Mobile Home Water Damage Restoration Options

Mobile Home Water Damage Restoration Options: What It Is And What To Do

Water damage in mobile homes is a serious problem that should be attended to before it escalates.

Different situations call for different solutions.

Knowing the causes, signs and extent of the damage will help in knowing what suitable precautions and remedies to take.

Causes Of Water Damage

Mobile homes are prone to water damage owing to the light weight material used in making them.

Harsh weather conditions are the first common cause of water damages.

They affect both the interior and exterior. Domestic problems such as sewerage problems tend to affect the interior.

They come in form of:

  •  Storms
  •  Hurricanes
  •  Burst water and sewage pipes
  •  Leaking pipes due to cracks
  •  Loosely fit taps
  •  Floods

Signs Of Water Damage

The causes of water damage can affect lots of areas in the home such as:

  • roofs
  • ceilings
  • walls
  • floors
  • exterior house sidings
  • gutters
  • downspouts
  • and decks.

These areas may experience shared or distinct damages and signs:

  • Wood decks tend to rot in the event of water damage.
  • Gutters and downspouts leak or completely burst open when damaged by harsh weather especially. Damaged gutters leak water on to decks and damage them while downspouts leak water to the foundation of house. This may damage the foundation and cause flooding in that particular area.
  • Roofs may be blown off during storms and hurricanes and let rain water in to the house. Alternatively, a small area on the roof may be damaged and lead to leaks in to the house.
  • Ceilings form stains brought by water. Such a sign clearly tells a home owner that the roof has a problem.
  • Exterior wall sidings may let in water on to the floors of the house or develop water stains every time it rains.
  • If interior walls get affected they tend to develop water stains. This may be a resultant effect of siding damage.
  • A home owner may notice new flooding in the home in areas where pipes have burst or cracked. He/she may also notice rotting and water stains in the same particular areas.
  • Windows and doors may also experience damages which may force them to leak water in to the house.

Health Hazards Brought On By Water Damage

Water damage comes in two forms:

  1. The first category features clean water which may come from rain and water distribution pipes in the home.
  2.  The second category features dirty water. Dirty water has two forms: gray and black water. Gray water carries chemicals and pathogens that might cause discomfort and mild illnesses in the home. This water may come from the kitchen sewer system. Black water contains extremely harmful chemicals that may cause adverse health problems on anyone that comes in to contact with it. This water may come from the sewage system of bathrooms and toilets.

Common Health Problems That Might Be Experienced

  • Rashes and other severe skin problems
  • Eye itchiness and wateriness
  • Colds and coughs
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Nasal blockage
  • Migraines and constant headaches
  • Digestion problems in case of contact with food

Steps To Take To Recover From Water Damage

When seeking to repair a home one should identify the mobile home water damage restorations options they have.

To do this, one has to identify the causes of the damage, the signs and the extent to which the damage has occurred:

  • Survey your home and analyze different areas and their damages. Note this down and deal with each problem according to the urgency level of each. Work on each area at a time. Multitasking might lead to insufficient results.
  • Roofs should either be repaired or completely replaced depending on the extent of damage. Identify where the leaks are in order to know which part of the roof need to be sealed. Use sealing agents that are durable and non toxic.
  • Ceilings tend to need replacement especially if the water stains can’t be cleaned out and has already caused rotting.
  • Gutters and downspouts can be sealed at the spots that release leaks. If not, consider replacement with a stronger material.
  • Windows and doors should be sealed at the spots that cause leakage of water in to rooms.
    Exterior siding of the house can be replaced at sections that have immense damage.
  • Alternatively, seal the leaking spots and repaint the siding to improve its look especially if water stains had ruined it.
  • When the siding is fixed one is assured that the walls will be okay. In case of ugly water stains, simply repaint the walls.
  • Wood decks should be checked for rotting and split woods. In case of either the wood should be replaced. Also, use sealing agents to seal the wood. This will give it a better appearance and allow it to repel moisture which causes rotting.
  • Interior water pipes that have cracked or burst should either be repaired or replaced completely. Ensure you test whether the repair on the cracked pipes is sufficient to prevent future leakage.
  • In case of interior flooding caused by leaking pipes, one should first take out the water. Wash the floors adequately then seal them if necessary or repair the tiles and wood. If the rooms had carpets when the flooding took place, these carpets should be taken out, washed and dried completely. This will remove molds and prevent growth of more.

DIY Or Professional Services

When looking at mobile home water damage restoration options, this will help a home owner decide whether to do the restoration themselves or seek professional help.

DIY should be done only when the repairs are simple in terms of methods and tools used.

Processes such as repainting and sealing can be done by a home owner.

In case of any processes that require heavy and special tools, one should seek the help of professionals.

Roofs are one of the areas that require professional services due to the process of climbing to the top which may pose safety threats when one fails to use the appropriate tools.

Home owners should always carry out regular checks in the home to identify any signs of water damage.

This will help them deal with the problem in its simple stages before it escalates to a serious and more expensive problem.


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