What Can You Do About Your Neighbor’s Constantly Barking Dog?

Dogs are the best animals to have around.

They are adorable, loyal companions. But then, some dogs bark at the slightest noise they hear or simply love to yap incessantly.

It can be a challenge for your patience, if this is occurring with your neighbor’s dog.

So, What Can You Do About Your Neighbor’s Constantly Barking Dog?

To start, talk to your neighbor and ask them to calm their dog. You can also block out the noise by closing the door and the windows or trying to play music. But if the problem persists, contact animal control authorities or the police to handle the issue.

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Nine Ways To Deal With A Barking Dog Problem

1. Talk To Your Neighbor

The first approach is to calmly and politely talk to your neighbor about their constantly barking dog.

A peaceful and respectful honest discussion does solve most personal conflicts.

Unfortunately, most people need help with this process. Appraising your neighbor with complaints can be intimidating.

So, drop by your neighbor’s home and try to reason together.

Maybe your neighbor is blissfully unaware that their dog is causing problems in the neighborhood- they are probably at work or on vacation.

Give them the benefit of the doubt. Your neighbor may hear you out, apologize for the situation, and try to do something about the noisy dog.

2. Focus On The Possible Solution

Try to give a practical solution to the problem.

Approach your neighbor and find the exact problem with the dog barking incessantly.

You might find that the problem is different from the dog.

You can also offer to walk the dog.

If you adore pets, this is an excellent way to get introduced to the dog so you can check in on it anytime you hear it barking and help stop it.

Another proactive approach is to offer to hire a dog trainer.

Some common problems with a barking dog can be solved through proper training of both the owner and the dog.

There are animal societies that offer free consultation services and trainer referrals.

3. Meet The Dog

Perhaps the dog snarls at you because they are being protective of its territory.

The dog may be barking at you because you are a total stranger trying to invade their space.

Drop by your neighbor’s house and let them introduce you to their dog. Get to know the dog so it will recognize you every time you pass by your neighbor’s.

4. Drown It Out

If the dog’s barking is a one-time occurrence, you can bury your head in the sand until the dog stops barking.

Yes, you can ignore the yapping pup if the sound is tolerable.

You can also choose to play some music to diffuse the barks.

Raise the volume of your sound system a few notes, provided you don’t cause a racket.

It also helps to block out the noise by closing the windows and the door.

But if the problem is not worth ignoring, it is better to take it up with your neighbor. However, you have to be humane in how you approach them.

5. Block The Dog’s View

The easiest approach is to distract the dog.

Dogs will bark at anything in they can see. So, if you can block the view, you can stop the dog from barking.

You could consider closing the blind or erecting a privacy fence in your backyard to ensure you block the dog’s view. If the dog cannot see you, it will lose interest and stop barking.

6. Use Dog Whistle

Whenever the dog barks unnecessarily, pick up a whistle and blow it, and the dog will stop barking.

You are technically trying to train the dog to stop barking at the sound of the whistle.

It is a process that may take some time to yield fruits, so be patient.

7. Document The Problem

Having everything on record to reference when you raise the complaint is also essential. So, track the dog’s yapping behavior to determine if it is a common or one-off thing.

Put it on paper every time you hear the dog barking. Record the time the dog started barking and the duration.

It will help to have a dog barking log when you talk to your neighbor. It will assist you in corroborating your complaint.

8. File A Noise Complaint

If you have tried all the solutions and the problem persists, you can consider your legal options.

Seek assistance from mediators who will agree to hear both parties and try to give a decision.

As long as you agree to enter into a mediation process in good faith, it should not be a problem to abide by their decision.

9. Call The Police

If your neighbor’s dog barking remains unresolved after you have tried everything else, you can file a police report.

It is not a desirable option, but this may give your neighbor an indication that you are serious about their dog’s habits.


Although dogs are friendly, they sometimes get on your nerves when they can’t stop barking.

To help diffuse the dog problem, try first to engage your neighbor about the issue.

Even if you think it won’t solve the problem, it is best to approach the issue politely and try to find a solution between you before involving a third party.