Is It Better To Have Your Desk Facing The Wall Or Window? (FOUR FACTORS)

When setting up a home office or a new workstation layout, we often face the dilemma of where to place the furniture best to optimize our work environment.

Choosing where to place the desk ultimately comes down to facing the wall or the window.

So, Is It Better To Have Your Desk Facing The Wall Or Window?

Answer: It all depends on what works best for you. Having your desk facing the window is a better option if you need a lot of natural light to focus well. However, if you get distracted easily by what’s happening outside, it is better to have your desk facing the wall.

Four Desk Positioning Considerations

There are several factors you need to put into consideration when planning your desk placement position.

Some people are thrilled by the beautiful sighting from outside and would love to have their desks facing the window.

It may be ideal for you, but here are other factors to look into:

1. Desk Size

The size of your desk determines which position to place.

Consider the size of your desk and compare it to the available space in the room. For instance, you can place a larger desk at the center of the room instead of the wall.

But a smaller desk is fit to place next to the wall. Consider having multiple small desks and placing them on the sides of the room.

2. Desk View

Having your desk facing the window makes you less unconstructed.

You can enjoy the natural light and scenic view from outside, that can inspire creativity and improve your productivity.

Although the great view is alluring, most designers conventionally place the desk in the centre of the room, facing the doorway.

3. Room Design

Eventually, you will have to consider your office’s layout and design. Evaluate the availability of enough lighting, built-ins, and the size of the windows.

A built-in room gives a perfect spot for a small desk facing the wall.

You should also check out the position of the light fixture in the room. It is ideal to position your desk underneath the light fixture. This will give you more lighting focused directly on your desk.

4. Outlet Location

If you have office gadgets that need to be plugged in, it makes sense to have your desk near an outlet.

In some homes, the power outlets are located at the centre of the room on the floor. Pick a position that is convenient for you to access power for your office equipment.

Why Place Your Desk Facing the Wall

This is the best option if you must stay focused on your work away from the distracting nature.


1. You Will Be Able To Focus On Your Work

A wall-facing desk is best for an intense work environment.

Having your desk facing the wall will completely detach you from everything else in your room.

You can stay super focused on your work during working hours.

People who notice that you are concentrating on your work are less likely to interrupt your workflow.

Having your desk facing the wall will also help you boost your productivity.

You can also stick your plans, calendar, or task notes on the wall to help you track your work activities.

2. The Shape Of The Room

A desk facing the wall is a perfect solution in an irregularly designed room. Some rooms are L-shaped or U-shaped, with little space for a work desk.

In this case, you can have a U-shaped or an L-shaped desk instead of a straight desk. So, it makes sense to place your desk facing the wall.

3. It Saves Space

If your office has limited room space, you can free more space by placing the desk on the wall. Most modern office desks have storage drawers.

You can neatly arrange your office stationery and tuck them in the drawers to give you more space.


1. Dull Working Environment

Facing the wall is quite monotonous and may make you feel unproductive.

2. Less Inspiring

Staring at the wall can restrict your creativity. You are less inventive when you are boxed in an unlively environment.

3. You Have Limited Command Of Your Surrounding

Facing the wall means you must be aware of your surrounding environment.

Communicating with your work colleagues or other office occupants may need to be more comfortable facing the wall.

People may construe that you need to be more professional in your work.

Having Your Desk Facing the Window


1. Reduce Claustrophobic Feelings

Access to the view of the outside environment can eliminate the feeling of being closed in.

2. Promotes Creativity.

Having a good glare of the surrounding can help you to find inspiration for your work.

3. Positive Emotions

Access to natural lighting. Natural sunlight is a source of Vitamin B in the human body.

So, you not only have access to bright natural light but you also get nourished while working.

4. It Is Cost-Effective.

You spend less money on energy.


  1. Bright sunlight may cause eye strain.
  2. Possible distractions from the outside environment.
  3. Glaring sunlight can damage office furniture and equipment.
  4. It is not a good Feng Shui


Whether to have your desk facing the wall or window is a choice of convenience and the demands of your work environment.

Considering each option’s benefits and drawbacks, we hope you can make a choice that best suits you.

A desk facing the wall away from visible interruptions can be the best option if you can overcome its drawbacks.