Is It Tacky to Hang Your Own Art on Your Walls? (4 MISTAKES TO AVOID)

Art is a crucial part of home decoration.

It offers aesthetic value and can transform the home into a calm and welcoming space.

But, if you’re an artist, you might wonder whether hanging your own paintings in your home is okay.

But, Should You Display Your Own Artwork on Your Walls?

The short answer is that it depends. Some artists don’t have a problem with displaying their own arts. In fact, it reminds them of their inspiration when making the piece and a motivation to get creative.

However, some people may not be comfortable hanging their art on the walls. Although everyone has a reason for this, most times, it’s because they cannot help but critique it and wonder what other people will think about their art.

But, if you like the painting enough, you don’t need to buy from another artist while you can decorate your house.

However, sometimes you may find that you don’t like your art.

This is not uncommon if you’re overly self critical about your art.

Therefore, in this case, it will be best to sell them or give them away.

What to Do If You Decide to Hang Your Art

When you hang your paintings in your house, you need to be careful not to brag about them.

You don’t need to point out that a piece of art is yours immediately after a guest walks in the door.

This will come out as pretentious and boastful.

However, if they ask where you bought the painting because they like it, you can modestly inform them. There is no harm in that.

Additionally, ensure that the art is tasteful and you like it.

Otherwise, you will find yourself criticizing it most time, and chances are that you will pull it down.

Again, it is wise to have the artwork framed and try limiting the pieces that are yours. It’s also wise to have pieces from other people.

Four Ways To Display Artwork in Your Home

Now that you’ve made several art pieces you want to hang, you may be asking yourself what the right way to do so is.

The truth is that there is no single way to display artwork in your house.

We are all different, and what works for one person may be unpleasant to you. But if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas to consider:

1. Hang a Large Original Painting By Itself

If you have painted a large painting or created a canvas or metal print, it’s best to let it be the centerpiece of your room.

Often such art pieces are stretched over a wood frame, and you design them ready to be hung.

In that case, you only need to decide whether the pieces match your room’s style, then you can make it the center of attention in the room.

If you are not a minimalist and you’d love custom and uniform things, you can make multiple prints, drawings, or paintings of the same nature.

Make sure to use a similar frame for all your artworks.

Then symmetrically arrange them on your walls.

Alternatively, you can mix and match things to spice things up.

You can combine your artwork and pieces from other artists to bring out diversity.

The size of the pieces doesn’t need to be the same.

Plus, you can include drawings, paintings, prints, and other fixture types. You can decide to use a similar frame style or mix frames.

3. Place Small Framed Paintings and Drawings on Shelves on the Walls

Consider this method if you aim at a casual and relaxed display.

You can use a single painting or drawing or take this opportunity to create a gallery wall with different paintings.

Bookshelves can work well for this display.

But if you don’t have them, you can install floating shelves and use them for displaying your fine art.

You can either lean the pieces against your wall or layer them on top of each other to allow more depth.

4. Display the Artwork in Pairs

If you want to create a harmonious fantastic gallery wall, consider this décor style.

But you must ensure that your artworks complement each other well; otherwise, your space will look uncoordinated.

You can pair your or another artist’s work or include one piece from each. But for this arrangement, using the same frame types is advisable.

Four Art Displaying Mistakes Many People Make

There are things to be avoided when decorating your home with art. Unfortunately, many people still make these mistakes, ruining the art piece’s beauty. Here are some common ones;4

1. Being Overly Matchy

Mixing and matching art is encouraged to bring out the uniqueness and beauty of the space even more.

However, the extent you can go with this influences the outcomes.

Don’t limit yourself to using art with a mix of colors in the rest of your room.

You can pick a completely different color, which will still blend well.

2. Not Considering the Size

Nothing can ruin the beauty of an art piece than using the wrong size in the room.

Hanging a small piece in a large room or a large piece in a small space is a common mistake.

But you can rectify this by using the correct frame size per the room.

Of course, achieving a perfect proportion can be difficult. But remember to hang something close.

3. Hanging the Art too High

Many people have mistakenly hung an art very high above eye level.

Doing this denies you and another guest a chance to get a good glimpse of the artwork.

For this reason, it is advisable to evaluate the hanging heights of your home and pick the best places to hang art.

4. Filling Up All Your Walls

Please note that you don’t need to have art pieces on every wall.

Now, it can be difficult if you have many pieces to display. But this restriction can make your space smarter and less hectic.

Also, when hanging your pieces, you must ensure that you secure them properly.

Don’t hang artwork with one nail, even if it is small and lightweight.

Doing that risks it from falling, and it can badly injure someone if this happens.

Lastly, you don’t have to feel limited to sticking your artwork to your walls only.

Explore other places you might be missing out.

For instance, try the back of your couch or on top of your dresser. Just play around and see what works well for you.

What Can You Do with Your Artwork If You Don’t Want to Hang in Your House?

Of course, the best thing to do is to take it to an exhibition for sale.

Alternatively, you can also advertise them yourself.

But if you have art pieces that haven’t found buyers and don’t want to display them, you need to find proper storage.

You can put them in your closet or home office.

But make sure that the room is finished and that there are no air vents or windows.

This is why attics and basements aren’t ideal storage places.

Additionally, do not store your artwork in rooms with an exterior wall. Please use a space that is inside your house completely.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing tacky about hanging your own art pieces.

Just ensure you follow the above steps to create a beautiful space. But if you don’t like displaying your art in your house, that’s fine too.