Can You Put A Foundation Under An Existing Mobile Home?

Mobile homes are increasingly becoming a popular type of home among people looking to live simple and affordable lives.

However, with the housing market constantly fluctuating and considering these homes are prone to disasters, many mobile homeowners are opting to build permanent foundations under their mobile homes, preferably before moving in.

(In This Regard) Can You Put A Foundation Under An Existing Mobile Home?

Yes, it is entirely possible to add a foundation under an existing mobile home. However, this kind of project can be way too expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, so make sure to take financial costs and time span into consideration before making the big decision.

Putting your mobile home on a permanent foundation is a great way to keep or increase its value. If you are planning to permanently affix your mobile home to concrete or any other foundation, this post will cover everything you need to know about putting a foundation under mobile homes, emphasizing existing homes.

What Is Considered A Permanent Foundation?

Transitioning an existing mobile home to a permanent residency is by no means an easy task.

For the most part, it involves jacking the house up and constructing a foundation. So, what is a permanent foundation?

At its core, a permanent foundation is a site-built mobile home foundation, and that’s constructed using durable materials such as concrete.

Although putting one under an existing mobile home is costly, it is fulfilling in the long run and allows your home to hold its value for much longer than it would if it were to stay mobile.

Even better, a foundation can improve performance and enhance the appearance of your factory-built home.

Notably, while modern-day manufactured (mobile) homes are constructed with a great degree of precision, they will depreciate in value unless they are permanently affixed to a foundation.

The Three Types Of Mobile Home Foundations

Prior to constructing a foundation under your existing mobile home, you need to know the available option so that you can choose one that works for you best.

Here are different kinds of foundations that you can consider:

1. Concrete Slab Foundation

This is a great choice for people looking to save on time and money.

Constructing this type of foundation is as simple as pouring concrete on the site of the mobile home.

2. Basement Foundation

This is a foundation that adds a basement space under your mobile home.

It is arguably the sturdiest type of foundation you can put under existing mobile homes.

While it improves convenience and creates extra storage space, it tends to be costly and requires more time to construct.

3. Pier Foundation

Piers offer a cheap and easy way to set up a foundation under an existing mobile home.

Setting this kind of foundation involves placing steel piers under the beams of your manufactured home, which hold the home in place.

The steel piers help secure your home against strong winds and floods. The only problem is that they may tilt, making your home unlevel.

How To Put A Foundation Under An Existing Mobile Home

Building a foundation under an existing mobile home makes it sturdier and less susceptible to being uprooted by strong winds and other natural disasters.

If you already own an existing mobile home or are buying one, you can put a foundation under it to preserve its value and help it last longer.

As part of the preparation, you will need to obtain the right permits and find a reputable contractor as well as licensed electricians and plumbers.

Here is how to set a foundation under a manufactured home. Keep in mind that this job is best left to professionals.

  • Remove the skirting and shut off all the utilities running into the existing home.
  • Lift the entire home off the ground, a process called jacking up, and keep it about 4 to 6 feet above the ground. You will need a permit from the local council before jacking the home up as there may be concerns on how this process will affect the plumbing and electricity.
  • Next, while the entire structure is lifted, bring in the materials to be used in constructing the foundation and build the preferred foundation. If you’re adding a basement foundation, a ramp will be needed to grant the construction team access to the area below the home when digging out the basement.
  • Once the foundation is complete, lower the home carefully into place, and your home improvement project will be completed. The structure may need to be approved.

Putting a foundation under an existing mobile is a costly and labor-intensive project that will require assistance from multiple projects.

In most cases, you will need to hire a contractor, an electrician, a plumber, and, possibly, engineers, especially if you’re setting up a basement foundation.

Setting a foundation under your mobile home will take a few days to a few weeks. The exact duration will immensely depend on the type of foundation you are constructing.

Why Should You Put Your Mobile Home On A Foundation?

Affixing a mobile home to a foundation as a retrofit is complex and costly. So, why should you do it? Is it even worth the investment?

A permanent foundation will make your mobile home sturdier, which protects it against natural disasters like floods, strong winds, and earthquakes.

If you put a basement foundation, you will have created an extra storage space or even additional room.

What’s more, permanent foundations may help increase the value of mobile homes.

Mobile homes permanently set on foundations are generally considered real property rather than personal property.

While it is not guaranteed that it will appreciate, real property tends to increase in value over time. You can do various things to improve the home’s worth once you set it on a concrete foundation.

Affixing your mobile home to a foundation can qualify it for mortgage financing. This is because non-moving mobile homes are treated as real property.

The Cost Of Putting A Foundation Under An Existing Mobile Home

Constructing a foundation is a major home improvement project.

If you are planning to permanently affix your mobile home to a concrete or other foundation, you need to prepare enough money to execute the overall project.

You need to pay fees for permits and legwork then fund the actual project, which includes paying contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other parties that will contribute to the project.

That said, depending on what type of foundation you are setting up, expect to pay $2,500 to $12,000 or more for a concrete mobile home foundation.

The exact cost will depend on the size of your home, among other factors. Do note that the cost can rise to hundreds of dollars if you are installing a basement foundation.

A concrete slab foundation is usually the most cost-effective type of foundation for mobile homes. It is easy to install and won’t take as much time.


While putting a foundation under an existing mobile home may be costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, it is entirely possible to execute.

You can build the foundation by yourself. However, considering that it requires a whole lot of skills, the job is best left in the hands of professionals for the best results.

Just be sure to plan well.