Is There Anything Wrong With Eating In The Bathtub?

Numerous discussions surround the idea of taking food to the bathroom, and all aim to determine why people choose to eat from the bathroom and the associated risks.

Even if you love sneaking snacks into your restroom or bedroom, it becomes more questionable when you extend a food-sneaking habit to the bathroom.

But, Is There Anything Wrong With Eating In The Bathtub?

To some people, it sounds okay to take a cup of wine, fresh juice, or a crunchy chicken wing in the comfort of the bathtub, with excellent water covering the body. However, it is not a good idea to bring food into the bathroom, leave alone the bathtub. This is one area in your house that is surrounded by millions of microbes that can cause serious illnesses. It is worth noting that the many germs found on your toilet can lurk in the bathtub and eventually on the food beside it.

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Even if you constantly clean your bathroom, you cannot kill all the germs.

Therefore, it is more critical to mind to go in your mouth while in the bathroom; otherwise, you might consume numerous disease-causing germs.

This post covers more on food in the bathroom, how it should be kept safe, and the dangers of bringing food into the bathroom.

Beware Of Bathroom Bugs

After a decent bathroom cleaning, your bathroom space will still have numerous germs.

Literally, your bathroom is the dirtiest space of the tire home because it is where you go to remove dirt from your body. So, when you bring in a plate of food, it has a high chance of being filled with bacteria.

Those bugs commonly found on your toilet bowl do not settle there; they move and spread on everything nearby, including the bathtub, and if you don’t clean this space, they multiply very fast.

Finding an entire colony of dangerous microbes in the bathtub is possible, especially if you rarely give the bathroom a tough cleaning session.

On some occasions, you may not have planned to take food to the bathroom, but while moving from the kitchen to a better feeding area, say the dining room, you get a nature call.

You might be tempted to get to the washroom with your plate filled with food. However, you need to think twice before entering the bathroom.

With your food at hand, you might decide to place the plate just on your bathtub so that you comfortably relieve yourself.

The thirsty and hungry bathroom bugs will easily enter your food. Worse, the filthy feces can enter your food depending on where you choose to keep the plate holding your sweet food.

Unfortunately, if you get to ingest a large number of bacteria, it will affect your immunity.

You might get slightly ill, or start vomiting, nausea, headaches, stomachaches, diarrhea, or worse, get very ill.

The most common bacteria that will get to your food from the bathtub is the salmonella, shigella, and listeria. These microbes are very lethal and are found within the fecal wastes of your body.

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Three Reasons Why It’s Bad To Eat In The Bathtub

Apart from the hygiene factor, which happens to be the main reason why you shouldn’t take food to the bathroom, there are other more valid reasons to avoid this act.

Some are very obvious, just like the hygiene and cleanliness factor, while other are unthinkable.

1. Slippery Floor

It is very easy to spill soup onto the bathroom floor while feeding in the comfort of your bathtub.

The bathroom floor will become slippery, and you might fall while leaving the bathtub.

When in the bathtub, you are obviously not in the correct posture to eat, and you are likely to pour food into the bathtub.

What if the food is hot, it will burn you. It can also make your water dirty, and the sweet bathtub experience gets messy.

2. Separate Bathing And Eating Time

It is always advisable to separate eating and bathing. Give each session the total attention that it deserves, and you will live a healthy life.

Double tasking your body is not always good.

For example, if it is bathing time, get to the bathroom and take your shower gel and start cleaning up.

Similarly, pick your plate of food, drink, or snacks and get to the dining room to eat.

It is even better to eat after bathing if you really want to have the two activities so close.

Again, the finning room is the most preferred feeding space, where you can sit in the best posture to allow food to flow through the gut.

Bathing is literally a process of removing germs off your skin, and it shouldn’t be done near food.

3. Food Bits Can Clog The Bathtub Drainage

Most of these bathtubs do not have a protective barrier that blocks solid substances from entering the drain.

When eating in your bathtub and you drop food inside, it will flow directly into the drain, and you will not be able to remove it.

The food particles will eventually clog the drainage system, and you may be unable to unclog it. This leads to high plumbing repair costs.

Fruits are delicious and healthy, but eating them from the bathtub is a bad practice.

They can easily slide and will end up in the drainage system and block it.

When blocked, the bathtub will no longer be an admirable refreshing point until you repair the drains.

The bathtub drains are usually directed to the main sewers or home septic tanks.

Food substances running through these drains might have chemicals that run through the drain and pollutes domestic water sources like wells.

For assured protection, always avoid bringing food into the bathroom.


Foodstuffs and snacks should not be part of the bathroom contents.

When you want to enjoy a meal or a snacking moment, it is better to have an order if doing it correctly.

Basically, bringing food in the bathtub or bathroom is wrong and exposes you to various possible health issues.

It can also be a cause of damage to your bathtub drainage system.