Should You Paint Your Detached Garage The Same Color As Your Home?

A detached garage is usually built a few yards from the main house but still gives a homeowner ample space for parking and storage of some tools.

Like all other structures in a home, a detached garage should be painted to enhance its outlook and the general home appearance.

Whether you have just completed building a detached garage or wish to repaint the old garage, you are probably aiming at making rhyme with the home aesthetics.

(You May Be Wondering), Should You Paint Your Detached Garage The Same Color As Your Home?

Of course, not always. All you need is to ensure the color you paint the detached garage rhymes with the color of your house. Clearly, you don’t want to paint your garage with a bright color that outshines the other structures. This way, your detached garage will appear more like a carelessly mispositioned structure that captures your visitor’s full attention.

Instead of having a unique color paint on a detached garage, it is wise to ensure that the uniqueness fits well within the home’s color scheme. Try hard to pick a color scheme that will enhance your home’s curb appeal while matching your house’s color scheme.

How Do You Color Match The Garage With Your Mobile Home?

You don’t necessarily need to paint your garage the same as your house, but you need to ensure that they appear related in some way.

Even though a detached garage is a stand-alone structure, it should not appear as though it is not part of your property.

Here are a few ways to rhyme your detached garage and the house.

1. Match The Color Scheme

Pick paint colors of the same scheme for both the house and the garage.

Think of the little details on your house exterior and try to fix them on the garage.

For example, if your house has maroon shutters, you can paint the garage shutters with the same maroon or a rhyming color.

2. Match The Roofing

Using the same material and style of roofing for both the house and the detached garage is a bright decision because the roof is the second most visible part of the garage after the door and sidings.

For instance, having vibrant blue roofing for the house and bright green on the garage roof makes the home appear like two homes owned by different people in one compound.

3. Match The Siding

If you are bolding a new detached garage, you can choose to use similar siding material as those on your house.

However, if you already have a complete detached garage, you can opt to paint the sidings in a similar pattern as that of your house sidings.

4. Match The Landscaping

Make efforts to match your garage’s landscape to that of your house.

You can use the same species of flowering plants along the sides of the garage and the house.

Also, consider making the landscape pattern similar for both the house and the detached garage.

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Guidelines For Choosing Garage Paint Colors

Whichever color you choose, your main aim is to beautify the garage and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Therefore, make sure you pick a color that you will like.

1. Choose A Garage Door Paint

By a larger percentage, your garage door color contributes to your home’s front façade.

Typically, about 30% of the home’s impression is determined by the colors of the garage doors and outer garage walls.

You obviously don’t want to ruin the beauty of your home with a dull garage door color that would distract the appearance of your entire home.

For this reason, picking an appropriate paint color for your detached garage is quite relevant.

You may consider these few tips to make your detached garage door color rhyme with your home exterior color.

  • Pick a garage door color that will not distract attention from your main house door color because the house door is considered more focal.
  • Avoid using the same color for a house and detached garage doors.
  • Avoid using brighter primary colors for the garage door.
  • Pick a color that compliments the garage sidings and roofing.

2. If You Have Garage Cabinets, Pick The Right Color

Modern garages have cabinets where tools are kept.

Other than being used for storage, garage cabinets add to the aesthetics of the interior garage design.

It is important to pick an ideal color to paint the cabinets and ensure it is in line with the color scheme of your garage.

In most cases, using the same paint color on the doors, cabinets, and drawers is considered the most appealing.

If you have a car that you really love, you can also paint the cabinets, floors, and interior walls with a paint color the same as your car’s.

3. Choose Paint Colors That Complement Each Other

Homeowners will, in most cases, try to upgrade their garage by adding a few Slat wall, cabinets, and much more.

Essentially, you need to choose colors that complement each other and leave your garage space more striking.

For example, you choose to use pops of color to make your garage view more inviting.

Similarly, you can inject personal taste by painting bold colors to the interior garage cabinets and bright colors to the doors.

4. Get The Right Garage Wall Paint

A great choice of paint on the walls and ceiling can greatly improve the lighting conditions inside the garage space.

Proper lighting is an important element to a garage that is used almost daily and stores some of your valuable repair tools.

On the plus side, a lighter garage wall paint color reflects light better, yet on the negative side, it reveals grime and dirt very easily.

For this reason, if you choose bright paint, go for the semi-gloss because it makes dirt less evident and is simple to clean out.

If the garage has condensation issues, then you better go for a more resilient paint.

For example, you can choose to use either beige, gray, or other neutral colors because of their ease of cleaning and their ability to fit in many colorful designs.

You can also use blue, green, or any other soothing color as the primary colors to add a relaxing tone to the garage.

5. Choose The Right Garage Floor Paint Color

You can choose from the numerous floor coatings colors available in your nearby stores and use them on your garage floor.

Even though the high-quality polyaspartic floor coatings are considered the vest, you can also use epoxy coatings or floor paints to make your garage floor attractive.

While aligning with your décor needs, you can pick any color from natural charcoal black to other bold orbit aesthetics paints.

You can also choose a few of your accent paints to help you uniquely join the floor and wall colors.

If you pick a wide range of colors to choose from when painting your garage floor, you will, in the end, have a garage floor that is well furnished to meet your personal and design needs.


The home exterior décor is enhanced by the painting on the structures in that home.

For example, if you have a detached garage, the color scheme you use to paint it can enhance or ruin your home’s curb appeal.

With the few guidelines for painting a detached garage in this article, hope you will find them useful while painting your detached garage.