Do You Wash Dishes on The Garbage Disposal Side of The Double Sink?

One of the tasks that we must face every day is cleaning dishes.

After meals, there is always something to clean.

If you have large dishes, you could face a vast washing task, and exploring all the available options is good.

So, Do You Wash Dishes on The Garbage Disposal Side of The Double Sink?

Yes, you should wash dishes on the disposal side. If you have large and many dishes, it can be a great idea to access more space and clean with less hassle.

We will be exploring some factors you should consider before making this decision. We will also guide you on washing your dishes in the garbage. The goal is to help you clean fast and with efficiency.

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Four Benefits Of Washing Dishes On The Garbage Side Of Your Double Sink

There are many benefits that your garbage side can offer you if you decide to wash your dishes there.

Here are four cool reasons why it is a good idea to wash dishes on the garbage side:

1. It Has More Space

The garbage disposal side of a double sink typically has more Space.

You can wash larger pots and pans more quickly in this Space.

It is beneficial if you often cook for large groups or entertain guests.

2. Better Drainage

The garbage disposal unit helps grind up food scraps and other debris, which can be easily washed down the drain.

They must have good drainage since most of the large kitchen debris and dirt is flushed here.

3. Reduced Mess

You can significantly reduce the amount of food remains and debris in your kitchen by washing dishes on the garbage side.

This way, your kitchen will stay clean and more organized.

4. It Guarantees Efficiency

Washing dishes on the garbage disposal side of the sink is faster and more efficient.

And for all the obvious reasons- the grinding action of the disposal unit will help you break down food and other debris more quickly and conveniently.

Five Things To Keep In Mind When Washing Dishes On The Disposal Side

When it comes to using the garbage disposal side of a double sink, there are several factors to consider before diving in.

Some key things you should remember include:

1. Drainage Capacity

One of the most important things you should consider is your drainage capacity.

If your sink does not have good drainage, water will back up and leave you with a messy and potentially smelly situation.

Debris and kitchen remain can create an uncomfortable smell in your room.

You want to ensure that your garbage drainage is good enough to flush everything down and leave your kitchen clean.

2. Garbage Disposal Unit

Some garbage disposal units are more powerful than others and are better equipped to handle heavy food scraps.

Others are more delicate and may be unable to take the additional strain.

3. Size of the Sink

If your sink is too small, washing dishes effectively on the disposal side may prove difficult, especially if you’re washing larger items.

A large sink can equally present its set of challenges. Large sinks require a lot of water to fill them up. So, if you are concerned with water usage, this might be a bad idea.

4. Water Pressure

Water pressure in your home is critical when deciding whether to use the garbage side for washing dishes.

It is difficult to wash dishes effectively with low pressure. More so if the sink is deep or you’re washing large items.

You will need strong enough pressure to clear debris off the dishes and the sink.

5. Personal Preference

Personal preferences also play a role in making such decisions.

Some people find it more convenient to wash dishes on the non-disposal side, as it allows them to control the water they use better.

Others like being able to scrape food scraps directly into the disposal unit.

Three Ways To Maintain The Garbage Disposal Unit Of Your Double Sink

A garbage disposal unit can make a big difference in cleaning up after meals.

It is, therefore, essential to maintain it properly to keep it working effectively.

Here are four useful tips to help you keep your garbage disposal unit in good working order:

1. Clean With Cold Water

When you turn on your  unit, be sure to run cold water simultaneously.

Cold water solidifies grease or oils in your sink, which can be easily broken down and disposed of by the unit.

Using hot water will liquefy the grease and pose potential clogs in the sink and the pipes. So, you want to stick to cold water to guarantee efficiency.

2. Run The Unit Regularly

Regular use of your garbage disposal unit will help to keep it in good working order.

Run the unit for a few seconds after each use to keep it clear of food scraps and to help prevent clogs from forming.

Ensure that nothing remains on the unit after the cleaning. It should be spotlessly clean.

3. Clean the Unit Regularly

Be sure to clean your garbage disposal unit regularly to keep it in good working order.

You can do this by grinding lemon or orange peels in the unit- they help to remove any built-up grease or odors.

You can also use a cleaner specifically designed for garbage disposal. By all means, try to keep the unit sparkling clean and functioning well.


Cleaning dishes on the garbage side of your double sink is a good idea.

It can be beneficial, especially if you are dealing with large and many dishes.

There are, however, several factors that you must consider before doing it.

You want to ensure that your garbage disposal remains clean and that the cleaning does not pose any potential clogging in your sink and pipe.