Is It Rude to Ask Guests to Use a Specific Bathroom?

Many people love hosting guests, whether their best friends, relatives or colleagues.

Having guests around makes a home lively and creates memories. Many houses have a guest bedroom.

But only a few have a guest bathroom. Continue reading this guide to decide whether you need a guest bathroom.

So, Is It Rude to Ask Guests to Use a Specific Bathroom?

No. It is not rude to have a specific bathroom for your guests. In fact, this is encouraged to minimize congestion in your main bathroom and ensure hygiene. Let your guests use the bathroom you don’t usually use to reduce the risk of contracting viruses left behind on the toilet surfaces.

Many guests won’t even know it’s a guest bathroom unless you point it out. They’ll ask you to show them where the bathroom is, and you’ll point them to the one you want them to use.

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Three Reasons to Have a Guest Bathroom

1. Disease

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly changed how we do things.

Individuals have been forced to distance themselves from others to avoid contamination physically. But, there is still one unavoidable issue; using the bathroom.

Although the disease is transmitted from person to person, letting someone use your bathroom could also increase your exposure to this and other diseases.

For this reason, it is advisable to have an extra bathroom for your guests.

That way, it can reduce congestion in your house and minimize the risk of getting an infection from an infected person.

2. Privacy

Additionally, an extra bathroom gives guests privacy.

Your guests might not directly tell you this, but they will be more comfortable using their bathroom than sharing yours.

When you provide a restroom for your guests, they will be more comfortable using it and can use it on their own time.

3. Increases Home Value

Again, a guest bathroom can increase your property value by about 10%.

Additional bathrooms include highly desirable features that make a home look more valuable.

Therefore, if you plan to sell your home in the future, you can never go wrong by adding a guest bathroom.

Some people even create a designer guest bathroom that makes the home more attractive to buyers.

How to Provide a Comfortable Bathroom for Your Guests?

It is one thing to build a guest bathroom and another to ensure it is comfortable.

While you don’t have to make this space as luxurious as the main bathroom, you want to ensure that your friends and family have a wonderful time using it.

Here is what to include in your guest bathroom to ensure that it is comfortable for your visitors.

1. Toiletries

Fill the bathroom with anything your guests might need, either for a short or long time.

You can include

  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • cotton balls
  • cotton swabs
  • face and body lotion
  • shaving cream
  • new razors
  • shampoo and lotion.

Also, remember to include a hand soap with a nice fragrance for an extra touch.

Please remember you might be forced to change some of these things once your guest lives to prepare the space for the next visitor.

For instance, you will have to replace toothbrushes, razors and other personal items.

2. Towels

Avoid placing old worn-out towels in the guest bathroom.

Instead, buy high-quality, luxurious towels and place them where they can be easily seen.

If hosting a party, remember to replace hand towels often so your guests aren’t forced to dry their hands using a damp towel.

3. Trash Can

Nothing is worse than hunting for a trash can in someone’s bathroom.

But this situation can be worse if one is forced to walk around carrying trash in their hands because they can’t find a trash can.

Make sure you place one in an easily visible place so your guests can see it clearly. Also, remember to line it with a trash bag and change it frequently.

4. Medicines

These may not seem important to some people, but you never know when your visitors will get sick. One may experience a sudden headache or allergy attack and hesitate to ask for help.

Create a medicine cabinet and install it where your visitors can access it easily.

Then store painkillers like ibuprofen, heartburn medicines, antihistamines, and other necessities like bandages in it.

5. Special Extras

It doesn’t hurt to make your guests feel special. So, you can give them a spa-like experience by putting bath oils, sweet-smelling soaps for bubble baths, bath brushes, loofahs, and a pumice stone in the bathroom.

Also, try to include something that smells nice in the bathroom. It could be a candle, a reed diffuser or an air freshener. A bathroom that smells nice is welcoming and helps one feel relaxed.

Six Guest Bathroom Ideas That Will Make Your Visitors Feel Welcome

Besides including the above things, there are other ways to create an outstanding guest bathroom. Here are some ideas to help you get started;

1. Use Natural Light

Think of ways you can encourage natural light to fill the room.

For instance, you can optimize your window to allow more light or use airy details that create a sense of lightness.

2. Replace Shower Head

Instead of the ordinary showerhead, install one with a massage or rain feature. That way, the guests can enjoy spending time in your bathroom.

3. Take Note Of The Little Details

You want your guests to have a jaw-dropping reaction when they enter the bathroom.

That is why every detail matters, as it conveys a sense of place.

Think of a hotel you liked and look at the features in that bathroom that made you like the room.

Then, try to incorporate the same details into your space.

Were you impressed by the sense of minimalism? Or was it the lighting or amenities?

4. Remove All Clutter

Please remember to keep the space clean and clutter-free. Before guests come, clean up the space and dispose of loose items.

These may look like simple actions. But they will ensure a tidy space where guests can settle in and store their things.

5. Leave A Personal Note

A personal note can impress your guests even more. You can leave it on a beautiful card or top of the stack of towels.

You can write something like “welcome to our home. Let us know if you need anything.”

Such words warm guests’ hearts and make them feel valued. Therefore, they leave a beautiful impression on you.

6. Install Several Mirrors

If the guest bathroom is flooded with sun, ensure that you provide several mirrors.

These make the space look brighter.

Besides that, they also provide plenty of options for your guests to work with when dressing, shaving or applying makeup.