Should You Get Blackout or Regular Curtains for a Nursery?

Parents are faced with numerous decisions which can lead them to seek a lot of advice and make several choices, chief among them being the type of curtain to use for the baby’s nursery.

Blackout curtains keep movements and sunlight out of the baby’s site while maintaining perfect temperatures.

So, Should You Get Blackout Or Regular Curtains For Your Baby’s Nursery?

Many specialists have answered yes to this question, citing some properties of blackout curtains that are essential in making sure your baby gets the best night’s sleep and comfort.

Blackout curtains have been proven to have a dual effect. They not only create an environment conducive to a sleeping baby but also help keep excess heat and cold out of the nursery.

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Why Should You Get Blackout Or Regular Curtains For Your Baby’s Nursery?

Darkness provides a level of comfort to your baby; the womb is not a sunny and bright place.

Babies have been known to experience relaxation when in complete darkness, which helps them to fall asleep, settle down and stay asleep.

Dark, blackout curtains are the perfect choice for they keep off light, thus preventing it from making an unwanted invasion of your baby’s sleep.

Total darkness stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that melatonin is a vital element in helping young children make healthier sleep adjustments.

Providing a dark room for your baby’s nursery is just the natural way to induce melatonin secretion in your baby’s system.

Normally, your baby’s nursery temperatures should vary between 62 to 68 degrees, which is easy to achieve in summer when You have enough sunlight getting through the nursery windows.

The airy and light curtains are certainly pleasing to the eye, but they will not make the best of impressions in this instance.

During winter, the weather gets extremely cold, bringing in another problem.

If your house has old windows, you may have a draft that will billow on your baby, tempting you to pile it on several blankets, compromising the baby’s safety.

This is why blackout curtains are vital.

They can keep the temperatures raging on the outside on the outer side of your baby’s nursery.

Why Should You Get Blackout Curtains?

When making the purchase, the first thing you need to do is read the label.

If total darkness is what You want to get, you should look for the word Blackout when browsing through the labels.

Such curtains provide a 100% blockage of all light coming through the window, and the label should indicate this.

If The label lacks this information, you might buy the wrong Blackout curtains.

One of the cons of blackout curtains is that they are heavy.

Therefore, you need to use sturdy hardware to hang them to prevent them from crashing down at unexpected night hours.

They also tend to be a bit expensive and limit your choices depending on styles and colors, since most of them come in brown, plain black or white.

There are, however, some that might still exude some style and a range of colors. They include:

BGment Thermal Insulated Curtains

These  blackout curtains  come in pink, beige, red, mustard, and white, adding a flair of style to any nursery.

White Thermal-Insulated Grommet Curtains

These are 100% blackout curtains with a primitive linen look. They have double layers and silver grommets.

HLC.ME Versailles Lattice Flocked

These are full blackout thermal insulated curtains with grommet panes and are a sure way of keeping

The light out and saving on energy.

Their lovely lattice patterns induce an airy and light look in them.

Why Should You Get Room Darkening Curtains?

Room darkening curtains can block between 93% and 97% of the light from outside.

They, on the other hand, are not thick like The Blackout curtains, which means they are not as expensive.

They block the light and regulate the nursery temperature, which provides your baby with The necessary comfort.

Their cons are similar to those of Blackout curtains.

You should consider if the 7% difference in light blockage is a factor of importance to you.

Some of the other more decorative alternatives are:

Yancorp Room Darkening Curtains

These are beautiful curtains with pink stars in addition to their gray design.

Victories Room Darkening Curtains

These blue curtains will provide You with a multitude of twinkling stars to dazzle the nursery of any baby boy.

Eclipse Room Darkening Curtains

These are excellent light blockers, coming in color yellow with blue leaves and a triple-weave design that does its main job while inducing some sense of fashion.

Should You Make Your Own Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are quite expensive, and for that reason, making your own is a viable option.

When going on about the business, You should ensure that You provide extra material during measurement to avoid light seepage.

Ensure that your curtains are wider than the sides of your windows and 6 inches taller than your windows’ top.

A good way of preventing creeping in of light is to ensure they go down to the floor.

The only difference in this kind of sewing is your addition of a Blackout liner, which can just be added to your current curtains that You love so much, saving you the cost of buying the full set.

If You cannot sew, you can Use metal curtain hooks to attach the linear to your curtains.

Therefore, you can purchase your favorite, in-fashion curtains and then make them blackout without sacrificing your sense of style and your baby’s comfort.

Are Blackout Curtains Capable Of Reducing Noise?

Most advertisers will include a reduction of noise from the outside to the properties of these curtains.

This might indicate confusion between light control and noise reduction, two totally different qualities.

Soundproof curtains, thicker than blackout curtains, are the best choice when noise is preventing your baby from sleeping.

They can block the noise coming from the exterior of your residence.

This can help your child to sleep better since there will be no disruption.

When you come across blackout curtains that advertise soundproofing, you should look for their Sound Transmission Classification ratings.

True soundproof curtains must have an STC rating of 20 or higher.


Babies need to sleep well just like you do.

Using blackout curtains, you can keep sunlight or moonlight from waking your baby unnecessarily.

Therefore, your baby’s nap time will be more inviting.

With these curtains, the room where your baby sleeps will also be at a constant temperature. Blackout curtains are a great thing to have in your baby’s nursery.


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