How Much Does It Cost To Put A Basement Under A Mobile Home?

If you are a mobile homeowner and wish to have a basement, it would be wise to build the basement before installing the mobile home.

However, this is not always the case, you can also add a basement to an existing mobile home, and it will function perfectly.

But, How Much Does It Cost To Put A Basement Under A Mobile Home?

Generally, you need about $12,000-$25,000 to install a basement under a manufactured home. This price varies depending on the size of the basement you wish to build, the material you will use, and much more. You can choose to DIY or hire a qualified building technician to help you accomplish the task. Basically, building a basement under a mobile home may be quite expensive than when you start with a basement before attaching a home on top of it.

Basements provide more storage space for any home where you can safely keep your tools.

You can also put a fireplace in the basement to help keep your house warm during cold days.

To install a basement under an existing mobile home, you need first to identify the factors that affect the prices of the entire job and the benefits you will get when installing it, whether to DIY or not, and then make a sound decision over the same.

Read on to get more insights.

Three Benefits Of Adding A Basement To A Mobile Home

A mobile home basement serves different functions to homeowners.

Here are a few of the benefits you will get when you add a basement to your home.

1. Safety

Mobile homes are usually very light and can be carried away by strong storms.

Having a basement under a mobile home can help you safeguard your property just in case of the unpredictable worse happening.

2. More Storage Space

A basement in a mobile home can store your materials, equipment, and much more.

Those tools and equipment that you rarely use can be safely stored in a basement.

3. Use As A Mancave

You can partition a part of the basement and use it as a mancave. You will get minimal to no distractions when you rest in a basement where no one sees you.

The Two Types Of Basements

The greatest determinant of a basement price is the type.

In case you are wondering how much funds you will need to add a basement to your mobile home, remember the cost is not constant.

A basement will raise your home value greatly in the future; therefore, you don’t need to worry much about the cost because it will be acting as an investment.

The two types of basements are

  • unfinished
  • finished.

They  both serve almost similar functions.


Unfinished basement costs anywhere between $10- $25 per square foot. This cost is inclusive of the labor cost.

For an unfinished basement, all the pipes are exposed, and flooring is done using concrete only.

If you wish to use the basement to store valuable items, you should consider a finished basement.

Otherwise, your valuables can get damaged in an unfinished basement.


Basically, a finished basement has better flooring on the sides, a better level ceiling is well insulated, and the walls are made of good materials.

The concrete used is carefully spread on the walls, and pipes in a finished basement are properly covered.

Most of the finished basements have electricity and plumbing.

They are fit for the storage of any material and tools though they are quite expensive.

Seven Steps to DIY A Mobile Home Basement

Even though it is not advisable to build a basement on your own, there are some circumstances where you will have limited options and therefore decide to do it on your own.

Remember, you will need to seek another place where you will stay for the period you will be fixing a mobile in the basement.

Here are a few steps to follow when adding a basement to your mobile home.

1. Disconnect The Home Utilities

You will need to plan how to move the home to another place.

Start by removing the skirting, then disconnect the home utilities.

There are high possibilities that you will reuse everything you are disconnecting from the home.

For this reason, always make sure you disconnect the utilities with utmost care.

Mark all the skirts at the edges so that you will easily identify where to place them when reassembling your mobile home.

Disconnect all utilities and replace cars with electricity before you start moving them.

Shut all water supply valves and keep the accessories in a safer area.

For accuracy, Mark all the items you are moving and arrange them orderly.

2. Hire A House Mover

There exist very many house moving service providers in every state.

You find them annually or make a quick online search and access one provider to help you move the home.

Usually, the home movers lift the mobile home four or six inches above the ground using certain strong beams.

The home should stay in that position until you are done making your basement.

3. Dig A Ramp

If you are done with suspending the home in the air, you need to start digging a ramp that will help you access the under space of the mobile home.

At this point, you will need to have at least two skid steers.

One will be used to break dirt using fork attachments, while the other will be used to clear haul off the dug soil.

It is of great importance to plan how you will manage the amount of dirt and soil removed from the dug put because it is usually a lot and if left unattended to, it may cause damages in the future.

4. Build The Walls

After digging a pit of your preferred size, you can now start building the walls. Make sure you use quality materials that will last for a long time.

5. Allow The Walls To Dry

Let the walls dry completely before you start furnishing them or painting.

6. Reinstall The Utilities

Now that you are done building the basement, you need to reinstate the utilities and arrange and route them accordingly.

Make sure you have enough space for ventilating your basement.

7. Reinstall The Home

Take off the beams holding the house in the air and lower it into place.

Make sure you do not leave any unnecessary spaces open unless you have planned to use them as ventilations.

You have now successfully added a basement to your mobile home, and you can use the basement in the desired way.


Adding a basement to a mobile home can be termed a long-term investment because it adds value to your home in the long run.

The process of adding a basement may seem complex; therefore, you will need the help of a technician.

However, if you have some building expertise, you can DIY by following the steps outlined in this article.