What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Next Door to Your Parents???

When you are considering moving out from your parent’s house, you usually have two choices: either moving far away or remaining close to them.

Both options make sense, depending on the situation.

Although family relationships are wonderful, sometimes they are complicated, which is why you need to think deeply about where to stay.

So, What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Next Door to Your Parents?

There are many benefits of staying close to your parents. For instance, your family will be close to you. Therefore, they can offer a helping hand anytime you need them. You will also see them regularly, meaning you won’t miss a significant milestone.

But while living close to your parents can be beneficial, it has some drawbacks. For instance, you may feel like your privacy is being invaded as your parents may pop in anytime. Now, this can bring a big rift in a relationship. Also, you may feel like you aren’t independent and haven’t really moved out.

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Continue reading about the pros and cons of living close to your parents to help you make an informed decision.

The Advantages of Living Next Door to Your Parents

1. Quality Time with Them

If you have lived far, you already know the struggle of visiting your family that is miles away.

Being too far from the people you love, especially if you are close to them, can be hard sometimes.

Even though video apps might help you see and talk to one another often, it is not the same as seeing them face to face.

You can see them anytime you want when you can close them. As such, you can share special and unforgettable memories.

2. You Can Be Part of Your Younger Siblings’ Lives

Staying close to your parents gives you a chance to attend your brother’s or sister’s soccer events, graduations, musicals, and other things.

Also, you will learn and interact with their friends, host their birthday parties, and have an intimate relationship with them.

But staying too far denies you of such an opportunity and sometimes can create feelings of loneliness and resentment.

3. You Will Have a Support Network Near You

Your parents are your biggest supporters. At least in many cases.

Therefore, living close to them ensures you don’t miss any of their support. You’ll find this helpful when going through a major change in life, like a serious illness or a divorce.

Additionally, you can trust them to babysit your babies.

This way, your parents can spend time with their grandparents, and you can also socialize with your friends.

And when you are going on holiday, instead of taking your pet to expensive kennels or catteries, you can just seek their help which is free. So as you can see, you get supported emotionally, physically, and sometimes, financially.

4. Save Time and Money

Living close to your parents saves you the expensive long-distance trips you will have to take to visit them. Travelling is costly and you need to plan for it thoroughly.

But if your family is next door, you have to pop up when you miss them. As such, you can save that money you’d have used on booking a flight to treat them to a special dinner.

5. You Will Have a Place to Sleep

If you can’t sleep in your house for whatever reason, you can always crash in your parent’s house for the night. For example, maybe your home needs to be tented for termites or renovated.

Instead of sleeping in a hotel and paying the charges, you can take this opportunity to visit your parents.

6. You’re Close If Something Goes Wrong

Emergencies still happen. But you won’t be at ease if they occur when you are far away.

You can always be there when you live near your parents if anything goes wrong.

You can go to their house and see what the issue is. You won’t have to deal with the anxiety of not knowing what’s happening at home or the frustration of booking a ticket at the last minute when your parents are sick.

Also, they can come through when you need them.

For instance, if you need to rush your spouse to the hospital and are wondering what to do with your children, your parents can help you.

What Are the Cons of Living Close to Your Parents?

We have gone over the benefits of being neighbors with your parents. Let’s now look at some drawbacks.

1. You Will be a Subject to Surprise Visits

When you are close to your parents, they may think you are always available.

Therefore, they may visit you regularly without confirming first.

At first, the drop-ins can be amazing. But when they happen more and more, it starts to get annoying.

They instead become an inconvenience and not a welcome surprise. Imagine you have a quick deadline to finish a task, or you want to rush out as you are late for something, and your parents pop up on your doorstep unannounced.

Chances are you won’t appreciate this visit.

2. You May Feel Guilty When You Can’t Help

Most people love to help their parents since they also help them.

However, when you cannot provide a helping hand to them, and you live nearby, you may be filled with guilt.

You might be busy in the office, stuck in traffic, or just tired and want to take a rest, and on the other hand, your mom is insisting you drive her to the nail parlor.

You may have heaviness in your heart if you cannot show up to this or return a favor they did you.

3. You Will Be Subject to Criticism

When living far away, your parents may not know everything that happens in your life.

But when you are close to them, it opens an excellent opportunity for them to know what’s happening. If they don’t agree with something you are doing, like your parenting style, maybe they will tell you.

4. They May Take Advantage

Sometimes your family may take advantage of your living situation and use you. It is why you need to set firm boundaries. Otherwise, they may take you for granted.

Additionally, staying close to them can create more arguments and conflicts.

For instance, if you are married, you are staying close to one set of parents and far from another unless they all live in the same neighborhood, which is highly unlikely.

That means that if you don’t get along with any of the parents, it may create room for conflict. But it could also help resolve family issues quickly.


Living close to your family may be a good idea, especially if you have kids.

They can get to see them regularly, which is good for their growth. Studies say that kids need to see their grandparents regularly for their physical well-being and to improve their moral compass.

However, it comes with some drawbacks, like the intrusion of privacy.

The surprise visits may be great. But they are not always. Sometimes, you may want to spend the weekend alone with your spouse and kids. Yet your mum and dad won’t allow that.