Are Closet Curtains Tacky? Can They Replace Closet Doors?

Closets are among the most visited points in a home.

This is where you keep your small items like personal effects, clothing, and other precious things.

It is, therefore, one of those places that must be designed neatly.

You could be thinking of using closet curtains in place of doors.

But, Are Closet Curtains Tacky?

Well, depending on the style of installation, closet curtains can stay tidy and organized for a long time without getting tacky. Of course, like everything else, you must check on them often to ascertain that they are in proper appearance.

In this article, we take you through some of the best curtain designing and hanging ideas. These tips will always ensure that your closet curtains are not tacky but remain appealing.

Why Would You Prefer Closet Curtains To Doors?

The best way to get your closet doors covered can either be by installing windows or curtains.

But in some closets like the one we use to hang clothes at home, it would be a prudent idea to use curtains instead.

There are many reasons for this idea. So, perhaps it is time to get rid of your closet windows and opt for curtains.


Space is premium in modern homes.

As a result, anything that seems to take up space should be given a substitute that does not.

Closet doors take up space when you open and close them.

In some cases, where you have other items or furniture close to it, it might become a huge problem operating them.

In such cases, it is recommended to install closet curtains instead.

Aside from saving on space, it also makes it easy for you to access the closet with ease.

Also, if you installed your closets after completing everything else in the home, you are running broke.


Closet doors are expensive to install.

So, you might want to save on costs by purchasing curtains instead. After all, a curtain can be a temporary installation.

In the future when you decide to fix doors, it is easy.


Finally, closet curtains are available in a wide array of colors and materials.

You can always choose the color of the curtain and use it to add to your home decoration.

Closet doors would require you to paint. This is a lengthy procedure with a lot of requirements.

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What Is The Best Way To Make And Hang Curtains For Your Closets?

One of the best ways of concealing open closets and making them look more beautiful is by covering them with curtains.

Selecting the best decorative curtains for your closets is, therefore, priority number one in achieving this décor objective.

Like most home decorations, the ultimate aim is to meet overall themes for the entire room.

That is why it is a prudent idea to select a fabric that matches and blends well with the existing color.

In some cases, you may require to have larger fabrics to perfectly match the house designs.

There is not much difference between a closet curtain and that of a window.

So, you can play with colors and even use tie-backs to access the closet whenever you want to.

Construction and Hanging of Closet Curtains

Proper construction and hanging of closet curtains keep them neatly looking.

You won’t find them getting tacky and boring.

How to make and hang them will have an effect throughout the lifetime of the curtains.

It does not matter how big your house is. You will never get enough closet space and it is, therefore, a great idea to make and maintain great ones.

Five Great Ideas for Making and Hanging Closet Curtains

1. Select An Ideal Closet Placement Point

Unless they have already been designed from the point you occupy the room, it is important to select an ideal positioning of the closet.

You want to have it on a site where you can access it with ease.

You put a lot of stuff in the close and you don’t want to poorly position it.

2. Cover The Alcove

This tip is applicable where you want to create more closets in your rooms.

It is like improvising the available space. Of course, you should add closet rods that you will use to hang your clothing.

You can also install hooks for hanging things like scarves, hats jackets, and other clothes that require hooks.

You can also put up shelves for keeping small and bulky items.

The next step is putting up an appropriate rod for hanging the curtain.

The hanging style should feature a basic casing to conceal the rod.

Do not hang your closet curtain halfway on the wall. Install the hanging rod as close to the ceiling as possible.

It gives it a degree of completeness.

It is advisable to use a heavier rod like the ones used on the showers. It has the advantage of keeping the curtains sturdy and avoiding sagging.

3. Make Use Of The Available Furniture

In a situation where your room does not have an alcove, you use a large closet curtain to create one. All you have to do is look for the ideal furniture for its placement.

A big deep case, for instance, can be improvised into a good closet. Just take your time to customize it into the available space and get a good curtain to cover it up.

The furniture you use should be firmly mounted on the wall to avoid any risks of tipping off.

To ensure that the curtain does not become tacky, it is a prudent idea to use an appropriate length and type of material.

Any overstretching pats of the curtain can be cut with precision.

It should not overhang and make the room poorly organized.

4. Covering A Clothing Rack With A Closet Curtain

If you are a minimalist and your bedroom does not have enough space for closet space, it can be trickier to find enough space for all your clothing.

You can make good use of that free-standing clothing rack in the room.

It can come in handy to salvage your storage problem.

The idea is to position it in a corner and hang a closet curtain to cover it well.

You may find it necessary to hand another rod and some other support panels. Your closet curtain should be cut to fit the entire improvised closet.

5. Design A Walk-Through Closet

With well-selected closet curtains, you can create a huge master walk-through closet, especially in your bedroom. In this scenario, you will not need walls.

This design is essentially a huge open closet with large curtains to conceal them.

You can purchase one large curtain and make sure that it fits into space without leaving any overstretched parts.

You are trying your best not to have any parts of the curtains looking tacky.

You are not limited to installing closet storage options like shelves, drawers, rods, and cubbies.

You can add all these as you please.

Your curtain, as the primary cover for your curtain, has to be hung firmly along with the ceiling. Make sure that it is as close to the ceiling as much as possible.

Make sure that there is enough space for you to access your drawer.

So, the track should not be placed directly in front of things like shelves and drawers. They can cause accidents especially in the thick of the night.

Final Words

Deciding on using closet curtains is a worthy goal. But keeping them tidy and in proper conditions is the big deal.

Tacky closet curtains make your room look disorganized and messy.

As such, proper installations ideas and tips are indispensable to any DIYer seeking to upgrade their homes.

Should you bump on any challenge implementing these closet curtains installation hacks, you can seek help from a professional.