What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near a Hospital???

You need to consider many things when choosing a location to place your mobile home.

One of the factors that people consider before moving into a new neighborhood is how easily available healthcare facilities are.

So, What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near a Hospital?

The main perk of residing near a hospital is quick access to medical care. Therefore, anytime you need medical attention, you can easily get it. Additionally, you reduce the cost of transport when you are close to a hospital. That is because ambulances the distance between your house and the hospital is short. 

On the other hand, staying close to a hospital means you will have to deal with the annoying noise from ambulances. Not to mention you are more exposed to sickness and death, and when you want to sell your house, you won’t have as many offers as someone in a different location. 

The Five Perks of Living Near A Hospital

1. Quick Access to Healthcare

The biggest advantage of having a hospital in your neighborhood is having access to quality healthcare outside your doorstep.

So, anytime you feel under the weather, or your loved one is unwell, you can quickly go in and get medical attention.

You can access medical care within minutes.

Plus, you can easily schedule appointments with doctors and specialists and arrive on time.

Therefore, you won’t worry about missing the opportunity to be seen.

2. You Can Avoid Load Shedding

Load shedding has become an issue.

As a result, homeowners have decided to buy generators or integrate their homes with solar panels.

But when you live near a hospital, you can forget about this.

That is because hospitals must always have electricity.

In fact, they are one of the zones excluded from excessive load shedding to protect the patients and enable healthcare providers to offer excellent services.

If your house is close to a hospital, chances are that you share the same power lines, which can result in reducing load shedding for you.

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3. You Will Spend Less on Transportation

Reduced transport expenses are another advantage of staying close to a hospital.

Sadly, you may find it costly to hire an ambulance or access quality healthcare service during emergencies when the distance between your place and the hospital is long.

But if you live to bear a hospital, you may not need to ride in an ambulance.

But, besides saving on the cost of transport, you will also not worry about arriving at the hospital late and getting timely treatment.

4. Wide Roads

Another reason people decide to stay close to a medical institute is reduced traffic.

Technically, blowing horns on the hospital premises is prohibited, making these places sound.

With the availability of wide roads, you will experience fewer traffic jams and faster traffic flows.

We also must mention that hospitals have double roads, which reduces the risk of leaving your car parked, and guards are available at all corners.

So your belongings will always be protected.

5. Increase in Property Value

Having a hospital near your home can significantly boost its property value.

Buyers with healthcare needs will be more attracted to your home and willing to spend a handful on it.

Also, staying near a medical facility opens up many opportunities, like jobs.

Additionally, hospitals usually have great infrastructural facilities.

Therefore, you can be sure of better waste management and cleanliness around the vicinity. This great infrastructure increases the value of the nearby property.

The Four Drawbacks of Living Near a Hospital

1. Noise Pollution

Hearing sirens from ambulances in traffic is normal.

But imagine having to bear that sound every day and night.

Such noises can interrupt your sleep schedule, making you less productive during the day. Plus, they are super annoying.

2. Exposure to a Draining Environment

Another challenge of living near a medical facility is that you are exposed to different issues like sicknesses and, in worst-case scenarios, death.

Living in such an environment can be emotionally draining, and you have to be strong to handle seeing suffering patients every time you look outside your window.

Not to mention diseases can spread around your neighborhood easily, increasing the number of health issues.

3. Limited Buyers

While the property value increases if your house is close to a hospital, you may not have many buyers wanting to purchase your house.

The only people that may be interested in purchasing are those that have serious medical issues or those who seek medical attention frequently.

Therefore, you may not get the best deal from selling your home.

4. Disruptive Patients

If the hospital is well established, people from different places will visit it for treatment.

Although an influx of patients is good for the hospital, it is not good for the neighborhood. The heavy foot traffic can become an issue for those who live around.

You will often encounter different patients and their relatives who love strolling around the block, and this can be very unpleasant.

Should You Live In The Same Neighborhood As A Hospital?

Most times, people find it comfortable living near a medical facility.

However, some avoid living near a hospital because of the scary stereotypes that have been associated with this.

People don’t choose to live close to a hospital for medical reasons.

Instead, they make this choice as they believe it is easier and quicker for them to access treatment when necessary.

Some of the reasons you may want to stay close to a medical facility include:

  • Short distance between home and hospital
  • Convenient for people with chronic illnesses that need ongoing care
  • Availability of pharmacies and shops close to hospitals which means easier access to medicine and daily items like bread, milk, and vegetables
  • Many restaurants serve good fresh food to patients and other people

Final Thoughts

Living near a hospital offers various benefits.

For example, you can easily access medical care, which is great for emergencies.

But, there are some disadvantages as well. For instance, finding someone to buy your house for a good offer can be challenging.

Also, you will have to deal with noise from ambulances and constant traffic. But, generally, living close to a hospital is an ideal choice.