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What Are The Most Affordable Mobile Home Skirting Options?

When it comes to skirting options for mobile homes, your budget is the determining factor.

Otherwise, there is a wide array of materials that can be used to complete this task.

It would be a prudent idea for you to seek advice from a professional on the appropriate skirting materials to be used.

Your previous construction company can be of great help too.

Different skirting materials are available in different styles and varieties.

Be sure to pick an ideal material that matches the existing design and color these on your walls.

You don’t want to spoil all the work you have done from day one.

Here is a list of skirting materials, their cost, and properties:

1. Vinyl

Vinyl material is, undoubtedly the most available skirting material for mobile homes.

Aside from being pocket-friendly, they also come in attractive styles.

Also, they are relatively easy to install hence cutting labor costs.

Any keep and willing DIYer can do the job pretty well.

They are often sold in lengths of 12 feet which can be cut to fit the desired placement sizes.

If your mobile home is situated in a pitched landscape, choosing vinyl is a nice idea.

It helps to create a uniform appearance that will not break the bank.

The fact that they are environmentally friendly makes them the choicest material for skirting.

Vinyl skirting materials generally go for about $300 to $1200. This is an average cost for single-wide rooms. The cost depends on the size of the room you are skirting. This excludes the construction and shipping fees. Well, that varies from place to place.

2. Simulated Rock

Just a notch below vinyl materials is simulated rock skirting.

It is an equally popular material known for its resilient plastic material. They are highly durable with a welcoming impression.

They are specially designed to emulate the appearance of stones such as sandstone and granite.

Their ease of installation lowers labor costs and makes the choice affordable even for an average mobile homeowner.

Simulated rock and stone skirting materials are sold at an average of about $600 to $1300.

It all depends on the supplier and the size of your mobile home. Discounts can be available if you buy them in large numbers.

3. Brick Stone And Faux Stone

As the name suggests, these skirting materials mimic the appearance of stone and bricks on the walls.

They create a natural transition between the rest of the home structure and the surrounding environment.

They are designed using polyurethane. They are cheap and easy to install.

Unlike their counterparts, these materials will require framing.

Besides, panels must be secured to the lumber during installation.

One unique property of polyurethane materials is that they are light and can adjust to temperature changes. This guarantees durability.

These materials often sell at an average of about $950 to $2000.

It all depends on the manufacturer and the sizes you want to install. Some suppliers will lower the costs depending on the quantity you are buying.

4. Concrete

Another cool option for skirting mobile homes is the use of concrete.

It entails the use of bricks and cinder blocks.

The advantage of this option, though a little costly, is that it helps to achieve a certain degree of permanence.

Just not to mention that they are more secure, insulated, and formidable enough to withstand adverse weather elements.

5. Metal

Tin and steel are the most commonly used metal skirting option for mobile homes.

You will need screes to fasten them into the lumber. To add on thickness, they can be propped using plywood.

The best part of it is that steel and tin skirting materials come in already-designed patterns.

That means you have time to choose the best design to match your mobile home skirting demands.

With the relatively low acquisition and installation costs, metal skirting materials are increasingly becoming an ideal choice for homeowners.

6. Foam

The last in our list of affordable materials are foam.

Foam materials are hailed for their energy efficiency.

Additionally, they have a unique ability to reduce drafts.

They are the best option of materials to curb underside energy loss.

Adding to their affordability, using them is a great way to save your money and achieve the desired quality of work.

Foam skirting materials are easy to manipulate and install. They can therefore be designed to mimic any desired design and give your mobile home an outstanding look.

The Cost of Installing Skirting On Mobile Homes

Hiring a professional to help you with installing skirting on your home varies as far as cost is concerned.

A handyman can take up to $50 per hour. That is close to $450 on average per day.

Note that this value varies depending on the location and the expertise of the personnel

Final Words

Skirting is a good investment in your home. Not only does it guarantee protection, but it also helps you to achieve the desired design of your mobile home.

Selecting a material that is formidable and equally affordable for this crucial installation is not enough.

If you cannot handle the job yourself, it is to hire a professional who can complete the job on time and with precision.