What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near Your Job? (Six Pros, Five Cons)

Passing your job interview and being offered the position is one of the best feelings in the world.

Everyone rejoices in this success. So there is every reason to celebrate.

But while everything is great, commuting to work might not be that great.

So, What Are the Advantages And Disadvantages of Living Near Your Job?

One benefit is reducing the frustration of commuting, which increases the chance of  always being on time. You can also create more free time for yourself. However, you may find your cost of living higher than many of your colleagues staying further away. Not to mention you might feel a little bit more comfortable with your work. Since the distance to the office is short, you will always think you have enough time. As a result, you might oversleep and be late for work even though your home is within walking distance.

Six Pros of Living Close to Your Workplace

1. Reduces Frustration and Stress

Endless traffic jams, heat, many people, and constant tension that you will always be late to work are the challenges of living far away from your workplace.

These issues can build up, causing frustration and stress, which isn’t good for your mental and physical health.

But you can prevent these headaches when your home is close to the office. You won’t need several hours to arrive at the office.

Additionally, you won’t be frustrated to reach home in the evening when coming from work. As a result, you will be refreshed, have more energy, and remain productive in your work.

2. Saves on Transportation

Another advantage of staying close to the workplace is that you will spend less on transportation.

And sometimes, if the office is too near, you can decide to walk and not use your car or pay the bus fare.

You can then save this money and use it somewhere else.

However, please note that whether this is advantageous or not depends on the cost of other things around you. For instance, while you may be saving on transport, you could be using more on food.

3. You Will Stay Healthy

Many people spend significant time seated at their desks performing their work duties.

They rarely have time for physical exercise, which is highly encouraged for one’s overall well-being.

Staying close to the workplace can enable you to increase your physical activity. Instead of driving to work or boarding a vehicle, you can decide to cycle or reach your workplace on foot.

This way, you can add exercise to your busy schedule and stay active and healthy.

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4. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Besides being expensive, travelling to work over long distances contributes significantly to air pollution.

Even if your car is electric, there are still chances that it can impact the environment negatively.

Driving to near distances reduces your carbon footprint, and you’ll be saving the environment. You won’t need to drive at all on some days as your workplace is near.

5. Creates a Better Work and Life Balance

A shorter commute time can be beneficial when trying to balance your work and life.

You will always arrive home on time to be with your family instead of using that time traveling to and forth from your office.

People who live far from their workplace usually arrive late at home.

But when you are close, you have more time on your hands to create the necessary adjustment to balance work and life.

Again, you will not have to sacrifice your entire day if a critical situation at home needs you to attend to it.

6. Allows More Flexibility

Since your workplace is near, you wouldn’t need to wake up early to be at work on time.

You can prepare yourself slowly, have time to make breakfast for your family, and still reach the office on time.

This means that your performance at work will improve and your relationships as well.

Five Cons of Living Close to Your Place Of Employment

1. Disrupts Your Life If You’ve Already Settled

A significant drawback of moving close to your workplace is the disruption it brings to your life.

If you have already settled in a place, you are likely more comfortable and know its ins and outs.

You have already gotten used to the lifestyle in that location and made friends with some neighbors.

Moving to a new place will change all aspects of your life.

That means you will have to start everything again from scratch, and if you have children, you may be overburdening them.

2. May Increase Your Cost of Living

Most people prefer to live far from their workplaces because of the high cost of renting. Ideally, you shouldn’t pay rent of more than 25% of your salary.

Unfortunately, many houses near workplaces are expensive. You’d be surprised that even tiny apartments are more expensive than big houses further away.

Additionally, food prices in these places are expensive. They will take a bigger share of your monthly budget. If you decide to stay close to your workplace, it’s wise you learn how to cook your food.

3. You Will Always Be Called During an Emergency

Since you are close to your workplace, you will always be the go-to person in emergencies requiring an extra pair of hands. Well, you can always refuse.

But saying no to your supervisors might not feel comfortable. Plus, you may feel embarrassed if someone else from afar comes to the office to do the required task instead of you.

4. You Will Be Far from Your Family

Moving close to your workplace is fun. But that also means that you move far away from your relatives. Many people tend to miss their families and get homesick.

That is why some decide to take three hours of sleep each day commuting to work rather than renting.

Additionally, staying close to your workplace might only be suitable if you don’t have kids.

Most times, workplaces are located in busy cities and hectic environments unsuitable for kids to grow.

Planning their journey to school or extracurricular activity will be stressful. Also, you will constantly be worried about their exposure to the negative side of living in the city.

5. More Laziness

Finally, you may find that you are spoilt with all the good things living close to work offers.

For instance, although you will save on the commute time, you might get used to it such that you won’t ever want to drive too far places anymore.

Not to mention, it may encourage laziness and lateness. You will always think your office is close, so you don’t have to leave the house early. As such, you may tend to oversleep.