Can You Put Ceiling Fans In A Mobile Home? (Fully Explained)

Just like regular homes, the need for proper air conditioning is vital.

Fans have become indispensable installations in modern homes as they aid in cooling.

There are many spots to hang ceiling fans. You can put them on the walls, or ceilings.

But, Can You Put Ceiling Fans In A Mobile Home?

Yes. You can install ceiling fans in mobile homes and enjoy a cool room environment. The procedure for installing ceiling fans in mobile homes is not complicated.

In this guide, we want to help you master it. We will also add more tips regarding ceiling fans for mobile homes and much more.

How Can You Hang Ceiling Fans In A Mobile Home?

The hanging of ceiling fans in mobile homes is not different from hanging in regular homes.

The process is essentially similar with a few adjustments due to the unique structure of mobile homes.

The process involves the basic installation of a fan in the ceiling area and ten connecting it to a power source and final fixation of the switch to allow ease and access control.

For mobile homes, however, a complication can be faced since electrical boxes are often mounted directly to the ceiling joints.

Special electrical support bars are usually applied to prop them in place.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix ceiling fans in a mobile home:

1. Switch Off Electricity

Electricity can be lethal if you come in contact with it during operation.

It is therefore, necessary to make sure that it is turned off throughout the entire installation procedure.

If you are carrying out a replacement, then you should remove the existing boxes whereas power is turned off.

All wires are then disconnected as you prepare the area for a replacement.

2. Remove The Electric Box

Now you should proceed to unscrew the existing electric box. An electric box support bar is then inserted between the joists.

This should be carried out following the instructions stipulated in the bar’s user manual.

Afterward, reinstall the bar in place.

3. Screw The Mounting Bracket To The Electrical Box

Copper wires are often used to execute an attachment between the ground wire and the green ground screw.

Make sure that the screws are tight enough.

4. Assembling The Fan For Installation

The next thing is to assemble the fan on the ground first. You should not rush to mount the blades yet.

Assembling of the fan should be done strictly as stipulated in the manufacturer’s manual.

It must be done precisely with no room for error.

5. Mounting The Fan In The Ceiling

Carefully lift the assembled fan the ladder.

Getting it close to the previously installed electric box, connect all the wires appropriately.

The white wire protruding from the fan should be connected to the white wire from the box.

It is recommended to put a wire cap over all three wires. You want to ensure a decent job.

Nothing should be idling and hanging around.

6. Fastening The Fan In The Ceiling

The last step involves pushing all the fan’s wire connections into the previously installed electric box.

Proceed to tightly screw in the fan housing into the mounting bracket.

There you are. All fixtures should be complete. You want to check the quality of your work by turning on the power supply.

Your ceiling fan should be up and running.

This should be an ideal test on the working conditions of the fan’s motor and light.

Finally, attach the fan blades as instructed in the user manual.

How Can You Tell If The Existing Joining Box Will Support A Ceiling Fan In A Mobile Home?

It is important to make sure that your mobile home ceiling fans are properly supported.

This helps to avoid potential injuries and damage to your home.

Many ways have been devised to counter the possibility of fans falling off the ceilings.

These include the use of straps and fastening of fans to wood blocking. We will get down to these details in the next section of this article.

It is recommended to carry out a thorough visual inspection of your mobile home ceiling fan from above. This can help you figure out if there is an upcoming problem.

Fixation can then be done before it gets too late.

Well, sometimes, this space for inspection may not be available. There are alternatives.

Support Requirements for Mobile Home Ceiling Fans

It is a requirement for all ceiling fans above 36 pounds to be supported with an outlet box system.

All manufacturers are required to mark their outlet box systems indicating whether they are ideal for ceilings.

In some cases, the original box systems may not be fitted with this support.

That means you have to externally attach them to support the fans in place.

Box Systems Designed For Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have specially designed support systems.

These support systems extend to the ceiling joists to keep the fans firm in place.

Screws and nails are the major fastening materials.

They are used to fix the braces into the ceiling joists. To allow flexibility, the box is usually mounted using a threaded nipple.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Ceiling Fan In A Mobile Home?

On average it should take you about an hour to install one ceiling fan.

A good master of the skill can, however, take just less than that. The procedure is simple after all.

Typically, it would take between 1 and 2 hours to carry out the installation at a standard room height.

This is true especially if a replacement of an old fan has to be done. Removing the old stuff consumes some time.

Are Ceiling Fans Sold With Mounting Brackets?

Yes. Most ceiling fans come with mounting brackets.

When placing an order, it is important to check your delivered ceiling fans for these brackets.

Unless otherwise stated, your fans should be acquired with mounting brackets.

As we mentioned earlier, this bracket is used for the attachment of the fan onto the ceiling.

Standard mounting brackets have circular receptacles for ball mount installation of the fan’s motor.

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Can You Hide Wires In Your Mobile Home Ceiling?

After carrying out a successful ceiling fan installation, you might be thinking of proceeding to hide its wire connections.

Well, it is a good idea. Masking wires helps to avoid interruption of your room’s desired color theme.

If you are opting to do this, here is a simple and workable procedure to stick to:

  • Measure the length of the wall to estimate the lengths of the cords that you intend to hide.
  • Precisely cut the base and the cord cover so that it matches the length you measured previously.
  • Using a pencil or a suitable marker, create anchor points at designated spots.
  • Mount the base
  • Lay down the cables
  • Carry out thorough painting. It is recommended to use the color of paint that matches that of the existing paint on the walls and ceilings.
  • Cable ties can then be added to boost their support
  • Use flex tubes to conceal them.

Wrapping up

The procedure of installing ceiling fans in a mobile home is simple.

You want to achieve the best air conditioning in a mobile home just as you would in a regular home.

It is achievable. Just stick to the procedures highlighted in this article.

Your user manual is also an indispensable tool in making sure that work is done with commitment and great final results.