Can You Hook Up A Garbage Disposal To A Single Bowl Sink?

Having a clean kitchen is a desire of literally every homeowner.

However, the entire process and procedures required to keep your beautiful kitchen clean may be taxing and expensive.

As a homeowner, you need to know which appliances you need, their cost, and how to install them.

When it comes to keeping your kitchen clean, you will almost certainly need a garbage disposal.

But, Can You Hook A Garbage Disposal Up To A Single Bowl Sink?

The simple answer is yes. Adding a disposal unit to a single bowl sink is possible and, in fact, easier than hooking one to a double sink. Just make sure that there is enough room under your sink to ensure proper alignment of the plumbing pipes and the garburator under the sink basin before embarking on the project.

Further, remember you need electricity under the counters to efficiently power the unit.

As for operating, you can fix the switch on an easily accessible wall just above the sink.

If you are planning to install a disposal unit, keep in mind that not all disposal units are made the same.

For some, you may need to install an extended flange before attaching your disposal unit.

Read on to learn more about hooking garbage disposal units to sinks.

Why Should You Consider The Combo Of A Garbage Disposal And Single Bowl Sink?

There are many practical reasons why any homeowner would wish to have a single bowl sink and hook a garbage disposal unit on it.

Many homeowners who switched from double sink to single sink will tell you that a single bowl sink wins.

That said, pairing your sink with a functional disposer can be a significant step towards making your culinary space clean and good for hygiene.

When it comes to installing a garburator in your kitchen, there is a bit of plumbing that needs to be done.

Importantly, it is entirely possible to hook up this functional unit to your sink.

Installing a disposal on a single sink is very simple and doesn’t require special skills or tools.

If you’re a savvy DIYer, you can complete the installation on your own, which can help you save money.

Why Do You Need A Garbage Disposal Unit?

Disposal units are incredibly useful, and every modern kitchen should have one.

If you are contemplating whether or not to install, here are practical reasons for having a garbage disposal unit:

1. Helps Prevent Clogging

The primary role of garburators is to break up food particles that go down your sink’s drainage pipe, which helps prevent clogging.

Without a disposal unit, your drainage would clog and potentially block, making it hard to clean dishes.

Even though these units are generally small, they can save you a lot of money and time that you would otherwise use to unblock your drainage.

2. It Speeds Up The Rate Of Dumping Waste

Disposal units help increase the rate at which garbage from your kitchen sink is rid out.

This can potentially increase the rate of doing dishes since the waste flows out smoothly.

3. Controlled Kitchen Odor

Kitchen odor is majorly generated from uncontrolled food remains and other kitchen refuse.

Disposals break this waste, and food remains, making them drain.

As a result, there will be less or no nasty odor in your kitchen.

4. It Is Good For The Environment

With a disposer, a significant amount of your food remains can be drained, reducing the waste you produce in the landfill.

With less food disposed of to the environment, there will be a reduced odor, thus making your surroundings clean.

5. Helps In The Maintenance Of Your Kitchen Appliances

By grounding up food remains into smaller particles that can easily and quickly drain out through your drainage, garburators help keep your drainage pipes clean.

Ultimately, this reduces incidents where you will require plumbing repairs.

6. Reduced Rodent Incidents

Disposals help homeowners control the amount of waste they dump into the surrounding.

This can help reduce rodents and other wild animals that like to rampage around dirty areas.

With all these benefits, you may now have good reasons why you should consider installing a garbage disposal unit on your single bowl sink.

The Cost Of Installing A Garbage Disposal

With so many brands and models in the market, it is certain that garbage disposers can vary wildly in terms of size and features.

The right unit for you will depend on a number of factors, including the number of members in your family, the size of your sink, and your budget.

Generally, a disposer with ½ or ¾ HP engine is ideal for a household with up to six members.

If more than six people will be using the unit, consider investing in a 1 or 2 HP garburator for smooth functioning.

The exact cost of your unit will depend on its brand and size, but you can expect the price tag of your disposal to be anywhere between $85 and $200.

Talking about installation, disposers are generally easy to install, requiring basic hand tools.

If you are a skilled DIYer, you can easily complete this project as long as you have the necessary tools.

Otherwise, you can call a professional plumber to complete the project. Because it is a relatively simple project, the cost is also low, typically below $200.

Do All Garburators Hook Up The Same?

One commonly asked question is, are garbage disposal units the same? The simple answer is NO.

While these units are very useful and good for the environment, they are not universal.

This means you can’t pick any disposer in your nearest store and start hooking it up on your sink.

When shopping for a disposer, you need to evaluate the unit you want to buy and ensure it is ideal for your single bowl sink.

Garbage disposal units come in a wide range of sizes, and features vary from one model to another.

As for the motor size, ordinary models have ⅓ to 1 HP motors, with only a few reaching 2 HP. A higher horsepower translates better and smooth functionality.

If you want a unit that can smoothly manage large and hard-to-grind food particles or have a considerably large family, it is a good idea to go for units with higher horsepower.

The same applies if you have a huge sink.

After all, compact disposers might not be compatible with large single bowl sinks.

Homeowners with farmhouse sinks should further note that they will almost certainly need an extended flange to attach it to their sink.

This is because most farmhouse sinks tend to be thick for a standard flange to fit.

Overall, the right garbage disposal unit for you will depend on your family’s needs and the features you want.

When shopping, keep in mind that garburators with higher HP tend to have better sound insulation systems, which is ideal for nearly noise-free operation.


Having a garbage disposal unit under your sink is such a plus to the beauty of your kitchen.

It helps keep your kitchen clean while ensuring your drainage doesn’t clog.

For this reason, you shouldn’t hesitate to have one attached to your sink, whether you have a single bowl or double bowl sink.

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful when shopping for a disposer.