How To Adjust The Water Pressure In A Mobile Home

Great Tips On How To Adjust The Water Pressure In A Mobile Home

Mobile homes are very good compared to the homes with permanent foundations. This is because they are portable and one can travel with them. They give owners a good relaxing environment in an apartment or house. Mobile homes are however not long lasting like other homes with permanent foundations and their plumbing is not durable. This consequently leads to other problems such as low water pressure which must be adjusted regularly. You will need some minor modifications on you water usage and valves to increase the water pressure in your home mobile. Low water pressure can be caused by various things such as leaking pipes, mineral deposits, peak periods, home valves, elevation and pressure regulators. The following are some signs of low pressure and tips on how to adjust the water pressure in a mobile home.

Know the cause of the problem.

Before you start doing anything on your piping systems, you should first know what is causing that problem. Mostly, low water pressure happens due to the result of poor plumbing in the mobile home. After confirming the cause, you should verify that the pipes used have the proper diameter. Most of the modern mobile homes need pipes which are 1.27 cm which is equivalent to half an inch. If your mobile home predates this condition, then the best way to resolve it is by installing pipe reduction apparatus. You can get these apparatus from the plumbing supply stores but ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Test the condition of the pipes

Sometimes, corrosion or rust can clog in the pipes thereby causing low water pressure. You can solve this problem by replacing the worn out pipes ensuring that you are following the instructions when installing new ones. You may then proceed with the other steps if the problem is low pressure in some faucets. If the pipes are okay and have no problem, then you could be having a clogged faucet aerator.

Unscrewing the aerator

The next step is unscrewing the aerator using a pair of pliers and then tapping it on the counter so as to jostle the innards loose. You are supposed to clean all pipes and reinstall them. Once you are through doing this, you may check the pressure once again. If you find the pressure is still too low, the problem would be a clogged faucet.

Unscrewing the stem retainer nut

During this step you should also pull the stem and straighten it upwards. After unscrewing you shall either find a washer with a spring in the stem of the faucet or else find a washer alone. You can then block the faucet using a cup and turn on and off the water a few times. This will help to flush out everything that maybe causing the clog. If your unit is single-handled, you should remove the handle by simply loosening and removing the collar. Make sure that the screws on each side under the large chrome piece are fully tightened prior removing the stem.

Remove the shower head

You are required to remove the shower head especially if the pressure is a bit low. Remove all the internal parts using a screwdriver. You should then clean all pieces and reinstall them back. To fully remove the clogs as well as resemble the faucet, just turn on and off the water.

If the water pressure is yet to improve, the problem may be due to the home’s water pressure regulator. If this is the case, you may have to call a professional plumber to come and reset it. However, you can personally fix this problem if you have a regulator in your home. The next step is loosening the retainer or locking the nut on the stem. You can increase the pressure of the water by simply adjusting the stem clockwise. Lastly, you should verify the change in pressure through hooking up a lawn sprinkler. If you find that the system is not improving, you may need to clean the screens and seats within the unit. You should do this with a lot of care and follow the given instructions keenly. You may also opt to call a plumber to do the work on your behalf if repairing it seems to be tricky.

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