Is It Weird To Sleep In A Twin Bed As An Adult?!?

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important, and part of that is having a bed that is the right size for you.

While the bed you can buy is determined by several factors, twin beds are a classic space-saving option that you might consider, especially if you live in a single wide mobile home.

So, Is It Bad For An Adult To Sleep In A Twin Bed?

NO, it’s not. If you are single and do not take up much space, an adult can comfortably sleep in a twin bed. Twin bed is also an excellent space-saver and a lot cheaper compared to other beds.

Generally, if you are a petite adult a twin bed is appropriate. However, if you have a romantic partner, sleeping on a twin bed will not be a pleasant experience.

In this post, you will find more about twin beds and if it makes sense for an adult to sleep on them.

What Is A Twin Bed? Who Is A Twin Bed Meant For?

A twin bed is approximately 38 inches by 75 inches.

It is the smallest option outside beds designed for cribs and small children, making it the smallest bed an adult can have.

Although two people can squeeze into one twin bed, these petite beds are certainly designed for only solo sleepers.

This definitely means that it is not weird to sleep in a twin bed as an adult. Just make sure you are sleeping alone.

Besides a twin bed being an excellent space saver and comfortable for single sleepers, there are a whole lot of reasons why an adult would choose to sleep in a twin bed.

Unaptly named a “twin” bed, these beds are relatively inexpensive, and many petite adults with tiny bedrooms like them because they feel comfortable without taking much space.

Four Reasons Why Adults Would Choose A Twin Bed

There are times when a larger bed may not be practical.

Depending on your situation, here are a few reasons why sleeping in a twin bed as an adult might make perfect sense.

1. Twins Beds Are Inexpensive

Despite not having many things to drain your finances, it is not uncommon to be on a tight budget as an early adult.

Considering that you’re likely not to have someone you are fairly intimate with, you can buy a bed suited to yourself.

Apparently, a twin bed is a cheaper option that feels comfortable.

From the frame and the mattress to the sheets and comforter, twin beds are a lot cheaper compared to other beds.

That said, buying a twin bed can help you save a great deal of money when you are on a tight budget.

2. Twin Bed Is Good For Tiny Bedrooms

Another reason why it makes sense to get a twin bed is when your bedroom is tiny.

If you live in a one-room studio, a super-tiny apartment, you may be forced to buy a bed that matches the available.

Unlike full-size beds and other options, twin beds are excellent space savers and will incredibly fit in tiny spaces without dominating the entire space.

3. Twin Beds Feel Comfortable For Petite Adults

If you are of smaller stature, both in size and height, you are more likely to find it ultra-comfortable to sleep on a twin bed.

As long as you can find a good-quality mattress for your bed, you can comfortably sleep on your single bed.

The only point when a petite adult would find it uncomfortable to sleep on a twin bed is when s/he rolls around considerably in their sleep.

If you’re of smaller stature and don’t want to feel lost or swallowed up on a vast, king-size bed, a twin-size bed will definitely do the trick.

It feels more manageable and approachable.

4. Twin bed Is An Excellent Choice For Minimalism

If you appreciate a minimalist aesthetic when it comes to interior decor, the idea of having a twin bed is likely to pique your interest.

Considering that twin beds are practical in college hostels, many adults end up developing a positive attitude towards twin beds.

And although these beds are not convenient for sex time, some adults who appreciate a less-is-more approach just love them.

Even if you have a larger space and are a minimalist, having a classic twin-size bed leaves you with a lot of open space for your desk, additional closet, and other pieces of furniture.


Talking about comfort, if you are sleeping alone, a twin bed will get the job done. A twin bed should feel comfortable if you don’t roll much around in your sleep and don’t stretch significantly when sleeping.

When Is Sleeping In A Twin Bed BAD For An Adult?

Although adults in an intimate relationship can comfortably share a twin bed because they can virtually sleep on top of each other, many couples don’t find a twin bed comfortable.

1. When You’re Married Or Planning To Have A Bed Partner

We all know that twin beds are designed specifically for solo sleepers.

In this regard, if you are just getting out of college and want to be staying with your girl- or boy-friend, then you should consider investing in a full-size bed.

Even if you live in a small home that may feel overwhelmed with a larger bed, the last thing you would want is not to get a good night’s sleep because you have a twin bed.

2. If You’re Considered Tall

If you’re taller than 6 feet tall, then you definitely want to bypass a twin size bed.

In this case, a queen or king size bed would allow  you to sleep more comfortably.

3. If You Are a Restless Sleeper

Restless sleepers usually have difficulties drifting off, which tends to worsen when there is someone next to them.

Considering that many restless sleepers roll around their beds before they can drift off and even after drifting off, a twin bed would be weird for a person with such traits.

A restless sleeper will be better sleeping in a full-size bed or other larger options.


Twin beds are reasonably practical and offer many benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness saving space.

While it is normal to sleep on such beds as an adult if you are a single sleeper, it is completely weird for dating and married adults to sleep in a twin bed.

Hopefully, after reading this post, you got insights into what it means to sleep in a twin bed.