Is It Ok to Leave the Washer or Dryer on When You’re Not Home?

A lot of people still ask themselves whether it is a good thing to leave a washer-dryer machine on when they are not at home.

We live in a world that gets busier every day.

Perhaps you are in a rush leaving your washer and\or clothes dryer running.

So, Is It Ok to Leave Your Washing Machine or Clothes Dryer on When You’re Not Home?

It is not recommended to leave your washer-dryer machine on when you are leaving home. Apart from draining you a lot on electricity bills, the integrity of the machine’s condition is put at a risk. It is important to master machinery maintenance tips to guarantee durability and efficiency.

Keep reading this article to learn why it is not a good idea to leave your washer-dryer machine on when leaving home. And much more!

Four Problems with Leaving Your Washer-Dryer On When No One Is Home

1. It Can Lead To a Fire

Washer-dryer machines consume electricity to keep them running.

Anything that uses electricity, if left unattended has the potential of catching fire. Your washer-dryer is no exception.

Overheated lint in the dryer section can get ignited.

Fire from this section can be aggravated as soon as it catches the laundry.

Disastrous fires can happen once the fire is out.

It can catch the other parts of the room causing massive destruction of property and even life.

2. It Leads To High Electricity Charges

The washer and dryer machine potentially consume a lot of electric energy to operate.

If you make the mistake of leaving it on when you are leaving, rest assured you will incur a lot of electric charges.

Sometimes you might not be sure of when you will get back home.

So, you can imagine just how much electricity you will have to pay for.

3. Your Washer and Dryer Can Be Damaged

Serious damage can occur in the parts of your washer-dryer machine if you leave it on when not at home.

Tough modern electric appliances and machines are easily customizable; they still need to be watched over.

Aside from potential fires due to prolonged and intense fires, the machine parts can break down.

Given the expensive cost of buying and installing new machines, this is something you do not want to do a replacement just because of a complacent move.

4. Your Clothes Can Wear And Tear

If you leave the machine on with clothes in it, there is a chance your clothes will be exposed to too much washing and drying which may lead to a lot of wear and tear.

You can risk losing all your clothes due to this reckless action.

Where Do Most Fires Start In A Dryer?

As we mentioned earlier, dryer machines can catch fire under intense working stress.

The commonest source of fires is the lint area and dust from households.

Dust accumulates in the dryer cavity.

At this point, they are exposed to heating elements hence igniting a fire scenario.

Temperatures at this point can be as high as 500° Celsius. That tells volumes about a possibility of a fire outbreak. You should never leave the lint trap dirty.

How Frequent Are Dryer Fires?

The frequency of dryer fires all depends on the amount of care and maintenance accorded to it.

Dirty dryers have a high likelihood of catching fires.

As we mentioned, it is important to keep them thoroughly cleaned.

Clean the insides of the machine to remove any debris deposition that could fuel a fire scenario.

Can You Leave Wet Clothes In The Dryer?

Plenty of people still believe that it is a prudent idea to leave dumper clothes in the dryer for optimum results.

What they fail to understand is that the clothes will remain badly wrinkled. Besides, the drum of your machine will be overworked.

Overworking of the machine can lead to potential damages on the machine.

It can even lead to a breakdown. Also, the working and efficiency of the machine are greatly affected.

Why Do Clothes Smell Bad When Left In The Washer And Dryer?

1. Molds and Mildew Development

You should never be too lazy and careless to leave your clothes in the washer-dryer machine.

Apart from ruining leaving a horrible smell in your clothes, it has adverse consequences on the machine itself.

Your clothes will smell bad if left in the machine due to the development of molds and mildew.

Such microorganisms can multiply into largely invisible colonies within a very short time.

When you finally get your clothes out, your clothes will have a weird odor.

2. Bacterial Growth

Bacterial growth can also set root in your clothes and part of the machine.

With dirt and moisture, bacteria can grow and thrive to extreme levels. This is another cause of bad smell in your clothes.

3. Lime Scale Development

Limescale is a common problem on most washing appliances.

Your washer-dryer is no exception.

Limescale develops due to excess calcium accumulation in water. Limescale can be disastrous to parts of the machine. They block pipes and the lint areas of your machine.

You may not easily realize this problem but it will keep on straining your machine and finally break it down. This is a bug and an equally avoidable problem.

Your clothes should be washed and dried as soon as you have them in the machine.

Wrapping Up

It is not recommended to leave a washer-dryer machine on when leaving out.

Aside from causing potential fires, it can greatly damage the structure of the machines.

Given the heavy installation costs, you can incur a lot of losses doing frequent installations of the machine parts or the entire machine.

Keep your machine washed and in proper condition. From these simple steps, you can maintain the hour machine in pristine and ambient condition.