Can You Grill Under A Tree? (Five Safety Tips)

Whether you are doing it alone or in the company of your loved ones, there is no doubt outdoor grilling is full of fun and gratification.

But, Can You Grill Under A Tree?

Absolutely yes. The shade and sense of protection offered by trees make them one of the best places to carry out outdoor grilling. But while they can be ideal for this purpose, safety concerns must be followed. Remember an area under a tree can be a potential fire epicenter should things go wrong with your grilling.

What Should You Do BEFORE Grilling Under The Tree?

1. Clear the Grilling Area

Just like any outdoor activity, it is a prudent idea to go and inspect the grilling area before anything else.

For instance, you have to clear any branches hanging low from the tree.

The same applies to the prospective placement point.

You have to make sure that there are no flammable materials under the grill that can catch fire.

2. Acquire Sufficient Fuel for Your Grill

If you are using a charcoal grill, make sure that you have sufficient charcoal to sustain you through the entire grilling day.

This is important because, sometimes, the grilling area could be some distance away from home and you do not want to break a nice grilling experience over a shortage of fuel.

Have enough of it and take a little extra amount just in case you want to grill more than you had planned before.

The same applies to gas grills.

Ensure that it is properly loaded before you embark on outdoor grilling.

Making sure that the grills are in proper working conditions is key to guarantee a safe and uninterrupted grilling.

Five Safety Tips for Grilling Under a Tree

Let’s get this out of the way first; if safety is not exercised when grilling under a tree, things can get out of hand.

Fire can spread rapidly causing colossal destruction in its way.

The most convenient way to avoid it is to grill with ultimate care.

1. Choose An Ideal Spot Under The Tree

You, first, want to make sure that you are grilling in the right location under the tree you choose.

Do not set up the grill too close to the tree.

Your grill radiates a lot of heat in the event of cooking.

With time, the tree bark can catch fire causing untold devastation.

Additionally, make sure that there are no tree branches or stems hanging dangerously close to the grill.

2. Do Not Leave Your Grill Unattended

It is utterly wrong to leave the grill unattended. You must watch over it so that you can quell potential fire accidents should they occur.

Until the grill is perfectly cool, it has the potential to spark a fire incident.

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Therefore, even after you are done with grilling, it is a prudent idea to watch over it and make sure that it is 100 % cool before covering it with anything.

You should equally check to ensure that charcoal, for charcoal grills, is completely cool before disposing of them.

There have been cases where fires break out because of reckless disposal of charcoal and ash that has fire in them.

The safest way to dispose of ash from a grill is to put them in garden soil or on metal. Sometimes, you might not be certain that all hot embers are fully extinguished.

Putting such ash in an area near flammable stuff like tree branches and shrubs can be very dangerous

3. Open The Lid Before Lighting

Opening the lid before lighting the grill is a key safety measure, especially for gas grills that have built-in ignition systems.

It is also important to light the source of the ignition such as lighters or matches before turning on the gas flow.

This reduces the amount of gas that goes out around the grill before you ignite it.

On the other hand, only enough charcoal should be added to the charcoal grill.

Do not pile up excess charcoal as it can cause airborne sparks.

This can rapidly spread a fire.

If you choose to use a lighter fluid spray to ignite your charcoal grill, make sure you stop adding it as soon as the grill is lit.

It is absolutely very dangerous to spray such fluid on flames, especially when grilling outdoor under a tree.

4. Maintain Your Grill In Tidy Condition

Dirty grills are unpleasant to grill on. Bad odors develop from food particles piling up over time.

Besides, such particles can combust and flare up leading to dangerous fires.

Needless to mention is the fact that your grill must be kept clean all the time not only does this help to keep greasy stains at bay, but it is also a safety precaution.

Another cool benefit of keeping your grill sparkling clean is that get to grill tastier foods more quickly.

Better and faster heating is also guaranteed since there are, obviously, no obstacles in the way of heat.

Make sure that your grill is cleaned after use. It should be done on a routine basis.

There are many sprays and tools that can be used to clean grills. Simply invest in some ideal brands like bristle brushes and keep your grill in proper conditions.

Additionally, you should execute a routine inspection of your grill.

Running an eye on its parts can help you note and correct problems like leaks before they get any worse.

Ensure that burners are in ideal conditions and that there is no smell of gas leaks. Should you note any problem with your grill, you need to carry out thorough repair and replacement where necessary.

5. Do Not Grill When Drunk

Do not attempt to grill under a tree when drunk. Under such circumstances, you are often not alert enough to detect any mess or a fire spread.

Apart from possibly burning yourself, you can never know when something catches fire and cause even further destruction.

Final Words

Grilling under a tree is no different from outdoor grilling.

Keep your grills clean to guarantee delicious and healthy foods.

Preparation is vital. So, prepare in advance for such an awesome outdoor experience.

With all tips and safety measures out of the way, it is time to dare a momentous outdoor grilling. Best of luck!