Is Having A Mini Fridge In Your Bedroom, Ridiculous?!!?

In the current world, many people wish to have almost everything they need at their proximity without minding the cost or effects.

Most people are striving to make life easier, and their efforts are facilitated by modern appliances like mini fridges that can be put literally anywhere in any room.

So, Is Having A Mini Fridge In Your Bedroom Ridiculous?

Truthfully, having a mini fridge in a bedroom is not ridiculous. In fact, it is a good idea, particularly if you can manage to control your eating and drinking routine. After all, it is easy to overfeed because most of the snacks will be just a few steps from the bed.

Even though most people find it more reasonable to put a mini fridge in the kitchen, having one in your bedroom is still a good idea.

This article covers more about mini fridges, including the benefits of having one in your bedroom, how to install it, and the available types to consider.

What Is A Mini Fridge?

At the core, a mini fridge is a small-sized fridge that you will rarely miss in a modern home kitchen, college dormitory, or small-sized room.

The most significant difference between a typical fridge and a mini fridge is the freezer and the inner compartments. Most mini fridges do not have freezers, while others have very small freezers.

You can store almost everything you could have stored in a large refrigerator in a mini fridge.

To some people, a mini fridge is for storing personal drinks, beauty chemicals, and anything they consider personal and does not fit in a commonly shared large fridge.

As such, a mini fridge can be kept anywhere in the house or office, depending on individual needs.

Mini fridges are designed differently and also have unique sizes and colors, with the most common minifridges being the stainless glass front minifridges.

Talking about cost, mini fridges usually cost not more than $175.

How To Install Mini Fridges

Once you purchase a mini fridge in the nearby appliance store, follow these few steps to install it in a home.

  1. Take it out from the box and sanitize it – inside and out.
  2. Place the mini-refrigerator in your most preferred location, and ensure it leaves about 5 inches from the nearby walls to prevent overheating.
  3. Let the appliance settle a few hours before plugging it in for the first time.
  4. Leave the mini fridge to cool for about 3 hours before putting food, beverages, or medicines.
  5. After the fridge is installed, you can now put in anything you had planned and arrange the bottles and cans presentably.

Why Would You Put A Mini Fridge In Your Bedroom?

Mini fridges are not just small dorm fridges but can be used in different rooms in a modern home.

Here are some reasons that can justify a mini fridge in a bedroom.

If you live in a large house with several rooms, having a mini fridge in the bedroom is quite good.

Another reason that can justify you having a fridge in the bedroom is if you have the kitchen on the far end of the house.

If you live in a house with many people but wish to enjoy some privacy, having a mini fridge in the bedroom is also a good decision.

For parents, having a mini fridge in the bedroom is always a good step, especially if you wish to keep away some of your drinks and stuff from the common kitchen fridge that is accessed by everyone in the house.

It is ideal for people who wish to separate drinks from groceries and food remains.

If you are an alcohol addict who enjoys drinking from home but doesn’t want to influence young ones in the home, you can opt for a mini fridge to act as a mini bar in your bedroom.

A mini fridge can also be used to keep some perishable food allergens away from food.

This will help those highly sensitive to some allergens to remain safe.

The Four Types Of Mini Fridges

There are several types of minifridges that you can opt to buy.

Generally, a minibar can be used to store wine, beer, soft drinks, and much more in an area that cannot accommodate a full-sized fridge.

Such areas include the basement, bedroom, and to some people, the bathroom.

Mini fridges are commonly used in college dorms, home offices, and small living spaces.

Many minimalists also prefer having a mini fridge to help in cooling both beverages, vegetables, and food leftovers.

Here is a list of some of the mini fridges you will find in the market.

1. Small Mini Bar Fridges

The smallest mini bar fridges are designed with a very small capacity to accommodate just six to twelve canned soft drinks or beer.

On average, a small mini bar fridge measures 10 by 12 inches and is usually 8 inches deep.

One good thing with the small mini bar fridges is that they are easily portable and can be plugged in 12v home AC sockets or car outlet sockets.

In most cases, these portable mini fridges are used to preserve medicines while being transported.

They can also store perishable foodstuffs and baby foods.

2. Wine Fridge

Wine fridges greatly vary in size, but a typical wine fridge can hold about 12 750 Ml bottles of wine.

Unlike the other mini fridges, a wine fridge has several partitions where you can horizontally align the bottles.

It is uncommon to find a wine fridge keeping other things that are not wine.

However, some companies design wine fridges with some space where you can put beverages and canned drinks.

3. Double Door Mini Fridge

A double-door mini fridge has enough space to store 750ml bottles and other shelves for smaller drinks and food items.

It also comes with a small crisper for storing fruits and vegetables.

An attached freezer with its door is used to make ice and store frozen foodstuff.

You will easily find a 40 by 20 inches and 20 inches deep double door mini fridge in the market.

They are a good choice for bedrooms or one-room living spaces because of their ability to hold many different items.

4. Party Cooler

This is a small electric fridge that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It can be filled with several cans and bottles when going on outdoor adventures in hot sunny places.

It has a lid that serves as an opening at the top of the cooler.

The Party Cooler is barrel-shaped and measures about 30 inches tall and radius of about 9 inches.

It can store as many as 72 cans of soft drinks and beverages, thus making it more convenient for outdoor adventures.


Having a mini fridge in a bedroom is neither ridiculous nor lazy.

It simply enhances convenience and access to fruits, fresh juices, snacks, medicines, wines, and other drinks.

If you can control your feeding habits, then having a fridge in the bedroom will not significantly impact your body’s weight gain.

Hope you find this article helpful if you are still wondering where to put a mini fridge and how to use it.