Are White Kitchen Cabinets Hard To Keep Clean? (Five Considerations)

White kitchen cabinets have become trendy in the past years.

They are fresh, bright, and neutral, thus beautifully coordinating with surrounding patterns, colors, materials, and textures.

Typically, white cabinets are universally accepted and marketable due to their appealing nature.

White kitchen cabinets are a safe option to install as you will have fewer or no color and style adjustments in the house.

One of the concerns you may have as you plan to install white cabinets is the ease of cleaning.

In This Regard, Are White Kitchen Cabinets Hard To Keep Clean?

Typically, white kitchen cabinets are no harder to clean than black, brown, or cream-colored cabinets. Even though white kitchen cabinets aren’t forgiving when it comes to displaying dirt, it doesn’t mean that they will get any less durable when cleaned frequently.

White cabinets are easy to clean and maintain, just like other cabinets. Professionals of cabinet installation and painting can help you create a rugged finish that adds beauty and serves as a workhorse perfectly suited for you and your busy home lifestyle. This enables you to spend less time cleaning the cabinets by making it easier to wipe away dirt.

  • If you consider adding white cabinets to your kitchen but do not know how to deal with them in terms of cleaning and maintenance, this post may help you.
  • It will cover tips for cleaning white cabinets, how to clean white cabinets, and things to consider before installing white cabinets in your kitchen.
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Three White Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Tips

Like all other cabinets, white kitchen cabinets require maintenance practices.

Otherwise, they may fade their color or turn into some less attractive brown or dirty creamy color. Here are a few tips for maintaining white kitchen cabinets.

1. Be Proactive

Simple acts like cooking on a frying pan in the kitchen releases tiny particles that cling to the nearby objects and cabinets.

It can take quite a long time to notice their presence, but you will start seeing them as dark or brown spots as time goes by.

To be safe, always wipe your kitchen cabinets after cooking and clean them thoroughly, removing any visible spot at least once per month.

2. Remove Potential Stains Immediately

The moment you notice some nasty little tinge appearing on your sparkling white surface, you need to clean it immediately.

Take at least two cups of warm water, one cup of vinegar, and one tablespoon of baking soda, mix appropriately, and use it to clean up the affected area.

3. Gentle Maintenance

Maintenance is very ke4y when it comes to matters of cleaning the cabinets.

Avoid scrubbing too hard on the surfaces as this can scratch them and destroy their sift appearance.

Try using warm water, dishwashing liquid, and a soft cloth to wipe out any statins on the white kitchen cabinets.

Five White Kitchen Cabinet Shopping Considerations

Before purchasing white kitchen cabinets and having them installed in your special room, you need to make a few considerations to help you make a viable decision.

Even though white kitchen cabinets are trendy, it is not automatic that you should have them.

Here are a few considerations that will help you make a sound decision.

1. How Often Do You Cook?

Kitchens are mainly designed to prepare meals and snacks, but the frequency of use is not always the same. Kitchens experience different amounts of cook time.

If you are an individual that enjoys spending more time in the kitchen, cooking for family, friends, and other regular visitors, then you will have to clean the kitchen frequently.

Otherwise, if you are among those who believe that ordered takeaways are best for you and your family, then your cabinets will stay for some time before being washed.

Considering how often you use your cabinets helps determine how often they will get stained.

If you love cooking, you should simultaneously love cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of your white cabinets.

There are increased chances of spills, marks, and stains on your white kitchen cabinets if you use them frequently compared to when you use them less regularly.

2. Your Budget

Before purchasing anything in life, the most critical question you need to answer is how much you have and how much you want to spend.

This also applies when purchasing new white kitchen cabinets.

Basically, all-white kitchen cabinets are beautiful, but if you select low or medium-quality cabinets, then they may not stay for a long time.

You should also consider the cost of adding a high gloss finish, which enhances the smoothness of the sides.

This finish makes it very easy to wipe out stains and clean any vigorous stains in the future.

Beware some hidden costs that can greatly increase the total spend amount on the cabinets.

After making calculations for the small expenses, you can check the price tags and choose the cabinets whose cost matches your budget.

3. Do You Need Cabinets For A Long Time Or Short Term?

Before pursuing this common trend, you need to be very true to yourself. You have to confirm if the cabinets will still be useful in some years to come.

Buying all-white kitchen cabinets does involve financial commitments and time commitments.

All the same, maintaining white kitchen cabinets is not a complex task.

You can still keep them sparkling and presentable over many years if given the proper maintenance treatment.

4. How Frequent Can You Clean The Kitchen?

You may have a lot of free time now and clean the kitchen regularly, but are you able to do the same in the near future?

White cabinets require high maintenance activities, and you will need more time to clean them.

This is because white options show stains very fast, and if not cleaned, they will damage the beauty of the white cabinets.

For white cabinets, you need to regularly wipe them, dust more often, and create a fixed cleaning schedule.

This will help you do away with the fingerprint smudges, grime and grease as fast as possible before accumulating.

You may also consider using an exhaust hood every time you cook and eliminate airborne elements from attaching and soiling your precious white cabinets.

5. How Much Sunlight Will Hit The Kitchen?

Sunlight affects several color shades by decolorizing them over time.

When white is exposed to frequent hot sun rays, it turns yellow after a few years.

If your kitchen receives a lot of light from outside during the day, you need to consider reducing the light before installing white cabinets.

You can opt to install curtains or shades to reduce the amount of light hitting the white cabinets.

If you are unsure of what to do, you can call your interior designer or contractor to help you fix the light intensity issue.


White kitchen cabinets are beautiful and easily fit in your home aesthetics.

Cleaning white cabinets contributes significantly to determining how long the cabinets will remain presentable.

However, you should not just rush into installing white kitchen cabinets because it is trendy.

Instead, carry out your research and determine if you can manage to keep the cabinets as clean as they should be.

Hopefully, the above information will help you analyze your potential before buying white cabinets.