Is It Disrespectful to Use Tarot Cards as Wall Decorations?

Tarot cards are used to guide individuals in their lives.

They are like medicines that show what is happening around someone’s world.

So, they guide one in their career, money, love and general life path.

All the tarot cards come from the tarot book and represent a situation or energy.

So, Is It Wrong to Use Tarot Cards as Wall Decorations?

It is not wrong or disrespectful to hang tarot cards on your wall. Remember that these are simply a tool to guide you in your everyday life. So, they have nothing to do with good or bad luck. These cards don’t hold mystical powers. Therefore, you can’t exactly misuse them. So if you want to decorate the walls of your rooms with tarot cards, then go ahead.

Five Tarot Tapestry for Your Wall

Hanging tarot tapestry on your walls can add beauty while inviting divine energy into your home.

When you see the cards on your walls, you’ll be reminded of their guidance.

Here are some of the best tarot tapestries to buy and hang up on your walls.

1. The Sun

Many people love this card as it reminds them to focus on the brighter side of things.

Remember, the sun shines on us and brightens our days. So, having this card can brighten your home and remind you to remain optimistic regardless of the things happening around the world.

It features bright colors and positive vibes.

2. The Moon

This is an interesting card. However, some people may think of it as a negative card since it brings issues about one’s life and illusions.

But, it’s equally important to question the things happening around us, which is why you should consider hanging the Moon tarot. The card features the zodiac symbols and moon cycle.

3. The Star Traditional

It is a beautiful addition to any home. It offers a serene look, helping users heal and have hope while following the shining star leading them to their destiny.

4. The Hermit

The Hermit encourages the reader to focus on the inwards and lean on their inner wisdom.

It helps enlighten us spiritually while discovering parts of ourselves.

You can use this card to learn about your soul and its connection to the world.

5. The Lovers

The card represents love and partnerships, but it also reminds users of the choices to make in life.

It tells you to think carefully before making decisions and rely on your inner wisdom when making the choices.

Should You Read Your Own Tarot Cards?

A tarot card mirrors the human psyche.

It is a tool that helps us gain insights into our situations and potential outcomes.

So this means that you can read your tarot cards.

These days, tarot cards are easily accessible.

But, this has made people believe that tarot reading is only gifted to a few individuals.

And even available cartomancers learn this skill somewhere. Mostly by reading for themselves.

It’s easy to deceive yourself when reading for yourself.

You need a clear mind and an impartial attitude to do an accurate reading. But this is a bit hard when your issues are the ones to interpret.

You can distinguish the voice of desire and worry from the subtle voice of inner intuition. However, it’s always best to be open to a second opinion when your self-deception creeps in.

So how can you do Tarot spreads on yourself? Here are the steps to follow:

1. Prepare Your Space Physically and Mentally

Tarot reading requires divine focus, which can be hard to achieve if you’re not well prepared.

Cleanse your energy by ringing bells, bathing, and burning herbs or crystals.

With clean energy, you can now find somewhere to sit.

Pick a comfortable space with no disturbance and close your eyes.

Then start visualizing and accepting the divine energy around you.

2. Shuffle and Choose Cards

Take several deep breaths through your mouth and nose.

When doing this, remember to think about the issue you need guidance on.

But, be very open-minded to the answers that come your way.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and shuffle your cards, still thinking about your question.

When satisfied that they are mixed, pick out the cards in front.

The pattern that you have is known as a “spread.”

They occur in combinations that build the answer to your question.

Determine the spread you will work with before you start shuffling.

And understand that you may need to draw out more cards for clarity of the given answer or ask a new question involving a different matter.

Please don’t ask the same questions many times.

You won’t get a definite answer, and it will lead to confusion.

If you are displeased with the answer you receive, it might be tempting to start over and use new cards for a different outcome.

But don’t. Instead, try to accept the answer you receive and find ways to deal with it.

3. Pick a Spread

Decide on the spread you will use and the depth you want your answer to be.

Remember that drawing more cards gives you a complex insight.

Beginners are advised to use a three or five-card spread.

This offers clarity and eliminates confusion. Read each card individually based on its placement on the spread and evaluate how cards blend to form a story with divine meaning.

What about reading a card reversal?

A reversal card also points out something you need to pay attention to.

In some cases, the meaning could be the opposite of the card’s upright meaning.

But sometimes, it may also mean a deficit of that particular energy or something very different or nothing at all.

So since this can be confusing, it’s better to start with the upright meaning of cards until you understand this language.

Then you can teach yourself the meaning behind reversal cards.

How Can You Avoid Bad Readings?

It’s not uncommon to end up with bad readings.

But there are steps you can take to avoid them.

Remember to pray before you start reading or someone else reads for you.

This often results in the greater good. If you strongly feel bad, stop the reading immediately. It’s all about trusting your instincts.

Suppose you want someone else to read for you, get a recommendation from someone who has already seen the person.

Lastly, be very careful when asking for something. Be open to the possible answers and decide what you’ll do with them.

Are There Bad Cards?

Some people say that there are bad cards in a tarot deck.

These include the “Death,” “Tower,” and “Devil” cards that are scary.

When doing a reading, please don’t take messages from these cards literally or see them as bad cards.

For instance, leaving a job can seem like death, but you also get a new job representing birth.

So you don’t need to welcome death, and it doesn’t mean that there will be literal death.

Once you understand these cards, you won’t see them as “bad” cards.


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