Can You Keep Heavy Items In A Mobile Home? (Find Out How)

How much weight a mobile home can hold is a subject haunting all mobile home owners.

Sometimes, you are made to simply put items in there without even taking into consideration the weight limit.

Well, this article will give you a palpable answer.

So, Can You Keep Heavy Items In A Mobile Home?

Yes. Provided the home is constructed properly, you can put heavy items in a mobile home. A standard foundation is key to the integrity of the home. So be it furniture or other heavy items, you can have them in a mobile home without any worries or insecurity. There are, however, limits that you should not exceed.

How Much Weight Can A Mobile Home Withstand?

This is undoubtedly the big question and we should begin right here.

A normal mobile home floor can hold up to 40 pounds per square meter.

The trick here is to make sure that are no heavy items sitting in the same area as this can cause imbalance.

An even distribution of heavy items is advised for mobile homeowners.

Otherwise, your mobile home floor can hold a decent amount of weight without any possibility of problems coming up.

With an average size of up to 1180 square meters, a mobile home can carry up to 4700 pounds which is enough to hold most items that we categorize as heavy is a mobile home.

Two Things to Note about the Strength of a Mobile Home

1. The Structures Is Strong Towards The Joints

Other parts of the structure can support more weight than others.

These include the joints. The further an area is from the joints, the weaker it is.

All mobile home owners should know this especially when they are arranging items in the home.

This explains why you might feel a shake in some parts of the home when you walk on it.

If you are arranging heavy items like furniture, it is a good idea to align them close to the joints or against the walls where the structure is strongest.

More on this later.

2. The Foundation Material Determines The Strength Of The Home

The foundation upon which your mobile home is set is also crucial in determining the amount of weight it can hold.

A slap foundation for instance gives your home the capability to hold more weight as compared to other foundations like cinder blocks.

A slap foundation offers formidable support throughout the building. Cinder blocks do not.

How Can You Calculate The Total Amount Of Weight Your Mobile Home Can Hold?

Well, apart from the obvious basics we described in the preceding sections, there is a conventional method of getting this right.

Just, multiply your home’s square footage by 40.

Can You Put Heavy Furniture In A Mobile Home?

Furniture tops the list of the heaviest items at home. Sure, you can put heavy furniture in a mobile home.

When we talk of heavy furniture, are referring to items like gym equipment, wooden tables, sectionals, heavy-duty recliners, and large shelving units to mention a few.

As we mentioned earlier, the trick is to evenly spread them in the home.

However, there are some cases where certain furniture may be too heavy and exceeds the maximum limits.

It is a prudent idea to know the weight of  all your household furniture.

Can Heavy Gym Equipment Be Placed In A Mobile Home?

It is a habit of many people to hit the gym in the mornings and evenings these days.

As a result, gym equipment is becoming more vital in homes.

A concern to many mobile homeowners is whether it is okay to install heavy gym equipment.

Well, it all depends primarily on the weight of the equipment.

You have to figure out whether the structure has support beneath the spot chosen for gym installation and practice.

Let’s face it. Certain gym equipment is too heavy to be installed in a mobile home.

If they surpass the weight limit, then you should not install them.

Equipment like stationary bicycles, treadmills, and weights weigh hundreds of pounds.

Not to mention that adding your weight to the equipment makes them weigh even more. This can be dangerous to the floor of your mobile home.

Can A Gun Safe Be Placed In A Mobile Home?

Some homeowners also wonder whether it is a nice idea to have a gun safe in a mobile home. Fine.

The bottom line is weight. It is a determining factor.

Most gun safes do not exceed 100 pounds and that makes them safe to be stored in a mobile home.

Do not put gun safes that exceed 1000 pounds in your mobile home.

Water poses a huge threat to a gun safe. So if your mobile home is old and has experienced a water leak or damage issue, it could cause your gun safe to fall or move hence damaging it.

Can A Heavy Aquarium Be Placed In A Mobile Home?

An aquarium is another heavy item that most people would love to own.

Fish are increasingly becoming favorite pets for most people.

If you live in a mobile home, you are probably unsure whether it will be too heavy or not.

First, consider the weight of the aquarium. Larger ones often go beyond 800 pounds. Anything beyond 1000 pounds is a threat to the stability of the home.

So, if you must have it, make sure that it is weighing less than 1000 pounds.

One bright side about aquariums is the fact that they are wide and can evenly distribute their weight on the floor.

Create some space wide enough to hold it.

Another great idea is to support the bottom underneath the floor on which you set your aquarium.

Cinder blocks are still the best supporting materials for such purposes.

How to Put Heavy Items in a Mobile Home

1. The Heaviest Items Should Be Put Next To The Joints/Wall

If you happen to have heavy-duty equipment in the home that weighs more, make sure that they are installed near the joints or close to the walls.

These areas are where the strength of your mobile home is at its best. Heavy furniture, gym, and other heavy stuff should be put here.

2. Distribute Items Evenly

An even distribution of items in your mobile home, whether heavy or not, is key to ensuring safe storage.

It also helps to sustain your mobile home in a stable and balanced state. Do not concentrate items in one place. That can destroy the floor of the building.


Mobile homes offer an alternative, affordable, and readily available housing.

They are small and easy to operate. Their floors can hold a good amount of weight.

However, putting in items should be done with care. Heavy items should be evenly arranged.

Additionally, make sure that it has a slap foundation to guarantee support. Cinder blocks are equally ideal for the job.