Mobile Home Lighting Fixtures

Choosing And Installing The Ideal Mobile Home Lighting Fixtures


If your mobile home has old lighting fixtures that date back to the early 20th century, then it might need an upgrade to modern types of mobile home lighting fixtures. Often times you might also need to replace the old wiring for the new fixtures to work. If your mobile home has aluminum wiring for example, you might have to replace the wiring for it to accommodate most modern light fixtures.

Your wiring might not be dangerous currently and never gives you trouble, but you really can’t be sure and you never know when exactly the wiring will deteriorate and cause an electrical fault or worse a fire.

When Your Lighting Fixtures Need Replacement

If the wiring that accompanies the lighting fixtures kepps tripping breakers or frequently blowing fuses, then it is time for a replacement. If your lights keeps dimming or flickering, a replacement should also be considered. Also, if your switch plates are warm to the touch, simply replace them before they burn up.

Lastly, if you simply want to improve your fixtures by putting up more decorative or practical lighting to give more life to a boring looking living space, then shopping around for the vast types of home lighting fixtures in the market will really help you choose the ideal one.

Shopping for Home lighting Fixtures

Since your mobile home might not exactly be as spacious as an actual house and space would definitely be limited, consider shopping for light fixtures that will provide more light and at the same time improve the interior décor. Consider buying LED home lighting for the area that requires more light like on the outside of your mobile home. You could buy lighting with a softer glow for your bedroom for example and decorative lighting for your living room space.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting in your mobile home is also a good option, because it provides low-profile illumination and the best part is that it will be embedded into the ceiling and you won’t have to deal with the nuisance of dangling cords, bulbs or switches. It is also ideal if you need lighting that is sleek, affordable and functional for your mobile home; as much as it takes a lot of work during installation, the end result is worth all the trouble. The different types of recessed lighting bulbs available will offer different lighting options and choosing one that best meets your mobile home lighting needs is advisable.

Keep Installation In Mind

Before buying your mobile home indoor lighting fixtures, think about installation because most of them require wiring and installation. The recessed lighting fixtures for example require fresh wiring since the fixtures, bulbs and wiring are all secreted inside the ceiling. They might be attractive and add style to your home but if you frequently change your mobile home décor, consider choosing home lighting fixtures that can be updated or moved easily.

Installing the lighting fixtures

Installing new light fixtures in your mobile home will definitely give it a new look. After visiting various home improvement stores and having purchased the ideal lighting fixtures, installing them require a few precautionary measures to ensure safe and successful installation.

Outlined below are some things to do during lighting fixture installation.

1) Ensure that the electricity is turned off and no power goes to the old fixture; verify that the power is off before beginning the installation.

2) Next, simply remove the old lighting fixture from the wall or ceiling by unscrewing the mounting screws and disconnecting the wires inside the junction box. Unscrew the screws retaining the mounting plate and remove it.

3) Confirm the wiring requirements of the new fixture and if it has the same ones as the old light fixture then put the new mounting bracket into the box and run the wires round the bracket. If the wiring requirements are different, then you will have no choice but to do new wiring.

4) Connect the wires by matching up the white, black and green wires from the wall to the new lighting fixture and then connect them with the wire nuts.

5) Last, simply tuck the wires into the box and place the new lighting fixture to the mounting bracket using the new hardware that comes with it. Turn on the electricity and if the lights come on, then the installation was successful.

Lastly, if you simply have no clue about purchasing, installing or anything to do with your mobile home lighting, simply consult a trusted and qualified electrician to advise and install the ideal lighting fixtures for you.

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