What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in a Mobile Home Park?

With the ever-growing demand for housing, in most countries, mobile homes are vastly gaining popularity.

The fact that mobile homes offer you nearly everything a regular home would offer makes it a great deal for most people.

Mobile home parks offer a neighborhood setting for those who wish to go that route.

So, What Are the Pros and Cons of Living in a Mobile Home Park?

Their cheap cost and easy maintenance make mobile home parks a great choice for everyone looking for a home at an affordable fee. In the past, however, there was a reputable stigma that was linked to living in mobile home parks. Well, it seems that has dissipated over the years. 

What Are the Pros of Living in Mobile Home Parks?

1. Affordability

In most cases, you will enjoy a very cheap home ownership perk without the need to pay property taxes.

This is usually the case in regular homes and it can be troubling.

Also, if you choose to live in mobile home parks, you will not incur maintenance costs and other related land utilities.

So, if you are somehow trying to make ends meet, mobile home parks could be a great deal of a home for you.

Typically, if you embark on acquiring a mobile home in one of the mobile home parks around you, the fee will cater for everything including water, garbage, sewer and recycling pick up.

2. Most Mobile Homes Have Age Restrictions

Retirees and old people would not love to be distracted by noisy home parks.

That is why most mobile home parks have been categorized to meet the needs and preferences of such people.

Old folks would be given parks with limited disturbances.

3. Most Parks Are Family Oriented

relationships between friends and relatives give life a whole new meaning.

In mobile home parks, you will meet people from all walks of life and get a good opportunity to interact with them, exchange ideas and thrive.

If you have kids, mobile home parks allow them to meet up with new friends, play games, and enjoy life.

4. Mobile Homes Are Well Spaced

If you have worries about having to deal with unwarranted distractions from the neighborhood, modern mobile home parks will sort you out.

Your privacy is key. With well-spaced homes, you can live a worthwhile life with your loved ones.

5. Minimal Maintenance Required

Property maintenance in mobile homes is minimal.

You can get the park authorities to book a maintenance day with the right professionals and have your job executed perfectly.

Minimal maintenance translates to reduced expenses which saves you a lot of cash.

6. Most Homes Have Small Yards

Mobile home parks are designed with small yards for every home.

So, if you are a minimalist, this will suit you pretty well. Small yards mean one thing: you will be carrying out little maintenance which equally saves your money and time.

It is a lot easy to maintain small yards

7. Convenient Location

Most mobile home parks are strategically located in areas where you can access good infrastructure and special amenities.

They are built with convenience in mind. Such homes are often occupied by many people who need basic stuff for everyday life.

8. Pets Are Allowed in Mobile Home Parks

You do not need to worry about having your lovely pet in mobile parks.

There are no restrictions to the kind of pets that you bring in. It’s all up to you.

So, if you were worried about having a pet in mobile home parks, it is time to change your mind.

9. Access to Community Perks Guaranteed

Pools and fitness centers are a common feature in most mobile home parks.

Owing to many people that will be occupying the homes, designers and manufacturers must make certain that everything is availed for use.

What’s more, working as a community creates a better sense of belonging.

What Are the Cons of Living in Mobile Home Parks?

Despite their cool advantages, mobile home parks also have a few downsides.

1. Stigmatization

Over the years, horrible stereotyping has been linked to mobile homes.

People often jump to conclude that everyone living in a mobile home is at a certain financial standard.

That can be very demoralizing.

Luckily, there seems to be a changing attitude about mobile home parks.

Who cares about what people think anyway? If you live a comfortable life in a mobile home park, other opinions do not matter at all.

Overall, there is a changing reputation about mobile home parks.

People are beginning to appreciate the fact that they offer all the services a regular home would.

2. Poor Home Appreciation Potential

A home is everything in life.

People often accord others respect depending on where they live and the class of life, they are in. well, mobile home manufacturers pretty much appreciate you living in mobile home parks.

The outside world, however, usually has a completely different picture.

This may make you feel dissatisfied with living in mobile home parks.

3. Difficulty To Sell Homes in Mobile Home Parks

There is no denying that mobile homes in parks prove very difficult to sell as compared to regular homes.

Plenty of people will always go for regular homes however expensive they may prove to be.

With the ever-changing perception of mobile homes, you can hustle and get someone out there willing to purchase your home.

Just make sure that they are properly maintained before you commit to selling them.

4. Home Transportation Can Be a Problem

Mobile homes, in most cases, need to be transported to the buyer’s preferred location.

It is a tricky undertaking.

Old homes are usually very difficult to transport as compared to new models.

Transportation is, therefore, rendered costly and complicated.

5. Park Owners Can Sell the Homes Anytime

Park owners can ambush mobile homeowners with very little or no notice.

They may decide to sell the park anytime and you will end up in unprecedented trouble.

There is nothing as bad as being interrupted where you live without notice. At that point, you have no idea where to pick up elsewhere.

And thinking of moving your stuff away to a new home is equally an intricate and time-consuming task.

Final Words

Mobile home parks can be great places to make a home.

Before choosing to move to such parks, it is a prerequisite to understand reasons that are good enough to convince you about living there (and reasons not to).

Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions. Best of luck!