Should You Let Guests Staying Overnight Have Your Bedroom?

Friends and family members live far away from each other.

As such, many cannot visit their loved ones and return to their houses the same day.

So, many do overnight visits. While they are a great time to catch up, the host needs to be thoughtful to make them enjoyable.

So, Should You Let Guests Staying Overnight Have Your Bedroom?

As a host, you must ensure your guests are as comfortable as possible. Depending on the type of visitors you have, you may want to offer your bed for the night. For instance, if you have elders as guests, it is only courteous to let them sleep comfortably on the bed instead of the couch.

If your high school friend or teen nephew is visiting, they may be okay sleeping on the couch. 

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Should You Let Guests Staying Overnight Have Your Bedroom?

Should You Have a Guest Room?

Properties are different and feature different living arrangements.

For this reason, some rooms may be missing in some houses.

For instance, if you live in a one-bedroom house or have just a single bedroom, it may not be wise for the guests to stay overnight.

But if your house has a spare room, you could convert it into a guest room where visitors can sleep.

However, this is entirely your choice, and some people may want to use this room as a home office, spare room, etc.

What Should a Guest Room Have?

If you decide to have a bedroom, you need to keep certain things in mind to make it welcoming for your visitors.

A bed alone is not enough for this room, no matter how big and comfortable it is. Here are the main things your guest room needs for visitors to be comfortable.

1. Space For Luggage And Clothing

Even guests that come overnight have small luggage.

It’s essential you ensure that they have space where they can store the luggage while still accessing it easily.

Some people choose to install a closet or a dresser in this room.

But this is a bit of an investment.

If you haven’t planned for it, organize the place well to leave enough space for luggage and clothing.

2. A Bed With Pillows And Bed Covers

A guest room bed is an excellent investment as it will encourage your guests to have a good night’s sleep.

On top of that, you need to invest in a comfortable mattress and a soft, welcoming topper.

Also, offer pillows and pillowcases for more comfort and several bed covers.

3. A Trash Can

It can be daunting to walk around someone’s house with trash in your hands as you can’t find a place to throw it.

Even if you put a trash can in the bathroom and kitchen, remember to include one in the guest room.

Other items you can consider including in this room are a nightlight, TV, drinking glasses or water bottles, power outlets and toiletries.

Why Offer Your Guests Your Bedroom?

There are some benefits to offering your guests your bedroom. These include;

  1. You will be regarded as a great and kind host. So you’ll maintain peace and harmony in your relationships.
  2. Besides the bedroom, you will have the other spaces of your house to go to comfortably. Remember that putting your guests elsewhere makes that space a no go zone, as you want to maintain their privacy.
  3. It is a good chance to change and wash your bedsheets. If you have been procrastinating on this task, this opportunity will force you to do it.

Four Downsides to Offering Guests Your Bedroom

Although letting your guests sleep in your bedroom has some benefits, it has several downsides.

  1. Some people may not be comfortable allowing other people in their bedrooms. It may feel like their privacy is being invaded, and most likely, they won’t be comfortable relaxing in their home. If this is the case for you, you may reconsider giving up your bedroom.
  2. Again, since you are letting your guests stay in your bedroom, you may be forced to remove your personal or private belongings, clothing, and toiletries for the next day.
  3. You may also struggle with sleeping in other areas of your home, especially since you know you have a bed that you should be in.
  4. Lastly, some people may make a habit of it. If you give up your bed once, some visitors may expect you to do it whenever they are in your house.

What If You Don’t Want to Give Up Your Bedroom?

If you’d rather not offer your bedroom, there are still other spaces your guests can sleep. You can accommodate your guests in your living room or den. Here are some alternatives you can opt for:

1. A Sofa

Sleeping on a sofa for one night won’t hurt, especially if someone has no medical condition or injuries that make them need a bed.

Some couches are comfortable to sleep on, and some will appreciate the offer.

2. Inflatable Mattress Or Futon

These can act as temporary beds for your guests.

An inflatable mattress is suitable for people with limited space.

However, please note that this isn’t a permanent solution, but it can be ideal for a single evening.

A futon, on the other hand, will need more storage space. But it offers more comfort in terms of humidity and body temperature than inflatable mattresses.

Final Word

The choice to let your guests sleep in your bedroom is yours. So, don’t feel pressured to do so.

But always ensure your visitors are comfortable regardless of where they sleep. If you are limited on space, you can always book them a local hotel or guest house for the night.