How To Build A Basement Under A Mobile Home

How To Build A Basement Under A Mobile Home – DIY Steps

Like other types of housing, mobile homes often have basements that provide space for storage and for other household appliances such as furnaces which are best tucked away from sight.

Ideally, a mobile home owner who intends to have a basement is expected to build one before installing the home.

In the event that this is not possible because the home has already been installed then it is still possible to install a basement underneath the already existing home.

This process usually takes some time, a number of weeks in most instances which require the homeowner to live elsewhere as the job is completed.

There are several advantages to adding a basement, apart from providing some space to put some items; it can significantly increase your living space as well.

The beauty being that it can do this at a minimal cost.

Even though adding a basement is not such a big deal, it is worth noting that it is time consuming, requires some technical knowhow and for all intents and purposes, unless you are quite adept at technical issues, this is a project best left to a professional to handle.

In this regard it is important to take into consideration a few critical factors when contemplating adding a basement to your mobile home.

If you intend to do it yourself, then the first thing you need to do is to get a skid steer.

You can either purchase a good used skid steer or opt to rent one.

When you take into consideration the time period you will use the item, maybe three to six months; it is better to buy one and then re-sell it once you are through, you will most likely recover your purchase price if you initially got a good bargain.

Here are some important tips on how to build a basement under a mobile home.

The first step you need to take is to prepare to lift the home by carefully removing skirting from the home and then continuing to disconnect the utilities.

When doing this, make sure you take utmost care when making your disconnections; this is because chances are that you will re-use almost everything. For your skirting, make sure you mark them at the edges, so that you will easily know what to install where.

For your utilities, make sure you switch off the electricity supply before you start any electrical disconnections, for your water supply lines, make sure the valves are shut off and safely keep the accessories.

If possible, make sure everything is marked and well arranged.

The next step is to hire a house mover; there are very many service providers who can do this. alternatively, a quick online search will give you an address of one near you.

The house mover will slide in some beams which should lift the home anywhere between four (4) to six (6) feet up in the air; your mobile home will stay in this position until such a time when you are through.

Once the house has been raised, you can then start to dig a ramp so as to access the underneath of the home using your

Skid steer. In most instances, you may need two skid steers, one for breaking up the dirt using maybe a fork attachment while using the other skid steer to haul off the soil. It is worth noting that the amount of soil or dirt excavated is usually quite significant and you need to come up with adequate plans as to how you are going to handle it or where you are going to place the dirt.

Once this is done, just like a traditional basement, you should then proceed and build the walls.

Allow the wall to sit in and completely dry out.

You should then proceed and re-install the utilities of have them re-routed if necessary. It is also important to make sure that the requisite ventilation is also put into place.

You should then proceed and take off the beams and have the house lowered into place, make sure this is done carefully and no spaces are left open or uncovered unless it is planned ventilation.

Even though you can opt to build an entrance into the home if you so desire, many mobile home basements are usually accessed from the outside.

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