Can You Paint Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets? (Four Considerations)

A home is not complete without cabinets.

Your kitchen requires cabinets where you keep small items, tools, and other kitchen stuff.

Cabinets enhance the convenience of work and provide accessible storage.

Like other parts of a home, mobile home kitchen cabinets can be renovated. This may involve painting.

So, Can You Paint Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes. As a big step in carrying out a mobile home upgrade, mobile home kitchen cabinets can be painted. Paints give your kitchen a new look and help to retain the cabinets in ambient and formidable conditions.

Keep reading this article to learn how you can do this and other important tips.

Four Things You Should Consider Before Painting Your Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

1. The Type of Paint

The type of paint chosen for the kitchen should be strong enough to withstand all influences inflicted upon it. These include moisture and heat.

The kitchen surfaces are prone to constant wear and tear due to the magnitude of work done there.

This is one of the most visited places in your home.

The market is flooded with paints from which to choose.

Latex, polyurethane, acrylic, and water-based paints are some examples of special paints that are ideal for kitchen areas.

You need to choose an appropriate paint for application depending on the material the cabinets are made of.

Color is also another thing to put in mind when choosing the type of paint for kitchen cabinets.

You want to maintain a color theme that blends with the existing décor in the kitchen area.

You may want to engage a professional designer to match and mix the existing colors of the kitchen area and come up with the ideal paint color for the cabinets.

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2. The Cost of The Project

Like in most building projects, it is crucial to operating within your set budget.

You can only carry out a painting project that you can afford.

So, make sure that you put in all factors that affect the cost of the project including labor, materials required, and transportation if any.

3. The Material the Cabinets Are Made Of

Kitchen cabinets can be made from a wide range of materials. Some surfaces will require pre sanding before they are painted.

The other will not. Also, some surfaces bind well with specific types of paints.

Choose an appropriate primer and paint that is required for your particular cabinet surfaces

4. Preparations

You need to assess the conditions of your mobile home kitchen cabinets before embarking on the painting process.

If there are any fixtures and renovations to be made, then you should do them first.

Priming may also be required for certain cabinets materials to ensure a quality painting.

What Is the Composition of Mobile Home Cabinets?

Most cabinets in a mobile home are made from lightweight materials such as fiberboards.

Such materials are usually made from binders and crap wastes from wood.

To protect the wood from the effects of water and improve its properties, such materials are usually coated with a top layer.

Painting can also be an ideal alternative for such coats.

The coating can be made from laminate material or textured paper.

Thermofoil made from vinyl can also be used as an ideal coat.

It is your choice to determine the kind of coating that you need for your kitchen cabinets.

If your mobile home kitchen cabinets have lasted for a while, you might want to change them or renovate them by painting.

It is, therefore, important to master useful tips on how to execute the job by yourself.

Cabinet doors are usually vulnerable to wear and damage.

So, in some cases, you may want to simply change or fasten them.

Hardware stores usually sell these materials in different sizes. You can obtain one that fits your cabinets and help restore an appealing look.

Three Things You Need to Do Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

1. Clean The Cabinets

The kitchen is usually the chief source of grease, residues, and stains resulting from daily cooking activities.

Stubborn areas can be scrubbed using sandpaper.

By all means, make sure that the surfaces of your cabinets are exquisitely clean.

A clean surface ensures a formidable bond between the paint and the surface.

2. Carry Out Small Repairs

Alongside cleaning, you can do some small repairs on broken parts of the cabinets.

You want to make sure that the surface is even cleaned and ready for the next painting procedures.

3. Carry Out Sanding On The Cabinets

Sanding can be done depending on the type of surface.

The purpose of sanding is to create a coarse and rough surface.

Paints stick on such surfaces very much.

A firm grip ensures that the primer sinks very well onto the cabinet’s surface.

This will maintain the cabinets in an ambient condition for a long time.

If painting is done on such surfaces without sanding, the results are usually messy.

Sanding And Primer Considerations

There are a couple of things to consider before carrying out sanding and priming of the cabinet’s surfaces.

There are some coatings and materials like MDF that can easily be worn out by intensive sanding.

It is, therefore, important that you do a less aggressive sanding on such surfaces or you risk ruining the integrity of the structure.

You also want to ensure an even surface after the painting.

If your kitchen cabinet surfaces are shiny and smooth, light sanding is recommended to create a coarse grit. Such surfaces enable a strong sticking of the primer.

Consequently, the paint will even stick firmly. Other surfaces, however, may not require any sanding.

The first thing you will want to start with is the priming of the cabinets.

A primer acts as an intermediate between the cabinet surface and the paint.

It leaves a perfect bonding between the paint and the cabinets. As a result, the paints can last even longer.

It is advisable to use oil-based primers on cabinet surfaces with unevenness.

Such a primer helps to self-level such surfaces resulting in regular and consistent painting results.

Slight sanding between the layers can be done in a situation where two layers of primer will be required.

This enables you to achieve the primer foundation that is required for the painting.

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Painting And Finishing Stages of Kitchen Cabinets

It is important to try out color samples before beginning the painting and finishing stage.

It helps you figure out the final look of the cabinets.

Once you have made up your mind on the appropriate color choice, you can sun two even coats on the cabinets.

If you find that the work is tedious for you to handle, you can task a professional painter to do it for you. However, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets for labor charges.

You may also want to apply a sealant later on.

This is not necessary but some professionals advise that it is a good thing to do. With or without it, your cabinets can still look appealing and outstanding.

Final Words

Painting is the best way to renovate and upgrade the conditions of your kitchen cabinets.

They create a welcoming appeal in the kitchen areas and also help to protect your cabinets from wear, moisture, and mechanical damage.

Getting the job done right is a requisite.

Hopefully, this article has become a timely asset for your upgrade.

It is not time to get down to action and upgrade your mobile home kitchen cabinets.