Is It Weird for A Teenager to Have a Bunk Bed? (Not At All…)

Most parents prefer to raise their kids in bunk beds.

Unlike conventional beds, they are spacious, compact, and remove the need for sharing single sleeping space.

However, as it’s usual with anything else we’re raised with, your teen will likely feel they’ve outgrown this type of bed at some point.

But, Is It Weird for A Teenager to Have a Bunk Bed?

Not at all. Firstly, teens are within the age bracket bunk beds are made for. This type of bed is perfect for anyone between 4 and 16 years. In contrast, teens are anywhere between 13 and 19 years. So basically, bunk beds are made for both preteens and teens. But that doesn’t mean they can use it however they please. The bottom bunk, for instance, is suitable for children aged 6 and below. This means your teenager should occupy the top bunk as they are better suited for the labor of climbing up and down daily.

Secondly, there’s nothing weird about it if your teen is willing to sleep in one (and you are happy about it).

There’s Bigger Things at Stake Than the Weird Factor

For many teens, ample space comes first before most other things.

Teenagers have a lot of stuff to keep safe:

  • video game consoles
  • games
  • sporting paraphernalia
  • electronics
  • etc.

They need a lot of storage space to keep virtually all of these items in one place.

Some bunk beds are designed with storage in mind and they’re less likely to bore your teen.

You can buy a specially designed storage-oriented bunk and remove the need for extra storage space (drawers, chests, etc.).

It would be even economical to buy a bunk bed with more storage space than invest in separate storage spaces.

Here’s a perfect example:

Secondly, the versatility of bunk beds outweighs the weird factor (if any, again).

There are just so many types, colors, shapes, and configurations to choose from that even the sulkiest teen would find a product worth sticking with through teenage.

If safety is your main concern, for example, you can go for a bunk equipped with stairs. These beds ensure safer access to the upper bed than entry-level units.

Here’s one:

Does your teen think bunks are weird because they’ve grown taller?

Go for a bunk bed that supports fullover full configuration.

Not only do they feature full-sized frames to provide comfort for an adult, but some of them can also be separated into two distinct beds.

They can be a great choice if you expect your children to keep the same bed into their teenage years, even slightly past that stage.

is that the main objective of purchasing a bunk bed is to save space and provide comfortable sleeping space for your kids.

If you are being economical with space, say, you live in a small home, how your teens feel about the bunk bed is at the very bottom of your list of worries.

As long as you save some space with a towering bed and put every crevice and nook to use, whether the whole arrangement is weird for your teen is of very little concern until you move to a more spacious home where they can afford to be choosy.

Fortunately, the market has tons of such super compact space savers, like this one:

Even if your older children are occupying the upper bunk, ensure the rails are present and functioning as expected to remove the risk of falling.

Weight and Size – Two Factors You Must Get Right

You can prevent your kids from feeling weird in their bed bunks if you choose weight and size wisely.

If the bed wasn’t designed for larger weights, your child may never use it past their preteen years.

The same is true for size – remember that youngsters tend to get taller in their teenage years.

1. Weight Limit

All bunk beds come with a weight limit written on them. A perfect product for teens should support up to 2000 lbs.

Such a high limit ensures that your teenager can keep using it as long as they want, even longer!

A product with a few hundred-pounds weight limit should only be used by preteens.

2. Size

Size is paramount as far as durability and safety are concerned.

Your teen will certainly detest the bunk when their feet start to hang outside.

An average teen will need a King or Queen bunk to sleep comfortably for longer until their 20th birthday or even older.

The Queen bunk typically comes with about 87” of length and 60” of width.

On another hand, the King bunk comes with 87” of length and 76” of width across.

Never underestimate the importance of size – it is integral to both the comfort and sharing capabilities of the unit.

For instance, the larger the cross-section measurement, the better it’s suited to accommodate two teens sleeping comfortably side by side.

Also, greater length means your teen won’t notice they’re getting older for the bunk.

Okay, Your Teen Is Fed Up with Bunk Beds, What Next?

Taste and preferences change as the child gets older. Chances are they’ll outgrow the typical childhood bunk bed and ask for something a bit different.

If your teenager feels they’ve outgrown the traditional bunk bed, here are a few transition options:

1. Separable Bunk Beds That Make 2 Beds

Please your bunk bed-loathing teen by separating the bunk into two (if it’s designed for it, that is).

Some bunk beds come with a frame that allows you to separate the upper and lower bed.

If yours does, separate the two beds and let them sit horizontally on the floor, side by side.

2. Switch to A Captain

A Captain bed, also referred to as a storage bed, consists of a bed frame with a shallow box or drawers hidden on the two longer sides.

They can be great for a teen trying to transition from a bunk bed to a better and less “childish” bed.

The best thing about captain beds is their large storage area capable of swallowing much of the stuff a typical teen may own.

3. Try Out Loft Beds

Another bunk bed-like option is perfect for teens that feel have outgrown bunk beds in the loft bed.

Loft beds are very much like bunk beds – they consist of one bed raised above the ground except but the space, rather feature a second bed, is reserved for another purpose.

The lower part of a loft bed can feature a desk, a workplace, or storage space.


So, is it weird for a teenager to have a bunk bed? No. First off, teens are well within the age bracket bunk beds are made for.

Bunks are perfect for anyone between 4 and 16 years. In contrast, teens are anywhere between 13 and 19 years.

Therefore, bunk beds are made for both preteens and teens.

The bottom bunk is suitable for children aged 6 and below.

Teenagers, therefore, should occupy the top bunk as they are better suited for the labor of climbing up and down daily.