Mobile Home Hot Water Heaters

Mobile Home Hot Water Heaters: Buying Guide

Having a steady supply of hot water when living in a mobile home not only provides comfort and heat during the cold season to its occupants it also saves the family a great deal of savings in cost and time. It is imperative that one is aware about how to choose the right type of mobile home hot water heaters, what to consider before making the important decision to buy, and how to install it at home. Water heater comes in many types, shape, and dimension. Basically, three things must be in the topmost priority when buying one and they are; the fuel type, the storage capacity, and how much space it will occupy in your mobile home. Here is a buying guide on how to choose the most efficient mobile home hot water heaters that will fit your family’s needs and how to properly install it in your home.

Buying Guide When Purchasing A Mobile Home Water Heater System

Know the difference between using the various method of water heater depending on what fuel or power source is used with the guide below.

Fuel Source Type

1) Electric – this is the cheapest way to have hot water any time of the day that also offers efficient supply depending on the power source used. Although it is energy efficient, it mainly uses two kinds of heating elements to keep hot water in the household in steady supply. The dimension and capacity can accommodate from 2.5 Gallons of water up to 70 Gallons.

2) Gas Powered – it is definitely more expensive but performance wise, it is more efficient than the electric powered one. It requires a burner to heat water and needs enough space for air to circulate. A word of advice, this must not be stored near any combustible materials. Its tanks can accommodate 30 gallons up to 70 gallons of water.

3) Heat Pump/ Hybrid – it utilizes energy from the air to heat water. It can make use of indoor or outdoor air and much bigger and costly to maintain. This type is usually available as built-in water tanks and yields a lower energy cost. Size range allows a 40 gallon to 70 gallon water capacity.

4) Solar Powered – it may cost much to have one set up but it is the most energy efficient type as it makes use of the sun’s power to heat water. The only bad side is it can not be used on cloudy days and stormy weather. It has the power to store and heat up water from 34 to 70 gallons.

Water Heater Types

1) Storage Tank – it is the most common type and one of the popular choice among buyers. It consists of an insulated tank where all the heated water is collected and disposed of when needed. Fuel type use can range from liquid propane, electric and gas. Always consider the number of the people or family members who will need or use hot water on a daily basis in your mobile home. What sets it apart is its high recovery rate factor. The higher rate of recovery the more hot water is produced in a given hour. This type of utility heaters can accommodate a water capacity of 2.5 to 19 gallons.

2) Tankless/ On-Demand – this type of water heater does not usually store water; it allows the water to pass through a series of coils inside the unit. Water is instantly heated and there is absolutely no need for storage tanks that occupy space in a small mobile home. However, it can only provide a limited supply of hot water. But it is definitely more energy efficient than the traditional storage tank water heater system. Fuel source can be a choice between electric, natural gas or liquid propane. It can provide at least 3.5 gallons of hot water for every minute.


Take into consideration the space where the water heater will be situated. Take the dimensions and measurements of the spot and the size of the unit and if it can be easily accommodated. If the need for hot water increases and you need to upgrade to a larger unit, have the plumbing designed in a way that it can be easily moved from a small heater to a larger capacity tank.

Water Heater Accessories

Here is a checklist of accessories when buying a water heater and ensure they are all included:

-Water heater stand, pans, and alarm

-Built in or expansion tanks

-Timer and pressure regulator

-Insulated water heater blanket

How To Install A Water Heater System

1. Make sure you are aware of what fuel source you will use and the plumbing connection from the water source. Check carefully if the proper pipes are securely connected from the fuel and water source.

2. Before connecting the heater from all its necessary elements to fully operate, shut off all the main sources first to ensure safety during installation. Set up the new heater into your plumbing and fuel source pipes by moving the unit to its designated spot in the home. Water heaters are usually bulky and heavy and make sure you have the proper equipment or enough manpower to move a large unit.

3. Carefully install all the included accessories. Then turn the power on and connect the fuel and water supply to begin testing the efficiency of your mobile home hot water heaters.

4. Allow the water to reach its capacity then drain it. This is to make sure that all the sediments left inside the tank will be totally flushed out and will not cause any clog or problems in the future. Fill the tank to its capacity and adjust the temperature setting between 100 t0 120 degrees.

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