Should You Let Neighbors Swim In Your Pool?

A private swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to beat the summer heat, especially if you decide to forego your summer vacation trip.

While you may have considered all the benefits of such an investment, one thing you’re likely to have forgotten to factor in is your pool will attract neighbors.

In this regard, Should You Let Neighbors Swim In Your Pool??

While there is pride in sharing, you should be cautious when it comes to letting neighbors swim in your pool, as it can increase your liability. For instance, if a neighbor becomes injured while swimming in your pool, you could face a lawsuit to cover medical bills and other damages. Many people also find it uncomfortable sharing a swimming pool with neighbors they don’t share any relationship with.

If your reason for having a private pool was the need for privacy, you might want to stop neighbors from using your pool unless invited.

Is It OK To Share Your Pool With Neighbors?

A swimming pool in your yard will save you the time you would otherwise “waste” taking your kids to the local public pool and sitting there all day long supervising them.

But do you know your clean and closer pool also appeals to neighbors?

Whether or not to allow neighbors to swim in your swimming pool is a personal decision.

Ultimately, what matters most is what you are comfortable with.

If you want privacy, it is apparent that you will keep your pool private, and neighbors may only come over when you invite them.

To ensure privacy, you will want to talk to your kids and let them know whether to invite their friends on their own or if they should ask you first.

This is very important as kids can get crazy, including holding one another’s head underwater, which can bring you more liabilities.

Letting your kids invite their friends can be a great risk if the visiting kids are not good swimmers.

No matter your decision, neighborhood kids will likely come to your door and ask to swim.

If you have to let them, will you supervise them, or must their parents be present to monitor them?

Will you handle children certified to swim differently?

Discuss whatever you are comfortable with your family, and be honest and direct with your neighbors about who can use your pool and when.

That way, you avoid most issues that may result from letting anyone use your pool.

Five Ways To Prevent Neighbors From Swimming In Your Pool

There are many reasons why pool owners may want to keep their pool personal and private.

Whatever your reasons, the best way to keep neighbors from swimming in your pool is to be upfront and honest about your concerns.

Even with the pride that comes with sharing, you don’t want to be liable for accidents that may happen in your yard.

The last thing you want is to deal with a lawsuit after a child drowns in your swimming pool.

Here are ways and tips to keep neighbors from swimming in your personal pool:

1. Inform Your Neighbors Politely

While informing your neighbors you don’t want them to use your pool can attract different reactions, it is the best way to avoid trouble.

During the construction, let your neighbors know that your primary reason for building a pool is that you don’t like sharing a pool with people you don’t share relationships with.

Before launching the pool, the message will likely have spread, and you will have a point to remind neighbors who are not sensible enough.

2. Talk With Your Family About Your Concerns

The entire household must agree and support your wish not to share your pool.

Otherwise, your efforts might be in vain.

For instance, if your children are unaware, they will likely invite their friends to the pool in your absence.

3. Fence Your Property

A clean and easily accessible swimming pool can attract even passersby in the summer.

Fencing your property will deter neighbors and anyone who may want to come and swim in your pool without permission.

It is a good idea to use a tall fence to prevent people from seeing the pool when outside your yard.

4. Surround The Pool With A Fence

Even after fencing your backyard, you may want to fence the pool.

With a fenced pool, it means your neighbors won’t be able to swim even when they access your home through an unlocked gate.

However, for the fence to serve as a deterrent, it must be high enough to discourage adept jumpers.

5. Use A Pool Cover

Pool covers offer a smart way to deter neighbors from swimming in your pool while preventing kids from swimming unsupervised.

Besides, they ensure the pool water remains clean and in pristine condition.


Some pool owners enjoy keeping their pools to their families, while others wouldn’t mind inviting neighbors to cool their bodies.

If you have a pool, whether to let neighbors swim in it or not is a personal decision.

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