What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near a Shopping Mall???

Many things changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses were closed, and customers were advised against living in the house.

As such, many shopping malls remained closed. But now that normalcy is returning, the malls have started operating.

So, What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near a Shopping Mall?

One perk of living close to a mall is the accessibility of the stores.  Additionally, you will find a variety of the same item from different brands, meaning you can compare and buy quality goods.

Another great thing is that you can enjoy various entertainment options like cinemas, sports complexes, etc. And since you are close to the shops, you won’t need to drive. This can save you gas money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Five Pros of Living Near a Shopping Mall

1. Accessibility

The main benefit of staying near a shopping mall is that you can easily access the products you want for your home or work.

You do not have to travel long distances to buy that TV you’ve always wanted or shop for that pair of jeans you desire.

Shopping malls have different stores that stock up a variety of items. Therefore, finding what you are looking for won’t be hard.

Additionally, since several sellers have the product you want, you can compare prices and buy from the one you feel is right for your budget.

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This is very convenient for the times you need something urgently.

You won’t need to call an Uber or make a sized trip. Instead, you can pop into the shopping mall and buy whatever you want.

2. Work Opportunities

Shopping malls have many businesses on them, which can offer jobs.

If you or your loved one is looking for a job, you may find that staying close to a mall can help you get employment.

Many businesses advertise their openings on their front door. So be sure to keep checking if a business is seeking to hire.

3. A Socially Active Lifestyle

You have a higher chance of meeting new people when you stay close to the shopping mall. This gives you more room for socializing.

As a result, you can grow your personal and professional network by being involved with other people besides your regular friends and colleagues.

Socializing with people from different cultures and regions or those with different experiences opens your mind and teaches you many things.

4. Various Entertainment Options

Shopping malls are filled with many entertainment joints, including cinemas, bars, restaurants, sports centers, etc.

Therefore, anytime you are bored in your house, you can always have a place to entertain yourself.

Generally, living close to a shopping mall may be right for you if you are looking for cultural and entertainment enrichment.

5. A Great Landmark

Many people overlook landmarks when buying a property.

And if you live just next to a shopping center or a commercial building, you can easily direct your friends or family members when they visit you.

Additionally, since this area bustles with activities, you can easily access schools, parks, and recreational facilities.

They may be great places for a person with a growing family if you don’t mind the noise and traffic.

Four Cons of Living Close to a Shopping Mall

While staying near a shopping mall has several benefits, it isn’t without flaws. Here are some drawbacks you should know.

1. Noise Pollution

Shopping malls are commercial areas. So it can even be impossible to find some quiet time.

From the sound of drivers hooting to the crying of children and loud music from salespeople, these can affect your peace.

If you love quiet time, moving close to a mall may not be the best choice.

2. A lot of Traffic

Many people will be visiting the shopping mall. And since many businesses are operating around, the employees will also be coming to work daily.

For the neighbors around, this means a lot of disturbances which can be very frustrating.

A place that will take 5 minutes on foot may be doubled using a car. Besides vehicles, you are also bound to come across many people.

3. Less Parking

A high number of shoppers means there will be a scramble for parking spaces.

It may take forever to find a place to park your car; sometimes, you may not even find one.

4. Reduced Privacy

If you have lived in the suburbs, you know how private your life can be.

This isn’t the same when staying close to a shopping center.

There is limited land for constructing independent homes near these areas.

So, that forces property owners to build apartments they share with their neighbors.

Additionally, there will always be people coming into the area to shop.

So, remaining private in these conditions is hard. If you value privacy, you may want to look for property elsewhere.

Should You Buy a Property Near a Shopping Mall?

It depends if you are the type of person that isn’t bothered by crowds and noise. If you’d rather live far away from people and appreciate peace, you may want to look elsewhere.

Another factor to also consider is your budget.

You can buy your property here if you’d rather spend more on a home and less on transport and delivery fees.

But if you prefer to spend less on a home and are fine with planning your meals and groceries before time, consider other places.

But, you can also compromise and live relatively near a shopping mall but not super close. You can get neighborhoods that are a bit quiet than the overcrowded places near a shopping mall.

Lastly, remember that amenities always do not have to be within the shopping mall.

In mature estates, for instance, there are many provision shops and eateries within the neighborhood.


If you have kids, this may not be the best place to raise them.

But you may find living in this location fun if you are alone.

Again, you should determine your budget. Most apartments located close to shopping malls are expensive. Therefore, you may want to look around to see if there is one you can afford.