Do You Need Air Conditioning Or Fans If You Live In Alaska?

Alaska experiences short summers, which come with a hive of experiences and activities.

From leisure activities like gaming and hiking to gardening and late-night festivals, there is usually a lot to do during the summer.

People who live up here have their way of coping with the environment and climate.

But, Do You Need Air Conditioning Or Fans If You Live In Alaska?

To many people, the answer that will ring in their minds is NO because they can literally withstand the conditions. However, the short Alaska summers can be sweltering, with day temperatures sometimes getting to almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With some areas like North Fairbanks having 24 hours of daylight, investing in an air conditioner is important. Fans and air conditioners will help you regulate the temperatures, providing sensibly suitable living conditions.

However, purchasing fans and air conditioners can be tricky if you don’t know which type you need and things to consider before buying.

If you are still not convinced of how important a fan or air conditioner can be, this article can help you realize the benefits of a fan or air conditioner in Alaska homes.

All in all, Alaskans are a bunch of hardy people and believe they can tolerate literally anything, not just hot and cold temperatures.

Five Air Conditioner Benefits

Home products are bought to benefit the householders plus anyone who may visit the home. A/Cs and fans have unique benefits that will make you want to buy them and install them in your house.

1. Air Conditioning Maintains Or Improves Health Conditions

Heat can sometimes be unbearable to the human body, however much tolerant it might be.

During hot days, the heartbeats increase, and the body sweats to control the internal temperatures.

Hot temperatures can be life-threatening to the young and elderly, increasing the risk of getting dehydrated, stroke, and other heart-related complications.

Several studies show that high temperatures negatively affect people’s ability to think and act accordingly.

Heat can also result in unbearable working atmospheres in most homes and offices.

Having a fan will help you regulate such high temperatures and even make a home more comfortable.

Medium house temperatures will also contribute to good sleep patterns since many people find it hard to sleep when the nights are too hot.

2. Air Conditioning Helps Manage Allergies

Even though they live on the furthest north end, Alaskans, too, have allergies.

Air conditioning can help alleviate allergies related to cold and hot temperatures.

In summer, you will find most homes and offices with open windows.

Pollen grains from nearby flowers and plants, dust, and other common allergens get an easy entry to the house and settle on your beddings, sofa sets, chairs, and any other place where the wind drops them.

If you have a perfect air conditioning system, you do not necessarily need to open windows during summer, and thus you will prevent the entry of allergens.

Even if you open windows to allow light in the house, you can still use the fan or air conditioner to help clear the air in the house and drive away allergens.

If you are allergic to colds, air conditioning will help you drive away the humidity accumulating in the house and, therefore, take care of any possibility of mold building up in your home.

As air from the air conditioner continuously circulates the house, it carries away moisture, dust, pollen grains, and all other allergens leaving your house clean and safe, free from allergens.

Along with investing in good quality fans, make sure your air ducts and air filters are clean and free from debris.

3. Fans Help Keep Bugs At Bay

Critters, like mosquitoes, will always find a way of getting inside the house.

Even if you install screens on your windows and doors, small bugs will always find a new path to the house.

You can easily turn on your fan and cool your house while keeping mosquitoes and small insects away.

4. Helps To Cool Your House Equipment

A standard house has several types of equipment that require a cool and dry environment to function optimally.

With the extreme temperatures experienced in Alaska, it is almost basic to have an air conditioner in your house to help neutralize the temperature inside the house.

Most equipment heats up while being operated and might fail to function well if they lack a cooling system.

Air conditioners will also drive away moisture that could have otherwise accumulated around your metallic home apparatus and cause rust.

5. Helps Enhance Privacy

Without an air conditioning system, the only other option to cool your home is to keep your doors and windows open.

Most Alaskans love their privacy and can do anything to ensure their life remains private.

You can effectively cool your house without opening doors or windows, thus securing your privacy with an air conditioning system.

The benefits of air conditioning are far-reaching and give you the reason to invest in it and focus on keeping it safe to serve you best.

Whether you are planning to buy one during the long hot days of Alaska or to use it later, make sure you have it properly installed.

Do this before you start experiencing allergies, unclean air, molds forming on your equipment due to high humidity, or poor general house conditions due to hot air.

The Three Air Conditioner Types Suitable For Alaska Homes

Whichever type of air conditioner you choose to buy, it will give you the benefits mentioned above.

If you are new in Alaska and want to buy an air conditioner, but you’re not conversant with air conditioners, you can choose either of these types;

1. Variable Capacity Air Conditioner

These are the most loved and efficient air conditioning units you can buy anytime you need to regulate your home temperatures.

It has variable speed compressors that operate continuously, making a few adjustments that regulate your home temperatures, keeping it consistent throughout the day.

This air conditioner works effectively at 35% to 100% depending on the weather conditions giving you a steady cool airflow.

2. Two Stage Air Conditioners

This air conditioner operates at a low or high setting, and that’s why it is called a two-stage unit.

They will run at a specific capacity depending on how you set it.

You can start with a high setting and reduce the intensity and hotness of the air coming out of the air conditioner once the air in the room gets to a maximum desired temperature.

3. Single Stage Air Conditioners

These are the most used and common type of air conditioner used across the USA.

It is designed in a way that it can turn on automatically whenever the temperature exceeds that already set on the thermostat.

After attaining the set temperature, it will again turn itself off. It can be rated as the best since it operates optimally, at 100%.

It is either off or on its own and does not need to be attended to every time.

Once you set your most preferred temperature on the thermostat, the air conditioner will function conveniently, ensuring steady temperatures throughout the day.


Even though most homes in Alaska do not have air conditioning tools or systems, air conditioning is an essential practice to maintain people and equipment at an optimal productive state.

Consider buying either of the types mentioned in this article and enjoy the coolness in the house whenever temperatures fluctuate.

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