Should You Get A Charcoal, Gas, Or Electric Grill For The Backyard?

With grilling becoming more popular, plenty of grilling options have been developed.

Depending on the type of fuel energy they operate with, there are three main grills; gas, charcoal, and electric grills.

It can be hard to choose an ideal one for your grilling. We are here to help.

So, Should You Get A Charcoal, Gas, Or Electric Grill For The Backyard?

 The choice of the grill has a lot of impact on the taste of food. The maintenance and operation of grills also depend on the type of grill.

In this article, we will get into further details on each of these grills and explain when each of them is suitable for use.

We will also guide you on proper safety tips for each grill to ensure quality grilling results. Read on.

Charcoal vs. Electric vs. Gas Grills

First things first. Before we embark on what to consider before investing in a grill, you must understand and distinguish between the three types of gas grills.

True to their names, all the three gas grills owe their names to their respective fuel sources.

Below are clear pointers on the features of each grill.

1. Electric Grills

Electric grills use electric energy to heat and grill food.

You need to connect it with an electric source. It is one of the smartest modern grills that guarantees a lot of efficiency and tidiness.

Besides, temperature ranges in the electric grill can be customized with ease.

One downside of an electric grill, however, is the fact that electricity can be expensive.

This is especially true because grilling often takes a lot of time hence siphoning your cash to a greater extent. Also, electric grills are often expensive to acquire.

2. Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills have been in use for many years and were the pioneer grill. They use charcoal.

These grills are cheap to acquire and operate.

Also, they guarantee a natural grilling experience while maintaining food at its optimum taste. Charcoal grills are the go-to grills if you want to experience original food flavor.

However, charcoal grills can be tricky when it comes to cleanliness.

Charcoal can easily taint your clothes. You also need to dispose of ash every time you are done with the grilling.

3. Gas Grills

They are becoming more popular as more people resort to clean energy sources to cook and grill.

Like electric grills, they are easy to maintain, clean, and operate.

They are equally very efficient to grill on. But like electric grills, they can be expensive to acquire.

Gas fuel is expensive especially because grilling can take a lot of time.

Which Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing A Grill Type?

1. Space

A primary factor to put into consideration before investing in a grill is space.

Most grills would require you to have enough grilling space.

Charcoal grills for instance require more grilling space since they, occasionally, emit sparks that can result in fires.

Besides, they should be installed in an area devoid of branches and other flammable matter like shrubs.

If there are some bushes in the backyard, you need to prepare in advance before bringing in a charcoal grill. Rather, you can resort to gas or electric grills.

Gas grills equally need an adequate operation area. In case your backyard is not spacious enough, perhaps you will consider resorting to an alternative like electric grills.

2. Flavor

Grilling is all about flavor. Gas and charcoal grills are the best grills for optimum food flavor.

Unfortunately, electric grills offer the least flavor when compared to their counterparts so, if flavor is an important criterion in your choice of a grill, an electric grill is not going to be an ideal choice.

Aside from the fact that charcoal grills are way better than gas grills when it comes to flavor, they prove cheaper.

3. Fuel Cost

Charcoal is the cheapest source of fuel when you compare it to gas and electricity.

Often, grilling takes a long time to execute and that renders it heavily fuel-consuming.

Using gas grills would ultimately cost you heavy gas charges at the end of the day. The same applies to electric grills.

4. Acquisition Costs

Depending on their sizes, grills vary in price. Charcoal grills are still the cheapest in the market.

In case you are operating on a tight budget, a charcoal grill would be a suitable one.

Gas and electric grills are more sophisticated and are, therefore, more expensive.

Additionally, there are no other installation costs to be incurred for charcoal grills.

Electric grills would require you to have a connection to the main electric source.

This can be costly. Gas grills equally require you to have additional connections to the main gas supply.

5. Neatness

When it comes to operating a clean grill, charcoal grills do not stand a chance. Owing to charcoal use, they often get dirty.

Ash would need to be removed often.

For clean grilling, however, electric and gas grills are the best options. So if you are not armed to handle charcoal, it is advisable to invest in a gas or an electric grill.

6. Local Laws

Local laws may apply in some places on the type of grills that are allowed for use.

In a home where the backyard is small, for instance, it may be prohibited to use a charcoal grill due to its emission of too much smoke.

In such cases, only electric and gas grills are allowed to be used. That means you cannot use a charcoal grill under similar circumstances.

Four Grilling Safety Tips

Whether you are using a gas, charcoal, or an electric grill, it is crucial to observe grilling safety measures.

1. Do Not Leave The Grill Unattended

Watch your grill.

Apart from the fact that you want to cook a delicious meal, you must watch over your grill so that you can prevent unprecedented fire hazards from ensuing.

Proper regulation of temperature is important, especially for gas and electric grills.

Extreme heat can cause sparks and mild explosions that can turn into primary problems if not handled appropriately.

2. Do Not Grill Too Close To Trees And Other Flammable Matter

A backyard is often a place where trees and flowers are grown.

If branches are hanging down from the trees, they should be cleared.

Or they could catch fire and cause massive devastation to your home and even the neighborhood.

Clear anything flammable around the grilling area.

3. Inspect Your Grills Before And After Use

A routine inspection of your grill is recommended. This helps to note any errors and correct them immediately.

For gas grills, make sure that there are no leaks anywhere.

Should you note a problem with your grill, then you need to contact a professional technician to handle it for you.

4. Keep Your Grill Clean

Brush your grill often to remove grease that accumulates on it over time.

You want to make sure that the food you are grilling remains fresh and delicious.

Dirty grills can leave your food with a horrible smell.

Charcoal grills must be rid of ash after grilling.

Last Words

Your backyard is certainly an ideal place in the home to carry out grilling.

Whether you are doing it alone or with your loved ones, this site is perfectly suitable.

The choice of grill all depends on affordability, available space, and efficiency among other factors discussed in this article.