Can You Put a Murphy Bed In a Mobile Home? (Six Types)

There is no doubt that space is premium in a mobile home.

Equipping such homes with items, furniture, and appliances, therefore calls for creativity, good choices, and great organizational skills.

You could be pondering over the appropriate bed for your mobile home.

(And that begs an ultimate question:) Can You Put a Murphy bed In a Mobile Home?

Yes. A murphy bed is the most ideal bed for your mobile space. Such beds can be folded with ease to create space for other operations. This is a space-saving solution when it comes to the bedroom area. You also achieve a good organization of your room. There are three major categories of murphy beds; beds that can be attached to the floor, the wall, and free-standing murphy beds.

We will explain this further in this article and other Murphy bed installation ideas, tips, and much more. Read on.

Which Murphy Beds Are Ideal For Mobile Homes?

The first thing you are dying to know before we proceed is the types of murphy beds that can be installed in a mobile home.

Well, there are 6 major types of murphy beds suitable for mobile homes:

  • murphy desk beds
  • vertical murphy beds
  • folding murphy beds
  • freestanding murphy beds
  • horizontal murphy beds
  • murphy bunk beds

All these types of beds are ideal for mobile homes due to their customizable features.

You can always make adjustments to them after sleep to free up space for other household tasks.

Remember that the choice you make is largely determined by the interior design of your mobile home.

The wall space is also of great concern when making an installation choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Murphy Beds In A Mobile Home?

1. They Economize On Space

As we mentioned, space in mobile homes tends to be a limiting factor.

Installing murphy beds helps you to make good use of the available space.

You can use this space as a home office or living space during the day and then turn it into a bedroom during the night or when it is time to sleep.

2. Murphy Beds Can Be Multifunctional

Depending on the design, murphy beds can be folded to allow space for other day-to-day operations in your home.

You can use it as a sofa option, desk or table.

That means you save on space and cash that would otherwise have been used to purchase this furniture.

3. Murphy Beds Can Be Used As Additional Guest Beds

If you have a bedroom already and guests overwhelm you, you can always offer better sleeping solutions using a murphy bed. You will not need to strain to acquire another bed.

4. They Are As Comfortable As Regular Beds

If you have any doubts about the comfort offered by murphy beds, then it is high time you discard them.

Murphy beds can be as comfortable as other regular beds.

Of course, you should try the mattress before you purchase it.

You should acquire one that fits in the Murphy bed properly without causing any balance issues.

Four Things to Look for When Buying a Murphy Bed For Your Mobile Home

1. Room And Murphy Bed Dimensions

You want to acquire something that fits into the available space. it is therefore important that you put in mind the measurements of your room.

That will help you acquire a murphy bed with the exact measurements that you need.

The measurements should allow you to fold it properly during the day and then convert it back to a bed during the night or when you want to take a nap.

Additionally, you should check other physical characteristics of your room’s design.

This will give you a good fit for a murphy bed. Such features include:

  • your room’s electrical outlets
  • molding, baseboards, and floors
  • the size and location of the doorways

Important measurements that you should take for your murphy bed are the height, width, and depth when it is in a closed position.

Also, consider the bed’s projection when you lay it for sleep.

That gives you a blueprint on how you should arrange other furniture and items in the room.

2. Your Murphy Bed Mechanisms

There are two primary mechanisms under which murphy beds operate:

  • piston 
  • spring.

The piston mechanism uses a lock to keep the bed when folded.

The spring mechanism, on the other hand, requires adjustments that are made over a couple of years.

So, before you jump into a final choice, gauge between these two operational mechanisms of murphy beds.

Often, spring mechanisms are used on murphy beds that are mounted on the floor.

Even though they prove harder to remove, they are more stable.

The piston mechanism is used for murphy beds that are mounted on the walls. They pose minimum damage on the walls and can be removed with ease.

3. The Appearance Of The Murphy Bed

You need to keep in mind that the same space you are putting your murphy bed in will serve as a living space or a workspace.

How will your folded bed appear on the wall or floor?

Check how it will look like when folded before making a purchase.

The last thing you want to see in your mobile home is a distracting object.

It is also a good idea to consider if you can paint or stain the frames of your murphy bed.

This can help you to achieve a blending color theme in your room.

4. Murphy Bed Comfort

The hack here lies in getting a good mattress for your murphy bed.

Even though some come with their mattresses, others do not. By all means, acquire meters that will meet your comfort needs. it is advisable to try them before making a purchase.

When buying a different mattress, it is important to check the size limitations.

Ensure that it is a perfect fit. Most producers use latex and foam mattresses.

Murphy Bed Installation Considerations

Installation of a murphy bed is a simple assignment that can be done by any skillful DIYer.

Most of them come with installation manuals. If you follow the guide properly, rest assured you can accomplish the task with ease.

Alternatively, you can get a professional to handle the task for you.

Most Murphy bed producers offer installation services for their customers at a subsidized fee.

You can take advantage of these offers if you find the job to be a challenging one.

The bed should be fastened properly in space.

Any loose ends that show up over time should be corrected as soon as possible.

Kids and pets can play around them and risk getting injured.

So, like most installations at home, murphy beds should be checked routinely for any flaws.

Final words

It is now time to economize on that space you have in your mobile home.

Choosing a murphy bed is an idea you will never regret.

Make appropriate choices by selecting an ideal type of murphy bed for your room.

Having a bed that can be turned into a sofa, table or desk is indeed a great achievement. it makes you minimalistic but real and satisfied.

Carry out proper installation and enjoy a worthwhile living experience.