What Items Should You Store in the Kitchen Cabinets Above the Stove and Refrigerator?

Many homeowners tend to overestimate the storage they need.

So, they build too many cabinets and run out of ideas on what to place inside.

Kitchen organization seems like an easy task until you start it.

You need everything perfectly placed. Otherwise, you’ll have a messy kitchen.

So, What Items Should You Store in the Kitchen Cabinets Above the Stove and Refrigerator?

Cabinets above the fridge or stove are challenging to access. Therefore, you shouldn’t put items you frequently use in this space. Instead, consider things that you occasionally use, including alcohol, glassware, baking tins, kitchen gadgets, etc. 

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Ten Things You Can Store Above The Stove Or Fridge

If you are wondering what you can store in these spaces, here are some ideas;

1. Food Items

Finding the right places to store food can be challenging, especially if you have a small space that doesn’t allow you to create a pantry.

But, without a pantry, you may not have anywhere else in mind. Thankfully, you can use the spaces above the stove or fridge.

You can store the spices you don’t often use to keep your kitchen organized.

But bear in mind that these storage spaces do well for small food packs like noodles, wheat flour, or spaghetti.

Don’t store large food packages as they may be too hefty for these cabinets, hence risk falling over.

But please do not store perishable foods in these cabinets.

It’s better to keep such foods in places with cool temperatures to prolong their shelf life.

So, keep away foods such as ketchup bottles, eggs, vegetables, open pickle jars, etc.

2. Large Platters or Serving Bowls

Consider storing platters and serving dishes that you use only during the holidays or special events in the overhead cabinets.

These cabinets offer convenient storage since you can access the bowls and platters anytime you need them.

3. Glassware

If your glassware collection is vast, you may be wondering where to keep it.

Remember that you have to sort out your glasses before storing them.

You can’t store wine glasses with regular glasses. Not because of a good reason. It’s just that they don’t look good when stored together.

Wall cabinets are the best to store your glassware for various reasons.

Additionally, since overhead cabinets aren’t close to the ground, they are a safe and suitable place to store glass to keep them away from dust.

This is much easier than picking them from a lower cabinet or counter.

4. Baking Pieces

If your cabinets have dividers, you can use them to separate baking trays, pans, cooling racks, and other baking tools vertically.

Storing these things vertically means that they aren’t placed on top of each other.

Therefore, accessing them will be easy when in need. You can also invest in vertical dividers that pull out, allowing you to reach the cabinets easily.

5. Food Storage Containers

You can use the overhead cabinets to store your food containers.

Since most of these containers are made with plastic or glass, it’s advisable to pick them up from a convenient place when you want to use them.

And overhead cabinets are the best place.

You can divide your cabinets into shelves and compartments to store containers as per their material, color, and size.

6. Kitchen Gadgets

If you have some specialty appliances or gadgets like a pasta maker or cone maker, you probably don’t use them frequently.

In that case, you can store them over the stove or fridge and access them when need be.

7. Cooking Oils

Most people store cooking oils in the lower cabinets as they can easily retrieve them when cooking.

But if you feel like these cabinets are crowded, you can consider storing your oils in overhead cabinets instead.

You can also grab them when you need and pour them into your cooking pan.

You can place the types you often use on the lower shelves and those you occasionally use in the wall cabinets.

8. Jars

Some people often keep assorted glass jars for future use.

Once you have emptied them, clean and remove the label, then store them in these cabinets for later use.

You can throw your jars if you feel like it. But, they can be helpful in the future.

For instance, you may want to gift your friend or need to throw something in a sealed container. In that case, your old jars will come in handy.

The space cabinets above your fridge or stove are the best place to store them until you’re ready to use them.

9. Cutting Board

The best home for cutting boards is overhead cabinets.

Having several cutting boards is usually advisable.

Instead of leaving them lying on the counter, place them on the overhead cabinets.

10. Alcohol

Many people have at least one bottle of alcohol.

Well, refrigerating it is undoubtedly an option.

But you can also think of storing them on kitchen cabinets above your fridge or stove.

This is perfect storage for casual drinkers as they can retrieve them easily during their next gathering.

The bottles will remain safely and discreetly hidden, thus making these spaces a perfect spot for storing such things.

If you are more of a wine drinker, think of adding racks or dividers in your cabinet to hold your wine bottles.

This ensures that they are stored on the side, reducing the risk of the bottles rolling over.

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Three Items to Never Store Above the Fridge or Stove

1. Cleaning Products

Do not store cleaning products such as soaps, sponges, or detergents on these cabinets.

Most of them have chemicals and artificial scents.

So, they’re better off kept in the sink far from food and other items you use when handling food.

Instead, buy a basket for storing such products and keep them in a corner away from food substances.

2. Kitchen Cookware

Additionally, avoid stacking kitchen pots and pans in the overhead cabinets.

These belong to the lower cabinets.

Imagine if a pot toppled over and fell to someone’s head.

It can cause serious injuries.

Also, placing utensils on the overhead cabinets doesn’t make sense if you have an older person who loves to cook.

3. Cutlery

Lastly, do not keep your cooking cutlery in overhead cabinets.

Doing that makes it hard to access small items like spoons and knives.

Separate cutlery like spoons, whisks, and spatula and keep them in a partitioned drawer where you can quickly obtain them.

Final Thoughts

Overhead cabinets above the fridge or stove offer extra storage space.

However, they are not the best place to store items you frequently use.