Is It Rude to Ask Your Neighbor to Turn Down Their Music?

It can be a living hell when you are trying to sleep or relax, and your neighbor’s stereo is blasting loud music.

But what do you do with neighbors that have a loud music taste?

So, Is It Rude to Ask Your Neighbor to Turn Down Their Music?

The truth is there is no better way to ask someone to change their behavior without seeming rude. While they may not be okay with your request, you shouldn’t feel obligated to bear the blasting music coming from your neighbor’s speaker. If you cannot withstand the noise, there is a polite and soft way of requesting them to turn the volume down. But, bear in mind that you are asking them to stop what they were enjoying. So there is no way that it won’t be seen as rude.

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How Should You Ask Your Neighbor to Lower Their Volume Down?

Walk up and knock on their door. When they open, start by apologizing for interrupting them.

Then, proceed to tell them that you can hear their music from your house and you are requesting them to reduce the volume just for a little bit.

If they take the conversation in a friendly way, you can ask them for their number to text them the next time the music is too loud.

They may not know that their volume is interrupting you in your home.

Plus, having their number will save you the trips of visiting their home in the future, which can be bothersome for both of you.

Remember that most people do not appreciate being visited in person. Therefore, you may be interrupting their activities every time you visit their house when the music is too loud.

Four Ways To Have Your Neighbors Turn Down The Music

1. Talk to Them

The first step is to talk to your neighbor to resolve the differences.

Although it’s hard to believe, sometimes the person might be engaged in their music so deeply that they don’t realize they are causing a disturbance.

Even if you are irritated with the noise, just approach them in a friendly manner.

2. Warn Them in Writing

If your neighbor still doesn’t comply, write to them, telling them to quiet down.

Avoid making threats but inform them you will have to involve the authorities if the situation does not improve. Make sure you have a copy of the letter, as you will need it if the matter goes further.

3. Obtain a Copy of Ordinance

Most places give people ordinances to control the types and loudness of noise and the times to be noisy.

For instance, some ordinances restrict unreasonable loud noise from vehicles, like honking the car early in the morning.

Some also forbid loud noises from dogs barking the whole night. Uncompliant neighbors might be fined for going against the rules. Once you have this ordinance, make two copies for yourself and your neighbor.

4. Suggest Mediation

Take advantage of mediation services if they are offered in your city.

This involves calling an impartial mediator to listen and try to solve the differences neighbors have. Once you call this service, they will contact your neighbor and suggest meditation.

Usually, these people are good at convincing others. So your neighbor will most likely not object. But, be prepared to pay them a small fee for their services.

When Should You Ask Your Neighbors to Turn the Music Down?

Well, that depends on several things. But it is mostly when their music is loud and it is late in the day.

You can ask a person to tone down their music if it’s past 11 PM.

Most local ordinances will state the time that people around should quiet their activities.

But it is usually 11 PM. However, that depends on where you live and your neighborhood.

Noise Etiquette Between Neighbors

Now that you know how to talk to your neighbor about loud music, it’s crucial we discuss common noise etiquette for people living around the same place.

Having this information will help you judge whether you are overacting or your neighbor is being genuinely bothersome.

Please note that people within the same location ought to respect each other and live peacefully.

Everyone ought to follow some basic rules regarding noise, whether they live in an apartment or a young neighborhood.

These include:

  • Turn down the music around 11 PM if you have a party at your home
  • Avoid playing loud music outside if your neighbors live closeby
  • Limit lengthy loud conversations outdoors when it’s late in the night and your neighbors live close by
  • Don’t hammer past 8 PM if you live in an apartment
  • Don’t mow your lawn before 10 AM

Is It Okay for Neighbors to Play Loud Music During the Day?

Most places allow neighbors to play loud music during the day rather than at night.

However, different locations have rules on the time, type, and loudness of the music to play.

For instance, New Jersey’s Noise Control Act of 1971 , restricts people from playing music with more than 65 decibels during the day and 50 decibels at night between 10 PM and 7 AM.

So as you can see, it can be hard to control your neighbor’s loud volume during the day unless the place you live has specific noise laws.

What Time Should the Community Be Quiet?

Well, this also depends on the noise rules of the state.

Most ordinances require the neighborhood to be quiet by 10 PM. But this will vary in different places. Some neighborhoods have unwritten laws. So all neighbors agree on a specific time to tone things down.

If you think your neighbors are not respecting these rules, you can politely inform them.

Believe it or not, some people aren’t aware of these things and do not realize their music is disturbing other people.

Remember, you can use the laws in your favor when your neighbor does not lower their loud music.

However, do not be confrontational when doing that to prevent unnecessary building hatred.

If it gets to this, your neighbor might be charged with nuisance.

This may lead to a fine or a criminal sentence, depending on how the court will rule. Usually, the jail time for nuisance is less than two years, or the victims pay a fine of less than $1000.

Should You Involve the Police?

If you have tried everything to get the person to lower down their music in vain, it may be time to call the police on them.

But please keep this as a last resort, especially if you want to keep a positive relationship with your neighbor.

If you have already talked to them about the situation, given them time to resolve it, and involved the landlord or HOA, you may have no option but to involve the cops.

But remember that the police will want evidence. So ensure you document every approach you make to get your neighbor to tone down their music.

You can also use your landlord or HOA as a witness if you are involved with them. Use anyone you’ve contacted about your neighbor’s loud music playing. Include emails to the landlord, HOA, and mediator if you reached out to them.

You can also ask your other neighbors to back your claim if they are cool with that.

Final Thoughts

It is not weird to tell your neighbor to stop playing loud music.

However, it is crucial that you contain the situation by approaching it calmly.

But once you do that and they still are not changing, your only option may be to call the cops.