Can You Put Regular Cabinets in a Mobile Home?

No modern home can be complete without cabinets.

Cabinets are essential as they help you to properly keep your things in order so that you can access them whenever you want to.

After equipping your mobile home with other installations, you might be thinking of putting up regular cabinets.

So, Can You Put Regular Kitchen Cabinets in a Mobile Home?

It is okay to hang regular cabinets in mobile homes. With plenty of small stuff, your demand for appropriate storage space does not cease to grow. Cabinets bring you an ultimate storage solution.

In this article, we shed light on how you can install regular cabinets in mobile homes. We have also added cabinet maintenance tips and more ideas.

Four Factors to Consider When Installing Cabinets in A Mobile Home

Most people often assume that cabinet installation is an easy project.

The truth is that it is a big deal that demands a lot of attention.

To be ascertaining that the project rolls on without a hitch, preparation is key.

Here are factors you should consider.

1. Space

There is no doubt space is premium in a mobile home.

Most mobile homes are designed with small rooms for easier portability.

Before you install kitchen cabinets in such rooms, it is a prudent idea to look into the available space.

Figure out whether the cabinets will fit into the available space or take too much space.

2. Labor And Installation Cost

If you are a good DIYer, you stand a high chance of accomplishing the project without labor costs.

Many professionals can fix cabinets at an affordable fee.

You want to economize on the project. As a result, hunt for professionals who can do quality work at an affordable fee.

3. Conditions Of The Walls And Floors

If your walls and floors are not ready, you may be forced to halt cabinet installation first.

Clear and get these parts of the room ready before anything else.

The area must be vacuumed properly to ensure that there are no pieces of wood and dirt in it.

If not cleaned, they will an effect on the final balance of the cabinets.

4. Plumping And Electric Connections

Before proceeding to install any cabinets in your mobile home, you need to finalize all electrical and plumbing work.

The chosen spot must not be touched again after installing the cabinets.

So if you would love to have wires and pipes running under the cabinets, you must accomplish that in the first place.

How Do You Install Kitchen Cabinets?

1. Have A Plan

You need to visualize the entire project before you can start it. Figure out what you need and the layout of the project.

This is the best time to determine the final look of your work.

You can have a drawing of how you want the cabinets to look in your mobile home.

Many planners can help you with this. Do not hesitate to hire them. It is worth it. After all, you want to create an outstanding impression of your rooms.

2. Take The Measurements

Measure up the cabinet space and. This is the first step in the installation.

It enables you to make a precise placement of the cabinets.

One thing about most room installation is that a small error in measurements can cost you a lot of wastage.

In some cases, the entire project can turn into a disaster. Well, that means you may have to carry out a replacement or discard the installation completely.

A tape measure is the ideal measuring instrument for this step. Sticking to the measurements on the plan, mark the ultimate placement points of the cabinets.

3. Mount The Upper Cabinets First

It is recommended to start the installation with the upper cabinets.

The studs on your mobile home are the best parts to fix and secure the cabinets firmly.

Cabinets often accommodate heavy items. So make sure that it is firm enough so that it does not fall when it is full.

A carpenter’s level is used to make sure that they are aligned in a straight line. To hold them in place, use clamps on the upper cabinets.

4. Fix The Lower Cabinets

After mounting the upper cabinets, it is time to proceed to the lower cabinets.

The same procedures followed when installing upper cabinets are used here.

If the cabinets are too long, however, you will need shims to keep them in proper levels and position.

Long cabinets can extend to the ceilings and walls of your mobile home.

Shims are useful to keep them straightened because most ceilings of mobile homes are not parallel to the floors.

Thanks to most modern cabinet suppliers who avail them when pre-connected.

Attachments of such cabinets prove a lot easier.

5. Attach The Cabinet Doors

This is the last stage of cabinet installation.

The doors must be checked and fixed to ensure that they can close and open with ease.

The hinges should be able to turn with minimal screeching. Locking your cabinets is necessary for the security of items placed in them.

6. Assess The Quality Of Your Work

The last thing you want to do is assess the quality of work you have done.

Any errors noted should be handled as soon as possible. Some problems and flaws can grow over time.

Cracks on cabinet parts, for instance, can develop over time and even cost you the entire cabinet.

Five Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Tips

1. Basic Cleaning

Maintaining your cabinets is not only about the physical structure. It also involves keeping tidy and neat. Any dirt and materials that settle on it should be wiped away.

2. Check And Repair Any Broken Scratches And Nicks

The best way to stop the damage from taking down the whole structure is to repair any flaws and cracks as soon as they develop. You can apply sealants on such parts to close them up and keep the cabinets in great condition.

3. Avoid Extremes Of Temperature And Humidity

If your cabinets are made of wood, which I commonly the case in mobile homes, there is every need to worry about moisture and extremes of temperatures. These elements can destroy wood and bring down your cabinets.

4. Do Not Expose Your Cabinets To Harsh Cleaners

Some cleaning agents and detergents are too strong for your cabinet materials. They can compromise their quality or even damage them completely. You should avoid such cleaners or resort to small quantities.

5. Wipe Away Any Spills Promptly

In case water or other liquid is accidentally spilled on the cabinets, you should take action immediately. Use a piece of cloth to eliminate the spills quickly before they penetrate the cabinet material. Wood is so susceptible to damage by water and other liquids.

Wrap Up

Cabinets do not only give your mobile home a stunning look and organization.

They are great storage parts that can keep your items from theft. It is also very easy to retrieve things that you put in them.

As such, appropriate installation and maintenance are a requisite. We are hopeful that this is a timely guide for your installation. It is now time to get organized!